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    Swiss Medica to Launch New USA Distribution Channel

    TORONTO, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Swiss Medica

    (OTC Bulletin Board: SWME) announced today that it will launch a new

    distribution strategy in the USA focused on direct-to-consumer selling and

    distribution via medical professionals. In addition, Swiss Medica has decided

    to strategically exit the working capital intensive USA national pharmacy

    channel that caused the bulk of Swiss Medica's recent operational and

    financial difficulties.

    Swiss Medica launched O24 Pain Neutralizer and O24 Fibromyalgia in 2005 in

    national pharmacy chains in the USA, after a similar successful launch in

    Canada. Swiss Medica made a large investment in upfront inventory for the

    retailers in advance of the launch, spent several millions dollars on radio

    and other mainstream marketing in the USA and carried receivables from

    pharmacies for six months plus in most cases. Swiss Medica's unsuccessful

    experience with USA retailers were due to:

    1) Mainstream short-form radio marketing that could not differentiate

    O24's superior efficacy and science from its competitors.

    2) An overinvestment in inventory for re-orders that did not materialize

    3) Predatory supplier practices of large pharmacies who charged large fees

    without approval, returned inventory that was damaged for full credit and had

    extremely slow payment processes for small manufacturers. Swiss Medica

    continues to pursue collections from its USA national pharmacy customers.

    Swiss Medica recognized that the national pharmacy retail channel is not

    the most appropriate channel in the United States for O24 whose unique patent

    and clinical/medical trials need to be explained in detail in formats such as

    the 1 hour branded radio shows that were successful in Canada, but are not as

    available in the United States. In addition O24's efficacy can be best proven

    by using a towelette sample of O24.

    The USA direct-to-consumer marketplace is the most developed and elaborate

    in the world, allowing manufacturers many means to bypass retailers and access

    consumers directly. Swiss Medica is working to launch the distribution of O24

    with a major USA-based direct-to-consumer marketing organization which focuses

    on marketing products through mailing samples of products to the millions of

    customers in their database and then auto-shipping regular orders of products

    to customers who opt-into the re-order program. This company chose O24 after

    an extensive product due diligence process and has estimated that it can build

    a large regular direct order business for a private label O24 due to the

    extremely high efficacy and customer satisfaction after the use of a single

    compact O24 towelette. Another pain relief product distributed by the same

    company experienced initial demand that translated in several million dollars

    of annualized wholesale revenues to the manufacturer.

    The direct-to-consumer channel is much more attractive to Swiss Medica due

    to lower investments in upfront inventory, better payment terms from direct-

    to-consumer marketing partners and no need to spend consumer marketing dollars

    in the United States.

    Hier noch die Quelle

    Swiss Medica

    Hey Koebeler habe mich nie wegen den Prozent % genervt im Gegenteil je höher desto besser :lol:

    Das mit dem double digit war auf den absoluten Wert bezogen!

    Swiss Medica

    HAllo Koebeler

    Ist doch kein Problem :P :P

    Wie meinst du das mit dem das Zahlen nichts mehr sagen?

    weiterer Update von delarue

    Lange war es ruhig um die swissmedica Inc. , aber das könnte sich bald ändern.

    Anleger rechneten schon mit der Insolvenz des 2005 umjubelten Biotech-Unternehmen. Die Umsätze kletterten 2004 und 2005 von Quartal zu Quartal prozentual im zwei bis dreistelligen Bereich. Von anfänglichen Ausstellungen auf kleinen regionalen Messen, schafften es die Produkte bis ins landesweite Fernsehen. Nachrichtensender berichteten über die tolle Wirksamkeit der neuen Naturheilmittel. Selbst ein eigener Werbespot wurde gedreht und ausgestrahlt. Große US-Handelsketten wie RiteAid und CVS nahmen die Produkte in ihr Sortiment.

