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    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 14, 2007

    GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSHF) today is

    providing its shareholders with an update regarding the Company's

    planned reorganization, which will result in both debt and expense

    reductions through the sale of non-core assets and through the

    consolidation of operations and administration.

    To this end, GreenShift is pleased to announce it has executed an

    agreement to sell its majority stake in GS Carbon Corporation (OTC

    Bulletin Board: GSCR) to Seaway Capital, Inc. ("Seaway Capital").

    Seaway Capital, a growth equity and leveraged buyout company, has

    agreed to assume up to $500,000 in GSCR's legacy debt, and GreenShift

    shall retain its current assets by transferring GS Carbon's current

    investments, intellectual properties and R&D operating subsidiaries to

    GS CleanTech Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSCT).

    Seaway Capital ( was formed in 2002 as a

    merchant banking company and controls significant stakes in various

    companies. Upon the closing of the transaction, Seaway intends to

    merge into GSCR several of its holdings, including that of WiseBuys

    Stores, Inc., ("WiseBuys") a big box retail chain it founded in 2003

    with former Ames Chairman and CEO, Joe Ettore, and former BJ Wholesale

    executive, Joe LaChausse. WiseBuys currently has five (5) locations

    representing approximately 230,000 square feet, and it has partnered

    with other retailers such as Payless ShoeSource, Inc. and KB Toys to

    expand rapidly in rural markets in primarily former Ames locations.

    WiseBuys has generated store revenues of over $35 million since

    November 2003, and, after a brief pause, is now aggressively seeking

    growth through acquisitions and new store development.

    WiseBuys' goal is to add another 30-40 stores over a three year

    period and achieve annual revenues of about $120 million. Joe

    LaChausse, WiseBuys' CEO stated, "We feel this critical mass is

    attainable given the current supply of relatively low cost retail

    space in rural America. Our initial geographic presence with be New

    York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut."

    WiseBuys' current stores - all in New York State - include Canton,

    Gouverneur, Hamilton, Pulaski, and Tupper Lake.

    This reverse acquisition, which is subject to completion of an

    audit of WiseBuys and is expected to close in June 2007, would have

    the effect of transferring GreenShift's majority stake in GS Carbon to

    Seaway Capital, which is seeking additional investments in media,

    business services, manufacturing, and technology companies.

    GreenShift Chairman and CEO, Kevin Kreisler, added "One of the

    goals of our planned reorganization is to reduce overhead while we

    simplify and rationalize our corporate structure. We feel that

    transferring ownership of GS Carbon's current holdings to GS CleanTech

    and then assisting GS Carbon in its completion of a material

    acquisition away from GreenShift helps to accomplish this goal in a

    way that enhances shareholder value for GreenShift's, GS Carbon's and

    GS CleanTech's shareholders. Seaway has an experienced management team

    with a track record for finding and cultivating successful investments

    and creating value for its shareholders, and we feel that their

    planned WiseBuys transaction and strategy moving forward have great



    Besten Dank für eure Antworten! Erscheint es euch aber nicht komisch das in den letzen Tagen die Volumen sehr hoch sind?

    WEB2 -->Indische Google Tenbagger ? WBTO.OB , Symbol: DO to Launch Free Web-Based E-Mail Service With Unlimited


    Web2Corp's WBTO Popular Indian Search Engine and Social Network Adds

    Feature to Already Strong Line-Up, Pursuing Projected 650 Million

    Indian Web Mail Users by 2012

    ORLANDO, FL and CHENNAI, INDIA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/10/07 -- is adding a new web-based e-mail feature, launching

    on Monday, May 21 of 2007, that will give all members of

    a convenient place to store their e-mail online. Accessible from

    home, work, or on cell phones or PDAs, people will be able to send

    and receive their e-mails from anywhere in the world.

    " is another great feature to add to's

    suite," said Bill Mobley, CEO of Web2Corp (OTCBB: WBTO). "The use of

    web-based e-mail continues to grow, especially in developing

    countries throughout Asia, as more people use cyber cafes for their

    web browsing needs. We're offering a package that's similar to

    Google's Gmail, Yahoo Mail or MSN Hotmail, but placing it on India's

    #1 Indian-centric search engine and social network, and offering more

    storage space for our users than they do as well."

    According to NetValue's E-Lifestyle report, web mail usage has grown

    over 100 percent in some Asian markets over a three-month period, and

    the growth will only continue as the economies and communities

    continue to grow. "India's strong economy and increasingly large

    middle class mean that there is a constant flow of Indians getting

    on-line for the first time every day." Mobley continued, "looking for

    e-mail accounts and social networks to join that will represent them.

    "Serving Indians with their own unlimited storage web-based e-mail to

    go along with the powerful set of social networking applications that

    we have built into ByIndia's mail is only going to increase the

    site's popularity. In addition to our video and photo sharing,

    popular news and entertainment, social networking, auctions, blogs

    and other tools, we think that ByIndia's free web-based mail service

    will continue to spur our growth and popularity in the Indian market.

    Besides, having an address from has a certain ring to

    it, don't you think?" will have unlimited mail storage available for

    any member of, and is free to register, as are all of's features. will not only prove useful

    for members, it should also be a boon to as


    "Web mail is a great opportunity for advertisers to reach users,"

    says Mobley. "As people in web mail pages tend to stay longer on a

    given page -- and stay longer on the site as a whole as well -- we're

    expecting to see advertising revenue from increase as

    this catches on. According to projections, there are going to be 650

    million Indians using web-based e-mail by 2012 or 2015. We're

    already building a powerful tool that will let users accomplish all

    the electronic communication that they need to online while there are

    still under 40 million Internet users in India, getting users and

    brand loyalty now. We're very excited about the possibilities that

    this new feature creates for all of our users and for


    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 09, 2007

    GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSHF) today announced

    the execution of letters of intent that provide for the design,

    construction and operation of integrated corn oil extraction and

    biodiesel production facilities on-site at selected ethanol


    The letters of intent call for GreenShift's majority-owned process

    engineering company, GS CleanTech Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board:

    GSCT), to design, build and integrate a total of twelve corn oil

    extraction systems based on its patent-pending technology with four

    biodiesel production systems at four separate ethanol production

    facilities in the Mid-Western U.S. The biodiesel production systems

    are based on GS AgriFuels Corporation's (OTC Bulletin Board: GSGF)

    patent-pending NextGen Fuel biodiesel process technology, and

    correspond to about 30 million gallons per year of corn-oil derived

    biodiesel production. GS AgriFuels is GreenShift's majority-owned

    clean fuel production company.

    If these letters of intent are successfully converted into

    executed contracts, this would result in a total of about $80 million

    in process engineering and equipment sales and certain ongoing

    royalties for GS CleanTech, and about $12 million in one-time

    equipment sales and about $30 million per year in ongoing biodiesel

    sales for GS AgriFuels.

    Kevin Kreisler, GreenShift's chairman and chief executive officer,

    stated that "These letters of intent are a long-awaited validation of

    the technologies and business model we have introduced to the

    marketplace. GreenShift's model is to acquire, develop and

    commercialize clean technologies that facilitate the more efficient

    use of natural resources while maximizing economic gains for our

    clients, partners and shareholders. Our go-to-market strategy for our

    corn oil extraction and biodiesel production technologies is to use

    technology to acquire feedstock and then to build and own integrated

    fuel production assets that help to increase the profitability of our

    host ethanol facilities. While this plan has taken longer to implement

    as compared to a simple equipment sales model, we are confident that

    our model, which incorporates engineering service sales, equipment

    sales and recurring fuel production sales, will prove to be superior

    over the long term. We are very excited by these term sheets and look

    forward to moving through technical due diligence, execution of

    definitive agreements and into deployment in each case."

    ASCOM (19,40 CHF, +3,7%): Trittbrettfahrer springen auf den Zug auf

    Der Schweizer Finanzpresse ist am Mittwoch zu entnehmen, dass die Victory

    Industriebeteiligungen AG ihre an der Ascom Holding AG rasch auszubauen

    gedenke. Die Presseberichte stehen damit im Gegensatz zu den in jüngster

    Vergangenheit kursierenden Marktspekulationen, wonach die Beteiligung am Bern

    Traditionsunternehmen bereits wieder zur Disposition stünde. Zuletzt hielten

    die Österreicher einen Stimmenanteil von 24,77%. Davon entfielen 15,34% auf d

    Basiswerte und weitere 9,43% auf Derivate. Händler wollen ein absichtliches

    Streuen der Gerüchte seitens des österreichischen Aktionärslagers nicht

    ausschliessen, gehe die Optionsstrategie von Victory doch nur bei steigenden

    Kursen auf. Die Spekulationen scheinen ihre Wirkung nicht zu verfehlen: Dass

    die Titelhausse vom Mittwoch von den Aktivitäten auf der Derivativseite

    beherrscht werde, deute auf ein Aufspringen von Trittbrettfahrern hin.

    was haltet ihr vom Comment?

    Google Acquisitions Race -- Do You Get It?

    Google has recently been showing a familiar trend of acquisition habits, according to William Mobley, CEO of Web2Corp (OTCBB: WBTO) and survivor of the dotcom crash. "It's AOL all over again," he says, recalling AOL's catastrophic merger with Time Warner in 2001. "It's an Internet company trying to make it as a media provider. It's trying to move into a space that it was never designed to work in from the start, and just like AOL, I don't think that Google can successfully make that transition.

    "Google has all the money in the world to pull this off, if it is possible to do it despite the history of others who've failed. We've already seen some of the first signs of this may not be the case on Tuesday, as Google missed its projected revenue for the first time. I think Google is experiencing growing pains as it tries to move into areas of the Internet and traditional media that it was not designed to handle, as it acquires DoubleClick and partners with ClearChannel. It's trying to build local advertising markets and opportunities through traditional media."

    This attempt to acquire a portion of the projected $39 billion dollar a year local advertising market, and to secure some of the $20 billion spent yearly in radio markets clearly has many of Google's rivals stepping it up as well. There have been rumors circulating that Microsoft is looking to acquire Yahoo so that the #2 and #3 search engines can partner up to more effectively fight Google.

    "That's not the answer that is needed to contest Google successfully," Mobley continues, "In order to challenge a large giant like Google you need a product that's built around a local platform which then inter-connects those local markets, nationally and then globally. It must include all the things that people would use in social networking, businesses could easily use to reach consumers effectively, and communities for outreach, news, civic matters. Give the consumers and businesses easy to use point and click tools and ensure that it is all seamlessly integrated.

    "That is not something you buy in pieces and start plugging together like Google is attempting to do at this moment. Those acquisition targets all have different technologies, at various ages, and in my opinion are gaining very few new customers. The customer databases of these companies overlap as many already use Google search. What is required is a combination of all the newest technologies, written into a single 'web life operating system' combined with a robust local 'e-conomy.' Our teams and partners have worked diligently over two years creating such a place on the web called Something that's built around the local market, that's going to provide users with revolutionary functionality extending from PC, to cell phone and PDA, to the home the car, and the office. That's the only thing going to be able to stand toe-to-toe with Google, regardless of whether it's a small company or if it partners with one of the other giants like Yahoo, MSN, AOL or the telco's."

    Isotis (ISOT)

    Hallo aufgrund den Vorgaben in USA hat heute die kotierte Aktie in der Schweiz (ISON SW) noch gar nicht reagiert! was meinst du kommt der "Move" noch oder woran könnte das liegen?

    gruss JFK

    Hallo wollte mal Fragen was Ihr von Clariant haltet? Bin mit Warrants seit etwa 2 Wochen dabei etwas verdient und jetzt Frage ich mich ob es besser wäre den Gewinn zu realisieren?

    So wie es scheint ist die 22 Marke eine ziemlich schwere Hürde!

    Dennoch gibt es genug Volumen auf der Geldseite welche die Starken Offers absorbieren.

    Wie sieht eure Meinung dazu aus?

    Grüsse JFK