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    ..soll doch mal wer eine Optionsanalyse machen, was sind denn die Put oder Call-Strikes bei ABB - es kommt ja der 3-fache Hexensabbat vom 16.06.2006 :!:



    Morgen, ab 9:00 gibt's die billigsten AZEGOs zu posten, danke jetzt schon an die Verkäufer 8)

    S-K-S ist noch nicht ganz fertig, aber demnächst...


    ...Tatsache ist einfach die, dass GTE 5 Sparten aufweist, wenn nur eine davon den Durchbruch schafft sind wir im Bereich 1 Mrd. Umsatz oder mehr....

    ...und die Antworten auf den Bull-Shit den Schreiberlinge verfassen folgt jeweils auf dem Fuss....

    GlobeTel Addresses Christopher Byron\'s NY Post Statements

    Tuesday May 23, 12:21 pm ET

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 23, 2006--GlobeTel Communications Corp. (AMEX:GTE - News), today responded to the series of misrepresentations and malicious distortions which the New York Post portrays as financial journalism, written by SEC critic Christopher Byron, with the following statements from Chairman J. Randolph Dumas and Chief Executive Officer Timothy Huff.

    J. Randolph Dumas stated, "Apart from the libelous commentary which is rampant throughout this ridiculous article, we are also quite suspect of the timing of this story, appearing as it does on the exact day that a certain New York bank was obligated to cover the short position which it acquired "in error" late last week on behalf of a client. Even worse, is the gross irresponsibility by the editorial management of the New York Post and on the part of Christopher Byron in the conveyance of information for which apparently no fact-checking occurred. For instance, Rubikon Partners, which I previously managed and which my distinguished colleagues and I co-founded is, in fact, a private equity firm and has never had any connection whatsoever to GlobeTel and it has never had any operational activities in London, England, including any \'internet banking\' business.

    "Any reasonably competent individual can easily Google us and find accurate information about Rubikon Partners and my esteemed fellow Founding Shareholders. I am deeply disappointed that Mr. Byron has elected to make such damaging implications about these men, of legendary personal and professional status, when they have absolutely nothing to do with GlobeTel. And, to attach to any of us implications of illegal money laundering, is simply out of all reasonable bounds. We remained stunned that he has chosen to make this series of intentionally hostile and totally misrepresentative statements about our company, our Board Members, our affiliates and our objectives. We can only speculate and discuss with the regulatory authorities (as we have done over the past few days) the facts surrounding these apparently coordinated attacks which have been launched against our company recently by a series of law firms, tabloid journalists and professional short-sellers.

    "GlobeTel\'s management has continued to focus its attention on its core business units and a number of significant new business opportunities over the past few months. And, we have attempted to do this in the face of the most damaging and distressing environment that these people can possibly orchestrate. These actions have removed hundreds of millions of dollars of share value from the pockets of our shareholders. Like, Mr. Byron, I can only hope that the regulatory authorities who are charged with investigating these kinds of actions will leap directly into the middle of these sordid events. It is hard to conceive that this sort of thing is allowed to occur in America."

    CEO Timothy Huff added, "Regarding his many erroneous statements about GlobeTel, Mr. Byron should also be aware that we do not build \'aluminum blimps that bounce signals from Latin America to the US.\' We create and construct rigid-infrastructure, GPS-guided airships designed to transmit wireless signals to, and from, our clients in each airship\'s significant coverage area. We have invested a great deal of time and money in the development of this \'near space\' technology over the past three years. Our entire team of former NASA engineers -- along with GlobeTel\'s managers -- remain very excited about and committed to this technology, along with many of our military and government supporters. We hope, therefore, that before the end of the summer, we will be able to expose Mr. Byron\'s half-witted comments for what they are: damaging libel."

