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    Petroplus (PPHN)

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    Petroplus (PPHN)


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    Petroplus (PPHN)

    hmm, Petroplus wäre doch gut für die Shell oder..

    ..Shell hatte im März 2009 angekündigt, sich von der Raffinerie Harburg trennen zu wollen. Der Konzern konzentriert sich weltweit auf grosse Anlagen.

    Petroplus (PPHN)

    hmm, wie ich es verstehe bleibt die UBS bei 10 CHF

    Last headline: CMD highlights structural challenges en

    Publication date: 09.12.2011

    Rating: Buy * MSCI Switzerland


    Petroplus holds Capital Markets Day at Ingolstadt refinery

    Profitability targets upgraded but still falling short

    New financing planned by Spring 2012

    CMD highlights structural challenges

    Petroplus holds Capital Markets Day at Ingolstadt refineryPetroplus hosted its 2011 Analyst Day in Ingolstadt, Germany, where it defended its business model and updated on its 3 year improvement plan. Management believes the macro environment will be supportive over the next 2 years, with oil demand exceeding net refinery additions. This is not a view we share.Profitability targets upgraded but still falling shortCost savings from the 3YIP were upgraded to $275m (pre-tax; 2012 vs. 2010) from $220m ($180m had been achieved at 9M11). However, management admitted even with these new savings the macro environment means it will remain $60m short of its breakeven cash flow target. Closing this gap will require "structural changes," particularly at Petit Couronne. The PMI QTD is $1.66/bbl, up from a weak $1.53/bbl in 3Q11 but the recent unplanned maintenance at Coryton will hinder margin capture this quarter.New financing planned by Spring 2012We are confident Petroplus' liquidity, whilst not comfortable, is sufficient for the foreseeable future. Petroplus' revolving credit facility is due to expire in October 2012 and Petroplus expects new facilities in place by the spring. Management is considering various alternatives and expects a crude supply agreement, whereby a 3rd party would own all of Petroplus' crude is likely for at least some of its ops.Valuation: Buy, CHF10Petroplus is trading at EV/EBITDA of 3.9x (FY12E), which is a 38% discount to the European sector. We set our PT of CHF10 at a discount to a break-up NAV.

    Petroplus (PPHN)

    J PBF Energy: Delaware Refinery Operations Normal After Power Snag

    01.12.11 20:50:37- DJPN

    NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)--PBF Energy's Delaware City, Del., oil refinery has

    resumed normal operations following a power interruption that resulted in unit

    upsets and a boiler shutdown Sunday.

    "The folks there did a great job of restoring the units there and getting the

    plant safely back on line," company spokesman Michael Gayda said Thursday.

    The refinery is able to process up to 182,000 barrels of crude oil a day.

    PBF's principal investors are Petroplus Holdings AG (PEPFY, PPHN.EB), the

    largest independent refiner and wholesaler of petroleum products in Europe; and

    private equity firms The Blackstone Group and First Reserve Corp.

    -By Rose Marton-Vitale; Dow Jones Newswires, 201-264-4185,

    Petroplus (PPHN)

    Teile der Vermögenswerte in einer kostensparenden Weise zu monetarisieren :idea:

    zur Erinnerung.

    ...Der Verfasser der Studie sieht beim Schweizer Unternehmen verdeckte Aktionärswerte. Mit einer Abtretung der Raffinerien Petit Couronne, Cressier und Antwerpen liessen sich Barmittel im Umfang von 780 Millionen Dollar oder 7,50 Dollar je Aktie freisetzen, so der Experte. Er errechnet, dass die Papiere von Petroplus im Falle eines solchen Vorstosses zwischen 13,70 und 25,70 Franken notieren müssten.

    ...beginnen woll damit oder


    Petroplus (PPHN)

    Highlights: man, man :oops:

    ...Oversold mit tiefer eingebettete Option Wert;

    ...Fair Value mindestens CHF13.6/sh

    ...Sehr wenige Hindernisse für ein aktivistischer Investor

    Petroplus (PPHN)

    ...Socar mit 82 Mitarbeitern wird der Umsatz von den Aktivitäten auf 30 Mrd. bis 35 Mrd. $ beziffert.

    ...eine Menge Millionen pro Mitarbeiter :shock:

    ...momentan ist Petroblus (minus) für nur ca. 1.25 Mitarbeiter Umsatz zu haben :roll:

    52 week high: 17.87 09.02.2011

    52 week low: 4.18 04.11.2011

    ..denke, für nen Mittelpreis von 11 könnte/müsste Petro veräussert werden, oder :roll:

    Petroplus (PPHN)

    UBS Investment Bank

    Rating: Buy (07.11.2011)

    Embedded option value; initiate at Buy

    Oversold with deep embedded option value; fair value at least CHF13.6/shThe outlook for mid-ranking European refiners like Petroplus is tough, in our view, and with the shares down 97% from the peak, the investment case appears to have come down to an existential call one way or the other. At this point, we regard the shares as more likely oversold with significant embedded option value. Just gifting away Petit Couronne, Cressier and Antwerp would release cash of $780m (CHF7.5/sh), halve net debt and double liquidity. We illustrate how a slimmed down Petroplus, focused on Coryton and Ingolstadt, could be worth at least CHF13.6/sh, or up to CHF25.7/sh if investors had comfort in more bullish consensus estimates.Very few obstacles for an activist investorManagement is unlikely to pursue the above break-up, focusing instead on organic enhancements and hoping for a macro improvement. But, with 100% free float and no blocking shareholders, it has few defences against an activist investor. The balance sheet is funded primarily by high-yield bonds, which are trading at distressed levels, perhaps providing an alternative mechanism for control.Third quarter represents an operational and financial troughOver the summer (2Q-3Q), a heavy maintenance programme ($70m) and soaring crude acquisition costs ($86m) related to production issues in Libya, the North Sea and a tight Urals market contributed to Petroplus’s $270m cash burn. A significant portion of this is unwinding, with costs already down by $1.7/bbl from the September peak. The October Petroplus Market Indicator (PMI) of $2.34 is up $0.81/bbl versus 3Q. We think the third quarter represents an operational and financial trough; thus, sentiment should be turning.Valuation: Conventional metrics becoming less relevantWe set our CHF10 target price at a discount to our ‘restructured’ NAV of CHF13.6. Today’s share price fails to reflect any of the company’s embedded option value, in our view. If the equity market does not close this gap, someone else should.

    ... überzeugend :roll: