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    Copper Fox der ver-3 facher ! CUU.V

    :lol: Musste mich sowas von kaputtlachen, da er am Ende vom Satz geschrieben hat: So and now read again the text oder sowas and klick the link:D


    Mag den, oder ist es eine sie?

    Copper Fox der ver-3 facher ! CUU.V

    WUHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO krass in 5 Minuten vom Tageshoch auf Tagestief! shake the tree :arrow: :arrow: die die verkauft haben sind selber schuld. Muss sagen es sieht sehr krass aus, wenn sowas passiert, aber das hatten wir schon paar Mal!

    Für uns ist es sehr gut--> Gaps wurden geschlossen!

    Strong and long

    GLTA *wink*

    Copper Fox der ver-3 facher ! CUU.V

    Ja hasse es auch das ich nicht mehr Geld habe/ hatte :lol: . Muss sagen bin gerade dabei den gleichen Fehler zu machen, ich bin All IN, aber dasmal wird es sich hoffentlich lohnen und wenn nicht :arrow: ist ja nur Geld :lol: . Ich habe Zeit bin erst um die 20 Jahre alt, dann klappt es beim nächsten Mal.

    Es spricht zu viel für hohe Kurse!

    Ich steige teilweise ab 5CAD aus, je nachdem wie die RE aussehen wird.

    Vergesst nicht, Silber ist übel gestiegen, alle Metalle die gestiegen sind, hat CUU. "This is what we have today"



    PS: Habe wirklich Mühe mit meine Performance,die schwankt krass umher :lol: muss mich noch daran gewöhnen

    Copper Fox der ver-3 facher ! CUU.V

    :D Heute neues Allzeithoch und ein wunderbarer Chart.

    Was nebenbei....ein Insider kauft die ganze Zeit Aktien von CUU, schon gestern, heute wieder bei 2.10.

    Irgendwas muss der wissen :D :D :D


    oh wouw 2.14 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Und nochmals danke Hasi, nur wegen dir bin ich auf die gekommen und das schon bei .115 :P .

    Dann bei .35 bei .55 und bei 1.02 und bei 1.37 und zuletzt bei 1.78, muhahaha habe auch gesammelt *wink*



    :D Freude, wieder in diesem Fred zu schreiben, obwohl ich keine XTANs mehr hab, da alles in CUU investiert ist. Werde sobald als möglich wieder paar Shares kaufen,da ich der Meinung bin, das der jetzige Wert etwas billig ist :idea: :!:


    Copper Fox der ver-3 facher ! CUU.V

    :D :D :D Volumen steigt bei steigenden Preisen:

    Vancouver, British Columbia - March 31, 2011 Copper Fox Metals Inc. ("Copper Fox" or the "Company") (TSX-V: CUU) announces its operating and financial results for first quarter of 2011. The Company is working toward completing an Environmental Assessment Application, an updated National Instrument 43-101 compliant Resource Estimate and completion of a Feasibility Study of the Schaft Creek Mineral Deposit. Copper Fox incurred a net loss for the first quarter of $358,211 (

    .00 loss per share) and incurred $3,055,491 in expenditures toward furthering the development of the Schaft Creek project. Copies of the financial statements, notes and related management discussion and analysis may be obtained on SEDAR at, the Company web site at or by contacting the Company directly. All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.


    TSX Venture 50®

    On February 15, 2011 Copper Fox was honored by receiving recognition as being the top performing company in its sector and also the top performing company of all the listed companies on the TSX Venture Exchange. The TSX Venture 50® are the top 10 companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, in each of five major industry sectors - mining, oil & gas, technology & life sciences, diversified industries and clean technology - based on a ranking formula with equal weighting given to return on investment, market cap growth, trading volume and analyst coverage. All data was as of December 31, 2010.

    Property Acquisitions

    Subsequent to the quarter end, Copper Fox completed two separate transactions that resulted in the acquisition of very significant and strategically located mineral properties (three mineral claims totaling 2,978 Hectares) located immediately north of the Schaft Creek deposit.