    Mr. Huff continued, "Also, I suggest Mr. Byron stick to his journalistic pornography if he truly believes that anything about our HotZone 4010 technology includes the building of a cell phone tower network. Never has GlobeTel stated it was in the cell phone business. The contemplated transaction in Russia and our other pilot-programs at GlobeTel Wireless, are based entirely upon non-tower-based Wifi, WiMax and DECT capabilities. Indeed, our Hotzone 4010 wireless technology is housed in a regional transmitter, which is smaller than a shoebox, providing high speed, broadband Internet connectivity and VoIP telephony to large areas within municipal areas.

    "Finally, Mr. Byron either needs to learn more about the telecommunications industry or he should actually take the time to read our press releases if he thinks the rollout of VozBrasil, our VoIP network for Brazil and Brazilian-Americans, is in any way designed to launder or transfer money. Like his other libelous comments, he attacks us for providing a service targeted at the average man-on-the-street who must otherwise pay large sums for long-distance telephone calls to and from his home market. But, of course, these distorted and twisted claims are well known by Mr. Byron to be entirely false and misleading. His objective has not been accuracy."

    About GlobeTel Communications Corp.

    GlobeTel Communications Corp. develops and provides an integrated suite of telecommunications products and services, leveraging its advances in Stored Value, VOIP and Wireless Access technologies. Individually, each of GlobeTel\'s five business units function as distinct, strong stand-alone entities: Together they form a powerful alliance of human talent and technological innovation resulting in the SuperHub(TM) worldwide VoIP network, Sanswire Stratellite(TM) platform and products enabling simpler, cheaper transmission of voice, data and money. GlobeTel has historically focused its business development on markets outside of the United States. Current and pending operations exist in Asia, Europe, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. For more information, please visit:

    Certain statements in this release constitute forward-looking statements or statements which may be deemed or construed to be forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The words "forecast," "project," "intend," "expect" "should," "would," and similar expressions and all statements, which are not historical facts, are intended to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve and are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which could cause the Company\'s actual results, performance (finance or operating) or achievements to differ from future results, performance (financing and operating) or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.


    GlobeTel Communications Corp., Fort Lauderdale

    Robert Bleckman, 954-775-1427

    Source: GlobeTel Communications Corp.

    Zürich (AWP/sda) - Der Rückversicherer Converium macht weitere Fortschritte. Im ersten Quartal 2006 hat das Unternehmen einen Reingewinn von 61,6 Mio USD erwirtschaftet. Im Vorjahresquartal hatte noch ein Verlust von 5,5 Mio USD resultiert.

    Converium-Chefin Inga Beale zeigte sich am Dienstag gegenüber Finanzanalysten mit dem "starken Quartal" äusserst zufrieden: Das Ergebnis unterstreiche den Turnaround des Unternehmens. Der Gewinn des ersten Quartals ist bereits fast so hoch wie der gesamte Gewinn des Jahres 2005.

    Klare Fortschritte zeigt Converium bei den Kosten: Der Verwaltungsaufwand lag um rund 37% tiefer als noch im Vorjahresquartal. Die Combined Ratio (Verhältnis von Schadenaufwand und Kosten zu den Prämieneinnahmen) verbesserte sich von 105,3 auf 94,8%.

    Deutlich unter Vorjahr waren aber auch die Katastrophenschäden, wie Beale

    einräumte. Zudem konnte Converium von der Auflösung von Reserven und von der

    Ablösung von Vertragsverpflichtungen in den USA profitieren. 2004 hatte

    Converium in den USA wegen falsch eingeschätzter Risiken ein Rekordverlust


    Auf seinen Kapitalanlagen erzielte Converium im ersten Qaurtal einen

    Nettoertrag von 70,3 Mio USD gegenüber 81,3 Mio USD im Vorjahr. Da das Volumen der Kapitalanlagen geringer war als vor Jahresfrist, blieb die

    durchschnittliche Rendite mit 3,9% unverändert.

    Die Bruttoprämien sanken in den ersten drei Monaten 2006 um 13,6% auf 655,3 Mio USD. Die Prämienrückgänge sind laut Converium weit gehend auf

    Rating-Herabstufungen, aber auch auf eine selektive Zeichnungspolitik

    zurückzuführen. Eine Rating-Verbesserung bleibt für Beale eines der Ziele für


    Für das laufende Geschäftsjahr bestätigte Beale die bereits gemachten

    Prognosen. So sollen die Bruttoprämien leicht auf 1,8 bis 1,9 Mrd USD

    zurückgehen. Converium gab am Dienstag zudem die Ernennung von Markus Krall zum neuen Chief Risk Officer bekannt. Er löst Hans-Peter Boller ab.

    ...unten die letzte zwar lächerlich was der Inhalt aussagt, denn der Umsatz lag im 2005 bei mikrigen $32'000, nur ist's so dass die Aktie vollkommen ausgebombt ist und innert 2-4 Wochen explodieren wird...

    ..wenn dann die Hammermeldung kommt, wird der Zock losgehen mit einem Up xxx%-er innert Tagen 8)

    PS: Nur Zockerkohle einsetzen, aber nicht zu knapp !

    PlanetLink Announces Sales Increase for April 2006

    Monday May 22, 10:07 am ET

    CUMMING, Ga., May 22, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- PlanetLink Communications Inc. (OTC BB:PLKC.OB - News), a provider of GPS satellite-based products and services, announced today that while April 2006 sales had increased by 17% over same period in 2005, current work in progress brings great optimism for a larger increase in the current month of May.

    M. Dewey Bain, President of PlanetLink, stated, ``We are excited about this growth because we can see this trend continuing as we benefit from our hard work over recent months. Additionally, we are fortunate to be in an industry that can truly benefit from the increases in fuel prices that we are seeing. Company owners are becoming more and more open to our application assisting in lowering their operational expenses.''

    To find out more about the TransTRAK product line, please call us at 866-442-2402 or visit our website at

    About PlanetLink Communications, Inc.

    PlanetLink Communications, Inc. recently launched its TransTRAK product through its wholly owned subsidiary, PlanetTRAKS. The Company is developing a family of GPS-enabled products and services under the PlanetTRAKS name. TransTRAK is the first of these products and is the Company's turnkey solution for real-time, mobile asset management. From tracking vehicle speed and location in real-time to controlling vehicle functions through remote access, TransTRAK allows the customer to actively monitor and manage virtually any type of mobile asset. For more information on PlanetLink, please visit the company's website at:

    Re: Neomedia charly

    ..weil NEOM im Gegensatz zu Esmertec echt Kohle machen wird - zB. während der Fussball-WM 2006 :D

    PaperClick(R) technology machts möglich :!:

    About NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.

    NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. ( is a diversified global company offering leading edge, technologically advanced products and solutions for companies and consumers, built upon its solid family of patented products and processes, and management experience and expertise. Its mobile services group of companies offers end-to-end mobile enterprise and mobile marketing solutions, through its flagship direct-to-mobile-web PaperClick(R) technology, and ground-breaking products and services from 4 (shortly to be 5) of the USA's and Europe's leading mobile marketing providers. All NeoMedia Mobile companies benefit from NeoMedia's 27 wireless patents, and the new group is comprised of 160 of the most experienced mobile marketing talent in the world. By linking consumers and companies to the interactive electronic world, NeoMedia delivers one-to-one, permission-based, personalized and profiled dialogue--anytime and anywhere.

    This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. With the exception of historical information contained herein, the matters discussed in this press release involve risk and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statement.

    Trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

    SOURCE: NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.

    CONTACT: NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. Karen Yagnesak, 239-247-4701 or BlueBear Juliet Bernard, +44 1707 320 274

    sascha77 wrote:

    Warum meinst du wird NM der neue "Star" in deinem Portfolio?

    Hat in einer Woche -6%, jetzt steigt sie wieder leicht.

    Was ist dein Tipp :?:

    Danke für Feedback

    Gruess Säschu


    Entscheid über Aufnahme in CAC40 steht für Alstom an...

    ..innert 14 Tagen wird der Entscheid gefällt, dann wird aufgestockt :)