    Doch dann brach der Umsatz ein. Nach eigenen Unternehmensangaben führten falsche Absprachen mit den Handelsketten zu der Rückgabe von mehreren tausenden Produkten. Als Newcomer hatte das Unternehmen zudem kaum Cash-Reserven und sich mit hohen Marketingkosten bereits übernommen. Der große amerikanische Markt brach dem Unternehmen sprichwörtlich "das Genick".

    Anfang 2007 dann ein erster Hoffnungsschimmer. Das Unternehmen erhielt eine Finanzspritze von knapp 600 TUSD. Kurz darauf wurde ein Unternehmens-Update veröffentlicht. In diesem ging hervor, dass sich während der Funkstille viel getan haben soll. Die Geschäftsstrategie wurde überarbeitet und interne Arbeitsabläufe gestrafft.

    Mitte Juli wurde dann das Comeback angekündigt. Ab Hebst will das Unternehmen in Kanada erneut eine Werbeoffensive starten. Der kanadische Markt ist im Gegensatz zum amerikanischen Markt wesentlich überschaubarer und loyaler. Der amerikanische Markt erfordert schon aufgrund der Größe ein hohes Werbebudget. Zudem zählen die amerikanischen Kunden zu "unloyalen-Kunden", soll heißen, sie lassen sich leicht von anderen Werbekampagnen beeinflussen und sind einem einzelnen Produkt nur selten treu.

    Die swissmedica Inc. wird sich daher auf den kanadischen Markt konzentrieren und zusätzlich Lizenzen an andere Unternehmen vergeben. Das führt zu zusätzliche Lizenz-Einnahmen, ohne hohe Werbeausgaben aufbringen zu müssen und verbessert zudem die Geschäftsstruktur.

    Wir halten daher nach wie vor am Unternehmen und deren Produkten fest. Das Management hat bewiesen, auch in schwierigen Zeiten eine Lösung zu finden. Nun liegt es an der Umestzung.

    Angaben zur Veröffentlichung

    Datum: 04.08.2007

    Uhrzeit: 11.00

    Authoren: DEL LA RUE

    Wer weiss vielleicht sehen wir wieder mal den double digit 8)

    Swiss Medica

    Hallo koebler

    Was meinst du eckt sich da jemand ein auf die zahlen? Wer weiß vielleicht weiß da jemand mehr! Grez

    LITHIUM TECH CP NEW LTHU.PK die hightech Batterie der Zukun

    Lithium Technology Corporation's Chief Executive Officer Issues Letter to Stockholders

    Dear Shareholders, It is my pleasure to address you all as the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of LTC. I am very excited about the opportunity that was given to me to lead LTC forward in a world that is realizing the value and the need for our technology and products. LTC's three target markets, Transportation, Defense and Stationary/Alternative Energy, constantly require more available energy and power - a demand that today's prevailing battery technologies cannot adequately satisfy. We are among the few visionaries who identified these future needs. We have developed the technology that can answer the needs of today to enable innovative solutions, like the plug-in hybrid vehicles. We are making strides in all three markets with repeat orders from existing customers and the acquisition of new customers, most of which belong to the leaders in their respective industries. The strength of our company lies with our employees and core technology. Unlike many companies that simply assemble batteries with cells imported from Asia, we, at LTC, master the entire process - from the manufacturing of battery cells to the pairing with intelligent management systems. This end-to-end manufacturing ability allows us to offer superior products at the highest level of quality assurance. Additionally, our broad experience in battery technology and industry savvy helps us develop solutions quickly. For example, our new Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery cells are the largest commercial cells of its kind in the world. This significant accomplishment is evidence to the automotive manufacturers that the battery technology they need is here today. Today we are working hard to substantially increase our production capacity in order to satisfy the growing demand for our products. We recently opened an office in The Netherlands, in which we will concentrate our efforts on our goals to build a new production facility that will allow us to manufacture our products in much larger quantities and in a more efficient way. This will allow us to gain bigger market share. We continue to invest heavily in R&D, sales and global marketing efforts. As reported to the SEC on July 12th we paid back our biggest debt and entered into a much smaller fixed convertible loan at today's market price. This, together with the repayment to Cornell Capital Partners, LP, reduced our debt significantly and is a major step in the restructuring of our balance sheet. Management is working hard to further improve the financial condition of the company and to create a strong LTC. We continue to work with our auditors for the completion of all financial reports in order to become current on our public filings. It is a top priority for me and the rest of the management team and we dedicate every possible resource to conclude it as soon as possible. Finally, I believe the world has come to the conclusion that a change is needed in the way we operate in our daily lives in order to save our environment, and a major part of this change will require better and bigger batteries. Toyota announced last week it is testing a plug-in version of the Prius They join GM and Ford, who also announced their intention to develop commercial plug-in hybrid vehicles. Toyota went one step further to state that by 2020 all their vehicle offerings will be either plug-in hybrids or regular hybrids. This is very important statement for us as we see a world leading company who sells millions of vehicles a year plans such a drastic move in about 12 years time. We believe western world car companies will follow suit and we are here today to provide our superior products. It is my intention to steer the company in a way that will build long-term sustainable value, especially in our core areas of competitive advantage where the future value of our company will come from. It is my belief that this approach will help building large, strong and profitable company and will maximize the value to our shareholders. Sincerely, Dr. Klaus Brandt Chief Executive Officer Lithium Technology Corporation