    The significant technical aspects of the recent acquisitions are:

    1. A zone that measures 1,100m long by 300m wide and contains widespread copper mineralization (bornite and chalcopyrite) in argillic and propylitic altered volcanic. The 32 samples (historical and current surface grab and chip sampling) collected from within this zone averaged 0.87% copper and 0.31 g/t gold, and;

    2. A second zone measuring 1,700m long by 250m wide containing widespread copper mineralization (bornite and chalcopyrite) hosted in argillic and propylitic altered volcanic. A total of 17 (grab and chip) samples were collected from this zone in 2008 that averaged 1.24% copper, 16 g/t silver and 0.07 g/t gold.

    The consideration paid for both transactions was $600,000 cash and 1,250,000 common shares of Copper Fox. A 2% NSR royalty applies to each transaction subject to a Partial NSR Buyout Option which allows the re-purchase at any time of one-half of the NSR royalty from each of the vendors for a cash payment of $1.5 million for each transaction.

    These mineral claims are located within the Area of Interest (essentially an "Area of Mutual Interest") set out in the Teck Resources Limited (Teck) option agreement, accordingly participation in these claims will be offered and included in the joint venture should one be negotiated with Teck (see About Copper Fox below).

    Copper Fox also acquired 1.47% of the issued and outstanding shares of Liard Copper Mines Ltd. ("Liard"), a private company incorporated in BC from Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Dunn for a cash payment of $269,540 and 245,000 common shares of Copper Fox. Liard holds a 30% Net Profits Interest (NPI) in the Schaft Creek project.


    During the quarter ended January 31, 2011 the Company received $3,915,600 (net of costs) in proceeds from a private placement and the exercise of warrants and options and incurred an additional $3,055,491 of capital expenditures related to the Schaft Creek project. In March 2011, the Company completed a private placement for total proceeds of $3,750,000 and acquired two very significant mineral properties and purchased shares of Liard Copper Mines Limited.

    The information set out below has been previously released by way of news releases made by Copper Fox over the past few months.

    * The 2010 diamond drilling confirmed the presence of a large higher-grade zone of copper-gold-molybdenum-silver mineralization that is open to the north, east and at depth;

    * Two large zones of copper mineralization that exhibit many similarities to the higher-grade mineralization located in 2010 in the north end of the Schaft Creek deposit have been added to the Schaft Creek project;

    * The resource estimation has been temporarily delayed until the end of April 2011. Copper Fox is working with AMEC to resolve database issues identified during the data verification process.

    * Copper Fox received a Section 11 Order approving the Application Information Requirement (AIR - formerly the Terms of Reference) for the cooperative environmental assessment being conducted pursuant to both the British Columbia's Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

    Feasibility Study

    The balance of the work to be completed on the Feasibility Study requires the Updated Resource Estimate and accompanying Block Model. On receipt of this work, Wardrop, a TETRA Tech Company, the main contractor for the Feasibility Study, can commence work on the Reserve Estimation, Mine Plan and Pit Optimization Studies. All engineering deliverables (except for the mining and civil site) were completed during the first quarter of 2011. Finalization of the haul road and water diversion ditches will resume after the Mine Plan and Pit Optimization Studies are completed. Capital costs estimates are expected to be completed toward the end of the Feasibility Study.

    Work on the Feasibility Study by Knight Piésold Ltd. (Geotechnical consultant) slowed considerably during the quarter pending receipt of the Resource Estimate. Knight Piésold requires the Mine Plan and Pit Optimization Studies to complete their portions of the Feasibility Study.

    Discussion with the owners of the bulk concentrate handing facilities at the Port of Stewart, British Columbia were held to secure facilities for the shipping of bulk concentrate for smelting and refining.

    Resource Estimation

    The intersection of higher-grade mineralization at the north end of the Schaft Creek deposit in September 2010 provided Copper Fox the possibility of not only increasing the size of the deposit but also the possibility of increasing the overall average grade, a very important feature in improving the economics of a porphyry copper deposit. In order to include the drilling results from the higher-grade zone in the resource estimate, work on the resource estimation was temporarily delayed until all of the analytical results from the 2010 drilling and re-sampling programs were available. AMEC Americas Limited ("AMEC") received the updated database at the end of February 2011 and resumed work on the Resource Estimation.

    The majority of the data (generated by Asarco, Hecla, Teck) for the Schaft Creek deposit was collected between 1960 and 1985. The verification of historical data is challenging, especially in deposits with a considerable amount of historical data.

    A geo-statistical analysis by AMEC showed that the correlations for copper-gold-and molybdenum analysis between the various companies that worked at Schaft Creek are acceptable and can be use in the resource estimation whereas the correlation for silver is low and unacceptable for resource estimation purposes. The analysis of the core over the past 60 years (including 2010) shows a significant concentration of silver occurs with the copper-gold-molybdenum mineralization in the Schaft Creek deposit. Initially, it was thought that the issue related to the silver could be resolved to allow inclusion of the silver in the resource estimate, however, this turned out not to be the case. The poor correlation for silver is most likely due the variation in analytical methods and detection limits used over the exploration history of the property. Notably processing of the mineralization at Schaft Creek would result in a significant portion of the silver reporting to the copper concentrate as a by-product credit.

    Environmental Assessment Application

    On February 7, 2011, Copper Fox received a Section 11 Order approving the Application Information Requirement (AIR - formerly the Terms of Reference) for the cooperative environmental assessment being conducted pursuant to both the British Columbia's Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Preparation of the Environmental Assessment Application and the collection of additional environmental data continued during the quarter.

    Future Activities

    The Company's primary objective and main focus is to have AMEC complete the Resource Estimate. Wardrop, Knight Piésold and Stantec require the Resource Estimate in order to complete the outstanding portions of the Feasibility Study and the Environmental Assessment Application.

    Field activities for the next quarter include environmental studies and a high sensitivity airborne magnetic survey to identify areas of porphyry style copper-gold-molybdenum-silver mineralization. A Titan-24 geophysical system has been retained for a period of one month to complete additional ground geophysical surveys, on targets identified by the airborne magnetic survey or other exploration completed on the property.

    The proposed 2011 drilling program is expected to commence in mid-May (subject to weather conditions) to test the zone of higher grade mineralization from the 500m to the 800m level below surface. DDH CF406, which was temporarily suspended in December 2010, would be the first hole completed in 2011.

    The proposed 2011 re-sampling and additional diamond drilling does not affect the completion date for the Feasibility Study on the Schaft Creek deposit which is expected by the end of June or early July, 2011.

    Selected Financial Information

    Net Loss Net (loss)/income per share - basic and diluted


    First Quarter $ (358,211) $ 0.00


    Fourth Quarter $ (421,346) $ 0.00

    Third Quarter $ (436,792) $ 0.00

    Second Quarter $ (309,067) $ 0.00

    First Quarter $ (446,822) $ 0.00


    Fourth Quarter $ 1,533,575 $ 0.01

    Third Quarter $ (491,057) $ 0.00

    Second Quarter $ (431,763) $ 0.00

    Liquidity and Capital Resources

    The Company's working capital deficiency, defined as current assets less current liabilities, was $305,904 at January 31, 2011. The Company has sufficient funds available to meet its current obligations.

    During the quarter, the Company completed a private placement for total proceeds of $4,005,000, 525,000 options were exercised for total proceeds of $144,900 and a Director loaned $1,500,000 to the Company. The loan bears no interest and there are no fixed terms of repayment. In addition, the Company completed a private placement in March for total proceeds of $3,750,000.

    The Company has in place a budgeting process to help determine the funds required for the completion of the Feasibility Study. As at March 29, 2011 the Company has spent approximately $58.1 million of qualifying expenditures toward this study. The Company will require additional capital to complete this study and to provide for the administration of its Vancouver and Calgary offices. The Company believes that it will be able to raise the capital required to complete the Feasibility Study through the continued exercise of its outstanding options or through the public market if required.

    About Copper Fox

    Copper Fox is a Canadian based resource company listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange (CUU) focused on completing a Feasibility Study on the Schaft Creek deposit, one of the largest undeveloped copper, gold, molybdenum and silver deposits in North America. Categorized as a "giant porphyry deposit" this project is at the advanced development stage with a Preliminary Feasibility Study ("PFS") prepared by Samuel Engineering, Inc. of Denver, Colorado, in September 2008. The results of the PFS were extremely "robust" reporting a NPV @ 8% (before tax) of $2.8 billion dollars over a 23 year mine life. They contemplated processing 100,000 tonne per day ("tpd") from an open pit mine using a standard flotation recovery process. The PFS estimated the current Mineral Resources (using a 0.2% copper equivalent cutoff) at Schaft Creek includes; Measured Resources of 463.5 million tonnes grading 0.30% copper, 0.23 g/t gold, 0.02% molybdenum and 1.55 g/t silver, Indicated Resources of 929.8 million tonnes grading 0.23% copper, 0.15 g/t gold, 0.02% molybdenum and 1.56 g/t silver.

