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    ... könnte aber auch sein, dass dadurch nur die Grossinvestoren von einem hohen Angebotspreis profitieren und die Kleinaktionäre (wir) dabei leer ausgehen - oder liege ich da falsch.

    Und du hast recht, es sind Meldungen betreffend Studienstarts fällig !!

    Was soll ich von dem Opting Out halten... ?

    Geneva, Switzerland, 19 March 2018 – Addex Therapeutics (SIX: ADXN), the leading developer of oral allosteric modulators for neurological disorders, announced today that its shareholders approved all the proposals of the board of directors at its extraordinary general meeting held on 16 March 2018.

    Shareholders approved an ordinary share capital increase of up to CHF13,037,577 new shares, increasing the issued share capital from CHF15,526,454 up to CHF28,564,031 through the issuance of up to 13,037,577 fully paid-in registered shares with a nominal value of CHF1 each at an issue price of CHF3.13 per share.

    Shareholders approved (i) amending, without increasing, the existing allocation of the conditional share capital between the equity incentive plan conditional share capital and the conditional share capital available for shareholders, holders of bonds, warrants, similar obligations or other financial instruments who exercise their option and/or conversion rights, resulting in an equity incentive plan conditional share capital of CHF1,684,130 and a conditional share capital of CHF5,866,898 available for shareholders, holders of bonds, warrants, similar obligations or other financial instruments who exercise their option and/or conversion rights, and (ii) adopted a new article 3c of the Articles of Association.

    Shareholders approved introducing a selective opting-out clause limited to a 5 year period as new article 39 into the Articles of Association, under which Growth Equity Opportunities Fund IV, LLC, c/o New Enterprise Associates, 1954 Greensrping Drive, Suite 600, Timonimu, MD 21093, and New Leaf Biopharma Opportunities I, L.P., 7 Times Square, Suite 3502, New York, NY 10036, United States, in each case including their direct or indirect partners or shareholders as well as any other entity or person (whether incorporated or not) that alone or together with others controls or otherwise holds any relevant interest in them, are, when acting alone or in concert, pursuant to art. 135 of the Swiss Federal Act on Financial Markets Infrastructures (FMIA) exempted from the duty pursuant to art. 135 FMIA (Opting-out within the meaning of art. 125 para. 3 FMIA). The foregoing opting-out provision will expire on March 16, 2023 with effect for any crossing of the threshold pursuant to art. 135 FMIA which occurs thereafter.

    Addex Publishes Extraordinary General Meeting Invitation

    Geneva, Switzerland, 23 February 2018 – Addex Therapeutics (SIX: ADXN), the leading developer of oral allosteric modulators for neurological disorders, announced today that it has published the Invitation to its Extraordinary General Meeting which will take place on Friday, 16 March 2018, 11:00 a.m. at Addex Therapeutics Ltd, Campus Biotech, Chemin des Mines 9, CH-1202 Geneva (doors open at 10:30 a.m.).


    Frage: Kann mir jemand das hier aus

    Kann mir jemand das hier aus der Pressemitteilung bitte genau erklären: "7 year warrant to purchase 0.45 of a share at a price of CHF3.43"

    Was genau sind die 0.45 - interpretiere ich richtig, dass der garantierte Kaufpreis bei 1.00 Aktie gegenüber 0.45 somit bei CHF 7.62 liegen würde, womit man von sehr stark steigenden Kursen ausgehen würde.


    ... wenn das Produkt bereits zugelassen ist, musst du auch nicht mehr investieren ... Klar ist das Risiko jetzt grösser, aber die Chance auf hohe Gewinne dementsprechend halt auch *pleasantry* Ich bin zurzeit mit 13'000 Stück dabei.

    Addex Appoints Jean-Philippe Rocher as Co-Head of Discovery and Member of the Executive Management

    Geneva, Switzerland, 7 February 2018 – Addex Therapeutics (SIX: ADXN), a leading company pioneering allosteric modulation-based drug discovery and development, announced today the appointment of Jean-Philippe Rocher, PhD, as Co-Head of Discovery and Member of the Executive Management. Dr. Rocher is a medicinal chemistry and drug discovery expert with more than 25 years industry experience, who previously built Addex’ small molecule allosteric modulator chemistry platform. Together with Robert Lütjens, Addex’s current Head of Discovery, he will oversee the preclinical portfolio of proprietary allosteric modulator programs and lead the chemistry components of our funded research programs on GABAB PAM with Indivior PLC and TrkB PAM with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

    “Putting back together the successful chemistry and biology partnership of Jean-Philippe Rocher and Robert Lütjens, which built the Addex allosteric modulator discovery platform and delivered our proprietary pipeline is a significant achievement,” commented Tim Dyer, CEO of Addex. “The team will initially focus on delivering on our funded research programs which are being conducted in collaboration with Indivior PLC and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.”

    “I’m delighted to rejoin Addex and have the opportunity to continue the work that Robert Lütjens and I started in 2002”, added Jean-Philippe Rocher. “Allosteric modulation is an exciting field which holds huge potential to transform the treatment of CNS disorders. I am looking forward to deploying my expertise and experience back at Addex.”

    Dr. Rocher returns to Addex from his current position as CNS Program Director at Pierre Fabre. Joining Addex at its inception in 2002, Dr. Rocher established the company’s chemistry capabilities and helped build its small molecule allosteric modulator chemistry platform and pipeline. He played a pivotal role in the success of both internal and partnered programs, including the discovery of dipraglurant and ADX71149, both of which progressed into phase II clinical development. Under the leadership of Dr Rocher, Addex team discovered ADX71441, which was recently licensed to Indivior PLC. Prior to joining Addex, Dr. Rocher was director of chemistry at Devgen NV (Gent, Belgium), senior research scientist for GlaxoSmithKline KK (Tsukuba, Japan), scientific project leader in CNS at Mitsubishi Tanabe (Yokohama, Japan) and Head of Drug Discovery Unit for Battelle (Geneva, Switzerland). He started his career as a research scientist in the dermatology research centre of Galderma (Sophia-Antipolis, France) following a PhD in medicinal chemistry and Pharm D at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lyon (France).He is a co-author of more than 35 research publications and patents.


    05.02.2018 – Addex Therapeutics Ltd

    Addex Provides Key Financial Indicators and Trading Update

    Cash position of CHF6.5 million as of 31 January 2018

    Geneva, Switzerland, 5 February 2018 - Addex Therapeutics (SIX: ADXN), a leading company pioneering allosteric modulation-based drug discovery and development, announced today key financial indicators and cash position at 31 January 2018 of CHF 6.5 million.

    Addex completed 2017 with a cash postion of CHF2.6 million (2016: CHF1.4 million). During 2017, the company received cash inflows from financing activities of CHF3.0 million and consumed CHF1.8 million cash for operations. In January 2018, the Company received an upfront payment of USD5.0 million from Indivior PLC following the signing of a strategic partnership focused on ADX71441 for addiction.

    "We have made significant progress in advancing our portfolio of proprietary drug candidates and our strengthened cash position provides us with a cash runway through 2020," commented Tim Dyer, CEO of Addex. "We look forward to delivering on our key strategic objectives through 2018, including securing the resources to advance dipraglurant into registration studies for PD-LID, executing on our funded GABAB PAM research program under our strategic partnership with Indivior PLC and delivering important milestones in our TrkB PAM program, which is funded by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research."

    Full-year 2017 results will be issued in March 2018.


    02.02.2018 – Addex Therapeutics Ltd

    Van Leeuwenhoeck Issues Equity Research Note Highlighting Value of Recent Indivior Strategic Partnership on GABAB PAM

    Geneva, Switzerland, 2 February 2018 - Addex Therapeutics (SIX: ADXN) announced today that the independent life science research company Van Leeuwenhoeck has issued an equity research note highlighting the value of the recent strategic partnership with Indivior PLC on GABAB PAM.

    "The deal with Indivior is a great example of how Addex is delivering on its strategy to unlock the value within its portfolio of proprietary allosteric modulators through collaboration", commented Marcel Wijma, Chief Research Analyst at Van Leeuwenhoeck Institute.

    The full analyst research report is available on and on Addex website at under Investors/downloads/analyst reports.

    About Van Leeuwenhoeck Research and their research report
    Van Leeuwenhoeck Institute, ("VLI") is actively engaged in the financial research of life sciences companies in Europe, North America, Australia and emerging markets such as Asia and India. The VLI team conducts fundamental financial research, independently from any specific broker, bank, or investor. A select circle of top analysts assists the firm in conducting fundamental biotech research according to the highest standards. The team's sector expertise, combined with an active network of well-respected scientists and biotech business analysts, adds value to VLI's research. VLI provides institutional investors and other professional investors with independent, un-biased research on the real value of innovative Life Sciences companies.

    About Addex Therapeutics
    Addex Therapeutics ( is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel, orally available, small molecule allosteric modulators for neurological disorders. Allosteric modulators are an emerging class of small molecule drugs which have the potential to be more specific and confer significant therapeutic advantages over conventional "orthosteric" small molecule or biological drugs. Addex's allosteric modulator drug discovery platform targets receptors and other proteins that are recognized as essential for therapeutic intervention - the Addex pipeline was generated from this pioneering allosteric modulator drug discovery platform. Addex's lead drug candidate, dipraglurant (mGluR5 negative allosteric modulator or NAM) has successfully completed a Phase 2a POC in Parkinson's disease levodopa-induced dyskinesia (PD-LID), and is being prepared to enter registration trials for PD-LID. In parallel, dipraglurant's therapeutic use in dystonia is being investigated. Addex's second clinical program, ADX71149 (mGluR2 positive allosteric modulator or PAM) is being developed in collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc for epilepsy. In addition, ADX71441 (GABAB receptor PAM) program was awarded a $5.3 million grant by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA, a division of National Institutes of Health, NIH) to support human studies in cocaine addiction and has been licensed to Indivior PLC. Discovery programs include GABAB PAM for CMT1A neuropathy, mGluR4PAM, mGluR7NAM, TrkBPAM and mGluR3NAM & PAM.

    Press Contacts:
    For Addex Therapeutics

    Tim Dyer
    Chief Executive Officer
    Telephone: +41 22 884 15 61
    Mike Sinclair
    Partner, Halsin Partners
    +44 (0)20 7318 2955

    Disclaimer / Forward-looking statements: This communication does not constitute an offer or invitation to subscribe for or purchase any securities of Addex Therapeutics Ltd. This publication may contain certain forward-looking statements concerning the Company and its business. Such statements involve certain risks, uncertainties and other factors which could cause the actual results, financial condition, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such statements. Readers should therefore not place undue reliance on these statements, particularly not in connection with any contract or investment decision. The Company disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

    Bin hier echt gespannt auf die nächsten Wochen und Monate - alles ist möglich *shok* oder *preved*

    Bedaure es schon ein wenig, dass ich hier keinen Zock getätigt und bei 4 verkauft habe. Hätte einen schönen Zwischengewinn gegeben... Habe effetkiv nicht damit gerechnet, dass wir hier nochmals um die 3 rumdümpeln.

    Versucht hier jemand sein Aktienpaket auf Kosten der Kleinanleger zu füllen - drücken - aufkaufen ...? Schön wär's ;) Meine gibt's auf alle Fälle nicht, auch wenn der Kurs weiter abbröckelt.

    Das OB der letzten Wochen sagt mir - da geht bald wieder was - vielleicht frag ich noch meine Glaskugel ;)

    Es wird sowohl ein Ausbruch nach oben, aber auch ein Kursverfall nach unten verhindert. Würde mich schon sehr interessieren wer da oben und unten interveniert...

    Diese beiden Meldung sollten bald (H1 2018) offiziell folgen, wenn der Terminplan von Addex eingehalten wird:

    - ADX71441 Phase 1 - start dosing

    - Dipraglurant Phase 2a POC study - start dosing

    Würde mich doch freuen, wenn sich die voreiligen Verkäufer (Tagestrader) bald grün und blau ärgern würden ;)

    Genau, es dauert noch lange bei Phase 1. Meiner Meinung nach machen hier aber viele eine Fehlüberlegung, dann die Chance, dass eine Phase 1 (ADX71441) positiv verläuft, ist viel grösse als bei einer Phase 3 Studie (Dipraglurant).

    Aus diesem Grund werde ich das Resultat der Phase 1 von ADX71441 (H2 2018) sicher abwarten, da ich hier von einer positiven Meldung ausgehe. Danach schaue ich weiter. By the way - neue Resultate zu Dipraglurent sind nicht vor H1 2019 in Aussicht gestellt. Somit wird Dipraglurant auch nicht zum "Spielverderber" bei den Resultaten zu ADX71441.

    ... und die Pipeline besteht ja aus nur einer nem Produkt... manchmal ist es besser nichts zu schreiben ;)