    Hört sich sehr gut an, falls hier dann noch die Grossen einsteigen dann sieht es für diesen Stock sicher gut aus!

    Zahlen sollten im August/September erscheinen (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

    Schönen Tag

    Swiss Medica

    Hallo Koebeler

    Ja super vielleicht kommt nun etwas schwung in den stock...bin auch ziemlich gross long. Kaufe immer etwas dazu!

    Habe mir den Investment Report vom August 2006 von del la rue intensiv angeschaut, und muss sage das alles sehr interessant ist.

    Ich werde auf jeden Fall weiter zukaufen :lol:

    Schönen Tag!

    Sinobiomed + 5.11% und weitere Super News!

    Sinobiomed's Malaria Vaccine Granted European Patent

    2007-07-25 09:00 (New York)

    Sinobiomed's Malaria Vaccine Granted European Patent

    New Patent Provides Protection in up to 37 Countries in Europe

    SHANGHAI, CHINA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 07/25/07 -- Sinobiomed Inc.

    ("Sinobiomed", "the Company") (OTCBB: SOBM) is pleased to announce

    that the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted a patent for the

    malaria vaccine PfCP2.9 to which Sinobiomed has exclusive rights to

    develop, manufacture and sell through its 82 percent owned

    subsidiary, Shanghai Wanxing Bio-pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. ("Shanghai

    Wanxing"). The EPO provides patent protection in up to 37 European


    EPO patent number 1357128, dated July 4, 2007, has been assigned to

    the Second Military Medical University (SMMU) of Shanghai China for

    the preparation and dosage of plasmodium fusion antigen invented by

    Dr. Weiqing Pan. Dr. Pan, an advisor to Sinobiomed and an

    internationally recognized researcher, heads the Department of

    Parasitology at SMMU and serves on China's national committee to

    combat parasitic diseases. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    granted SMMU a patent for the plasmodium fusion antigen in September


    "The granting of the European patent further strengthens Sinobiomed's

    ability to proceed with the vaccine's development with full

    confidence in its potential for commercial development for the global

    market," said Company President and CEO Banjun Yang. "The potential

    benefits to humanity as well as to Sinobiomed shareholders are


    The invention provides a fusion protein comprising the Plasmodium

    merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP1) and the Plasmodium apical membrane

    antigen 1 (AMA-1), the encoding DNA sequence, the vector containing

    the sequence, the host cell containing the vector and the genetic

    engineering method for preparing the fusion protein and the usage for

    producing anti-malarial vaccine. The patent holder was granted the

    right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or

    selling the invention throughout Europe with 20 years protection term

    from the date on which the earliest application was filed (February

    1, 2002).