    A Feasibility Study on a minimum 120,000 tpd open pit mine is expected to be completed in 2011.

    Copper Fox holds title and a 100% working interest in a contiguous 24,003.5 hectares (59,311 acres) property which includes the Schaft Creek deposit subject to certain royalty agreements, a 30% carried interest held by Laird Copper and an earn back option held by Teck Resources Limited ("Teck"). Copper Fox is currently earning a 78% interest in Liard Copper from Teck. Teck's earn back option to acquire 20%, 40% or 75% of the Schaft Creek project is triggered upon completion of a Positive Feasibility Study. Should Teck elect to exercise its option for 75% they are required to fund subsequent property expenditures up to a total of 400% of those incurred by Copper Fox ($58.1 million as of March 29, 2011) and arrange for project financing, including the Copper Fox portion. For full details of the option please refer to the Company's website


    1.94 (2.11%)

    Strong and long ( wobei das Ding zischt im April ab, schade das sich User nicht trauen zu kaufen, da sie ja "scho so viel gstiege" isch. Ich habe wieder (gestern) nachgeladen und bin leidenschaftlicher CUU Sammler *wink* )

    Copper Fox der ver-3 facher ! CUU.V

    :lol: Das stimmt mit dem "Buy" und "Sell", typisch SB...

    Das Problem ist bei Copper Fox, das wir soviele Möglichkeiten/ Wege haben. Teck back in oder Buy Out. Dann kommt hinzu, das wir nicht wissen wieviel % Teck back in gehen will. Sprich es kommt drauf an wie hoch dann 1 Share ausfallen wird. Das gute und erfreuliche für mich ist, dass wir eineweg Vervielfachung machen werden *wink* , die Frage ist nun ob eben die 5$ Cad oder mehr.

    Deshalb gibt es auch so eine grosse Streuung von den Kurszielen.

    Long and strong


    Copper Fox der ver-3 facher ! CUU.V

    Hi Times 25!

    Das musst du wissen, denn es ist dein Geld *wink*

    Wir können dir Empfehlungen machen und begründen wieso man CUU im Depot haben soll, schlussendlich bist aber Du.- der kaufen/entscheiden muss.

    Wir hoffen alle auf eine gute neue Resourcen Schätzung.Die alte Schätzung ist von 2007. Die Preise haben sich seit damals gut erhöht, sprich es SOLLTE ( nicht müsste) eigentlich eine dubeli sichere Sache sein.

    Hier ein Link von einem sehr engagiertem User vom SH Board:…etailedPost.aspx?p=114337

    PS: Sehr gute charttechnische Indikatoren für genNorden;)


    Copper Fox der ver-3 facher ! CUU.V

    :D Voll geil, dass ich mich nicht irritieren lassen habe. Vette weiss auch wie "Werbung" machen, doch wie gesagt er sagt meist Tatsachen, die Basher kalt aussehen lassen;)

    Hatte vor paar Wochen bei 1.74 nochmals mehr gekauft und meinen EP hinauf gepusht und dann beim Sturz bei 1.43 nochmals nachgelegt *wink* , halt wie der Morris.

    Mal gucken wie die RE aussieht, denn dann kann man effektiv Zahlen rechnen. Dann wird sich Malakijoy wundern. Hier ein kleiner Link, der die chartistische Seit zeigt, obwohl die sehr klar aussieht!

    PS: RS vorbei, da mein Chef meint er müsse mich aus S - Ganf abtreten lassen um Montag zu arbeiten :!: Krasser Abgang, voll scheisse, hätte noch 3 Wochen gehabt :evil: . Nicht das ich Militär über alles liebe, doch es war ein wichtiger Ausbildungspunkt.

    Grüsse :lol: :lol: