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    Final dividend of HK$0.30 announced
    Shareholders will receive a dividend of HK$0.30.
    Ex-date: 31st July 2024
    Payment date: 14th August 2024
    Dividend yield will be 24%, which is higher than the industry average of 0.9%.

    Sustainability & Growth
    Dividend is covered by both earnings (58% earnings payout ratio) and cash flows (83% cash payout ratio).

    The dividend has increased by an average of 7.4% per year over the past 10 years and has been stable with no material reductions to payments, indicating a long track record of dividend growth and stability.

    EPS is expected to grow by 75% over the next 3 years, which should provide support to the dividend and adequate earnings cover.


    In einem Bullenszenario wird davon ausgegangen, dass die makroökonomischen Sorgenwolken abnehmen und die negativen Auswirkungen der Komponentenknappheit weiter nachlassen werden, was bedeutet, dass eine Reihe von Obducat-Kunden in den Kapazitätsaufbau, ein effizienteres Umsatzmanagement investieren werden. was jedoch die Nachfrage nach Obducat-Produkten erheblich steigern wird. Die verbesserten makroökonomischen Bedingungen in Kombination mit dem verbesserten Zugang zu Halbleiterkomponenten führen dazu, dass Obducat seine Produktion besser planen kann, was in Kombination mit höheren Umsätzen dazu führt, dass das Unternehmen ein höheres EBITDA-Ergebnis im Vergleich zur zuvor genannten Basis liefern kann Szenario. In einem Bullenszenario wird ein KGV-Multiplikator von 4,9x auf die Prognose für 2024 angewendet und steht somit im Einklang mit der Bewertung von Mycronic für das Jahr 2024, die in einem Bullenszenario einen Wert pro Aktie von 5,6 SEK ergibt.

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    Lexicon Pharmaceuticals: Estimated sales growth of 1,106% in 2024

    Biotech stock Lexicon Pharmaceuticals(LXRX 6.16%) is another of the fastest-growing stocks on the planet in 2024. After producing an estimated $3.8 million in sales in 2023, Wall Street analysts collectively believe it'll near $46 million in revenue this year.

    The catalyst behind Lexicon's expected surge in sales is heart failure drug Inpefa. Inpefa was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this past May to help reduce the risk of heart failure in patients with the disease, as well as those who have type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and other cardiovascular risk factors. In other words, this'll be the first full year of having Inpefa on pharmacy shelves, which is the reason Lexicon's revenue is expected to catapult higher.

    Inpefa's differentiation can also benefit sales. It's an inhibitor of SGLT1 and SGLT2. There are a number of SGLT2 inhibitors already on pharmacy shelves, which work by blocking glucose absorption in the kidneys. The addition of SGLT1 further reduces glucose absorption in the intestines. While sotagliflozin (the scientific name of Inpefa) failed in a type 1 diabetes trial, its approval as a treatment to reduce the risk of heart failure signals the potential for this dual-inhibitor class of drugs.

    Excitement is also building over LX9211, the company's late-stage experimental therapy targeting patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. If LX9211 is successful in late-stage trials, it sets the stage to become the first non-opioid neuropathic pain treatment in more than two decades.

    The flipside for Lexicon is that it's still losing quite a bit of money. Having its first therapy approved by the FDA is exciting, but it also means that marketing expenses will ramp up. The company's operating loss in 2024 could widen even with a slight decline in net loss per share due to more shares outstanding.

    Investors will want to keep a close eye on Lexicon's cash pile, too. Though the company wisely raised capital in 2023, it's not yet clear if the roughly $218.4 million it closed the third quarter with will be sufficient to reach positive operating cash flow.

    For what it's worth, I see Lexicon as an intriguing bounce-back candidate in 2024, albeit with palpable downside risk.

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    Successful Completion of SS1H Stimulation Program

    7 December 2023 - Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSXV: FO, AIM: FOG) is pleased to announce the completion of the 10-stage stimulation program over a 500 metre horizontal section of the Amungee Member B-Shale within the Shenandoah South 1H (“ SS1H ”) well in EP117 which is operated by Falcon Oil & Gas Australia Limited’s joint venture partner, Tamboran B2 Pty Limited (“ Tamboran ”).

    Details are as follows:

    The stimulation program at SS1H delivered a proppant intensity of 2,212 pounds per foot (lb/ft) and average proppant injection per stage was 356,000 pounds.

    The stimulation program achieved rates of 100 barrels per minute (bpm) using slickwater, a first in the Amungee Member B-Shale and in-line with current US shale basin stimulation designs.

    Tamboran now plans to install production tubing ahead of the SS1H well commencing flow back of stimulation fluid.

    Commencement of 30-day initial production (IP30) testing in mid-December 2023, subject to timing of gas breakthrough.

    Current expectations are to release IP30 flow rates in Q1 2024, subject to timing of flow back stimulation fluid and weather conditions.

    Proof of commercial flow rates as measured over the IP30 day period and which Falcon estimates to be 1.5 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) over the 500 metre horizontal section (3.0 MMcf/d normalised over 1,000 metres) or greater will allow us to progress the sanctioning of the proposed 40 MMcf/d pilot project at Shenandoah South during the first half of 2024.

    Philip O’Quigley, CEO of Falcon commented:
    “The stimulation program went extremely well with Tamboran’s operations team achieving injection rates up to 100 bpm, a Beetaloo Sub-Basin rate record, and average proppant injection per stage of 356,000 pounds, in line with the initial design. We look forward to this next phase of operations in the Beetaloo with the installation of production tubing ahead of flow back of stimulation fluid and the commencement of the IP30. We will continue to update the market as results become available.”


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