    On Mar 22, 2001, Second Military Medical University and Shanghai

    Wanxing signed a collaboration and license agreement that gives

    Shanghai Wanxing the exclusive right to exploit such technology,

    including the right to manufacture and sell the malaria vaccine it

    develops. Sinobiomed is developing and testing the plasmodium fusion

    antigen as a blood-stage malaria vaccine with the support of the

    World Health Organization (WHO) and the Malaria Vaccine Initiative

    (MVI) of the Program for the Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH).

    Sinobiomed's malaria candidate vaccine (PfCP2.9) targets the world's

    most deadly malaria parasite (Plasmodium falciparum) at its most

    destructive stage-its rapid replication in human red blood cells. In

    the now completed Phase I Clinical Trial, PfCP2.9 showed greater

    immunogenicity and fewer adverse reactions. The Chinese State Food

    and Drug Administration (SFDA), which has a drug approval process

    similar to that of the U.S. FDA, has approved PfCP2.9 for a Phase II

    Clinical Trial to be conducted in China's Yunnan Province and in

    Southeast Asia.


    In der Pressemitteilung steht dass das MEdi aGFG innerhalb eines Jahres ca 20 Mio PAckungen verkaufen werden zum Preis von 15.5 USD pro Packung.

    20 Mio * 15.5 usd = 310 Mio

    310 Mio / Anzahl Aktien 115 Mio= 0.27 USD Gewinn pro Aktie

    KGV = 2.80 USD / 0.27 = 10.37 USD

    Stimmt meine Rechnung und Überlegungen? wenn ja ist die Aktie ja noch einiges unterbewertet :shock: :D :D

    Was meint Ihr?


    Hier noch eine heutige News!

    Press Release Source: Sinobiomed Inc.

    Sinobiomed Subsidiary Commences Production of Recombinant Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor (aFGF)

    Wednesday July 18, 9:00 am ET

    SHANGHAI, CHINA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jul 18, 2007 -- Sinobiomed Inc. (the \"Company\") (OTC BB:SOBM.OB - News) is pleased to announce that Shanghai Wanxing Bio-pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.\'s (\"Shanghai Wanxing\" - an 82% owned subsidiary of the Company) has commenced production of recombinant acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor (aFGF). Shanghai Wanxing\'s production facility for aFGF recently received its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification by the Chinese SFDA. As approved by the Chinese SFDA, aFGF is a drug for the treatment of ulceration including deep burns (more than 2nd degree burns) and chronic ulcers caused by burn wounds, diabetes, vascular diseases and bed sores. aFGF is expected to enter the market in August 2007 with a production volume of approximately 20 million boxes per year and will retail for US $15.5/box. At present 200 distributors are negotiating with the company to distribute the product.

    Hallo Zusammen

    Habe da mal eine interessante Aktie entdeckt!

    Kennt die jemand ?

    SinoBiomed Inc. ist ein führender Entwickler der recombinant Proteindrogen. Kombination SinoBiomeds der neuen Technologie und der Sachkenntnis ermöglicht der Firma, sicheres, hohes Ergebnis, Hochwirksamkeit recombinant Proteindrogen zu produzieren an den extrem niedrigen Kosten. SinoBiomed setzt einen patentierten preiswerten, hohen Ergebnisproduktion Prozeß ein, um Bioaktivität zu erhöhen und den höchsten Niveaus der Reinheit zu garantieren.

    Mannschaft Forschung SinoBiomeds hat starke strategische Bündnisse mit führenden chinesischen Forschung Krankenhäusern und Institute für gemeinschaftliche Entwicklung der patentierten und patentable Techniken und der Behandlungen entwickelt. Sie schließen die zweite militärische medizinische Universität (SMMU), sein Teilnehmerkrankenhaus, Changhai Krankenhaus und Fudan Universität mit ein. Alle drei sind in Shanghai.

    Die Firma hat auch allgemein Verkäufe und Marketing-Netz und Hilfsprogramme des internationalen Marketings hergestellt. Weiter, die Fähigkeit der Firma verstärkend, biopharmaceuticals für globale Märkte zu entwickeln, gut eingerichtete Verhältnisse zu international anerkannten den Gesundheit Forschern und Organisationen, einschließlich die Weltgesundheitsorganisation und das Programm für die passende Technologie in der Gesundheit (WEG) sein.

    SWME +13.684%

    Hallo Zusammen

    Verfolge nun diesen Titel schon einige Zeit scheint mir langsam aber sicher mal einen Blick wert.

    Was haltet ihr von diesem Titel?

    Ist jemand investiert?

    Schöne Abe !!

    Schaut euch mal diese News an:

    Swiss Medica Launches New Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy

    for Canada

    TORONTO, July 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Swiss Medica, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SWME) announced today it has launched a new multi-channel distribution strategy for its Canadian business segment focused on the retail, professional and private label channels.

    Swiss Medica launched O24 Pain Neutralizer in Canadian national retailers in the fall of 2004 with an aggressive public relations and marketing strategy focused on 30 minute informational radio segments, in-store sampling of O24, consumer trade shows and detailing of medical professionals. O24 was well received by the Canadian marketplace and Swiss Medica's Canadian market revenues in 2005 were approximately US$1.6 million. O24 Pain Neutralizer's 1 ounce bottle was the third best selling SKU in Canada in 2005 in retailers and outsold many major brands including Ben-Gay(TM), Tiger Balm(TM) and Icy Hot(TM).

    In 2006, Swiss Medica launched O24 Fibromyalgia into the Canadian retail marketplace and lowered its Canadian marketing spend to focus on its USA retail launch. In addition, it focused its lower Canadian media spend on mainstream marketing strategies including short-form radio ads and sponsorships. The combination of lower marketing dollars and ineffective mainstream media resulted in reduced O24 sales in Canada of approximately US$700,000.

    Despite the reduction in sales, O24 has gained a loyal following in Canada with both consumers and the physician community who are looking for a safe and effective alternative for pain, versus both prescription and over-the-counter pills. In addition, O24 is available in most major retailers in Canada and has secured attractive shelf placement in most retailers. Swiss Medica plans to re-launch its aggressive guerilla marketing strategies (from 2005) in the fall of 2007 with long-form 30 minute radio segments with doctors on the radio talking about O24 and call in questions from the audience. In addition, O24 will be re-introduced to the physician community and an aggressive in-store sampling campaign for O24 will recommence to allow consumers to quickly recognize the superior efficacy of O24 versus other products. Swiss Medica believes that it can grow its monthly Canadian retail revenues to levels higher than 2005 within 12 months.

    In addition, Swiss Medica has commenced private labelling O24 to Canadian distributors of healthcare products who are selling Swiss Medica's patented product using their own brands. Swiss Medica has completed two private label distribution deals thus far in the past year. Swiss Medica supports its private label customers with training and previously developed marketing and product science literature, but the private label customer must spend its own marketing and media dollars to support their private label brands. These and other private label deals have the potential to materially grow Swiss Medica's Canadian revenues in 2008 and provide excellent net margins as Swiss Medica is not spending dollars on consumer media to support these private label brands.

    Swiss Medica is currently in discussions with several large medical product distributors who have expressed strong interest in distributing O24 to hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals. O24's unique patented process, its strong medical and clinical trial results and its safety profile make it an ideal candidate for the Canadian healthcare professional market. Swiss Medica expects to conclude a distribution arrangement for the professional marketplace by the end of 2007.

    Ben Gay is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson. Tiger Balm is a registered trademark of Haw Par Healthcare Ltd. Icy Hot is a trademark of Chattem, Inc.


    Auch heute wieder hohe Volumen ..... hat das vielleicht mit dem Verkauf der Beteiligung zu tun welche der Herrn Lehman am 18/6 getätigt hat? Obwohl das alles keinen Sinn macht!


    Endlich endlich bin immer noch überzeugt das dies eine Turn around story wird!

    Gut bin ich bei 33.00 eingestiegen :P :P