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    28-02-2007 12:01:04 (18:01:04 CET) 0.12 (12.77%) :D

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    26'000 11'000 1.05 1.06

  • Copper Fox liegt genau richtig !!!!

    gestern in Cad +18.% und Volumen 859'560 :D :D

    Copper Rises in London as Chinese Buyers Return From Holiday

    By Brett Foley

    Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Copper rose in London amid signs that demand from Asian buyers for the metal used in pipes and wires would remain buoyant as they returned from a weeklong holiday.

    Copper futures in Shanghai gained the daily limit of 4 percent to the highest in seven weeks as trading resumed after the Lunar New Year holiday. Imports of copper and copper products into China, the world's biggest user of the metal, jumped 44 percent in January from a year earlier, customs data showed on Feb. 12. The customs office will issue data for imports of refined copper on Feb. 28.

    ``Its no surprise given the price rally in London last week,'' Peter Fertig, a commodity analyst with Dresdner Kleinwort in Frankfurt, said today by phone. ``There has already been significant restocking in China, but we think strong demand will ensure that continues.''

    Copper for delivery in three months on the LME advanced $39, or 0.6 percent, to $6,345 a ton as of 8:53 a.m. local time. Last week it had rose 8.6 percent, the largest weekly gain since July.

    Prices in London may rise this week, according to a Bloomberg survey last week. Of the 25 people surveyed, 21 forecast gains, three expected a drop and one saw little change.

    Among other LME-traded metals, nickel gained $200 to $41,000 a ton, aluminum rose $15 to $2,900, zinc advanced $70 to $3,670, lead increased $10 to $1,930 and tin gained $125 to $13,600.To contact the reporter on this story: Brett Foley in London at

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    der Valor 1948116

    vielleicht gibt es heute eine Abwärtsdelle wo man kaufen könnte.

    Wahrscheinlich laufen auch Insiderkäufe.

    Ich selber bin komfortabel im Plus und erwarte noch mehr !

    gute Trade HS

    (der Virus bei mir ist nun offenbar weg ?)

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    weitere erfreuliche Nachrichten und Weiterentwicklung des Geschäftes, siehe auch schönes Volumen !!!

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    Volumen Schlusskurs Eröffnungskurs Letzter

    1'364'562 1.34 1.38 1.44 CAD

    955528 Alberta Ltd.:

    955528 Alberta Ltd. (“955528”) is a privately owned exploration company set up to acquire interests in mining properties through options, acquisition and exploration. 955528 acquired an option from Teck Cominco Limited (“Teck Cominco”), pursuant to an Option Agreement dated January 1, 2002 and related underlying agreements, to acquire a maximum of 93.4%, consisting of a direct (70%) and a indirect (23.4%), interest in the Schaft Creek porphyry copper property in B.C. by incurring expenditures of $5 million prior to December 31, 2006, aggregate expenditures of $15 million prior to December 31, 2011 and completing a positive feasibility study on the property (provided that if the positive feasibility study is complete prior to incurring the $15 2 million in expenditures the interest will have been earned without further required expenditures). The property would then be subject to a “back in” provision allowing Teck Cominco the right to buy back up to 75% of 955528’s position in the project and if Teck Cominco does not exercise its back-in right, or 955528 terminates its rights to earn the indirect holding, Tech Cominco shall receive either a 1% royalty or $1 million in shares of the public company to which the Agreement has been assigned, at Teck Cominco’s election. If Teck Cominco wishes to exercise its back-in it may earn a 20% interest by matching 955528\'s expenditures, a 40% interest by incurring three times expenditures, or a 75% interest by incurring four times expenditures and arranging all production financing. 955528 is a non-arm\'s length party to the Corporation. Messrs. Salazar, Agar and Smith, directors and officers of the Corporation are also directors and officers of 955528, and collectively beneficially own 35.8% of the issued and outstanding common shares of 955528. The balance of the share capital of 955528 is beneficially owned by 32 shareholders who are arm\'s length parties to the Corporation

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    Kurs +10% bei über 500k Volumen !!!!!!!!

    übrigens auf Stockhouse eine Berechnung gefunden

    wenn nur die Hälfte stimmt, ists ja suuuuper

    übrigens auch Taipan stellt die steigenden

    "TFN Sector Alert - 3/15/07

    Copper hits three-month high. Nickel, tin, lead all running "

    The often-quoted valuation method of the late Julius Baring is, “buy up to 10% of the value of in-situ reserves using current metal prices”. Here is my attempt at a valuation of CUU share price using todays prices and the reserves quoted on the CUU website (caveat – this is done under the knowledge that the stated amounts are not N43-101 compliant)

    Element Amount unit Price/unit Total USD

    Gold 8,600,000 Ozs 646.5 5,559,900,000

    Copper 9,150,000,000 Lbs 2.93 26,809,500,000

    Molyb 620,000,000 Lbs 30.25 18,755,000,000

    Silver 82,400,000 Ozs 12.89 1,062,136,000

    TOTAL value in Situ reserves 52,186,536,000

    Julius Baring 10% valuation of Schaaft Creek in situ reserves (not N43-101 comp) =5,218,653,600

    CUU best portion value at 93.4% ownership = 4,874,222,462

    CUU worst portion value at 23.4% (if Teck exercises full back-in rights) =1,221,164,942

    If we get an N43-101 report agreeing with these reserve figures then the share price should be as follows:

    CUU best portion value is 93.4% = $4,874,222,462

    Per share (FD 76.8 million shares)= $63

    CUU worst portion value is 23.4% if Teck exercises full back-in rights =$1,221,164,942

    Per share = $15.9 :D :D :D :D

    (Note. In C$ share price would equal 73.71 and 18.60 respectively).

    Interesting figures, lets hope they materialise.

    I am interested in finding different methods of valuing mining stocks if someone has suggestions for a better method or criticisms of this method please share them.



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    Avg Vol (3m): 488,685


    CALGARY, March 5 /CNW/ - Copper Fox Metals Inc. ("Copper Fox" or the "Company") (TSX-Venture - CUU) is pleased to announce that the Geology Report for the 2006 season is expected to be completed in the coming week and the updated report on the Resource Calculation of the Schaft Creek Mineral Deposit will follow shortly thereafter. Upon completion both reports will be disseminated in a News Release and filed on as well as the Company's web site

    About Copper Fox

    Copper Fox is a Canadian based Junior Natural Resource mining company listed on the TSX-Venture exchange trading under the symbol (CUU). The Company is working toward the economic development of the world class copper-gold-molybdenum mineral deposit located at Schaft Creek situated in north west British Columbia, Canada. The Company holds an option agreement with Teck Cominco Limited to acquire up to a 93.4% direct and indirect interest in the Schaft Creek property.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors

    Guillermo Salazar S

    President & CEO

    The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed the contents of this news

    release and accepts no responsibility for the adequacy or the accuracy


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    auch heute läufts rund !!!!

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    26-03-2007 12:49:49 (18:49:49 CET) 0.12 (8.28%) :D

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    Vol. Geld Vol. Brief Geldkurs Briefkurs

    204'000 3'000 1.55 1.57

    52 Wochen Hoch 52 Wochen Tief Tages Hoch Tages Tief

    1.48 0.36 1.59 1.45

  • neuster Berich vom Fox

    nun müssen neue Ressourcenschätzungen erstellt werden

    Title: Copper Fox releases its "Field Geological Report" for the 2006 season


    Calgary, March 25, 2006. Copper Fox Metals Inc ("Copper Fox" or the "Company")(CUU- TSX-V) is pleased to announce the release of its National Instrument 43-101 compliant "Field Geological Report" for the 2006 season, authored by Sheena Ewanchuk, Dr. Peter Fischer and Walter Hanych, now available at and from the Companys' website .

    "This report presents a new geological model for the Schaft Creek mineral deposit and enhances the possible expansion of the resources deeper than presently known. The company is grateful to the authors for a job very well done", says Guillermo Salazar, President and CEO.

    Excerpts from the report follow:

    "Geologically the Schaft Creek deposit is situated within the Triassic Stuhini volcanics, in faulted contact with the Stikine Assemblage. It is located at the eastern contact of a large, late-Triassic, felsic batholith, the Hickman. Regional faulting is intense throughout the deposit. The property geology is dominated by andesitic volcanics, including flows, volcanoclastics, tuffs and in the northern portion of the deposit, granodiorite of the Hickman batholith. These lithologies are cut by relatively narrow felsic intrusive porphyry dykes."

    "The deposit is classified as a porphyry copper deposit. This large, low grade deposit is intrusive related, exhibiting intrusive and hydrothermal breccia zones. An extensive stockwork mineralization exists, formed by a shallowly emplaced magma chamber of intermediate composition."

    "Copper-molybdenum-gold-silver mineralization at Schaft Creek is divided into three zones: the Liard Main Zone, the West Breccia Zone and the Paramount Zone. Currently, the defined dimensions of the three zones are: Liard 1,000 x 700 x 300-meters; West Breccia 500 x 100 x 300-meters; Paramount 700 x 200 x 500-meters. Combined, these zones have a length exceeding 1,400-meters, a width of 200 to 700-meters and a depth of 300 to 500¬meters."

    "Stockwork and veins are the principal ore bearing features in the Liard Main Zone. Whereas, in the West Breccia and Paramount Zones, complex igneous and hydrothermal breccia mineralization predominates as the ore type, with various emphasis of either igneous or hydrothermal features. Chalcopyrite, pyrite, bornite and molybdenite are almost exclusively the ore minerals in all three zones in order of relative abundance, with variations of their relative abundances within each zone."

    "As is expected from a vein/stockwork dominated deposit, metal profiles in fixed 3.05 m sample intervals, show strong spikes, with overall consistent trends. The scatter grams of Cu vs. Ag and Au vs. Ag both show varieties in patterns from hole to hole, with an overall moderate to good correlation. The scatter-grams of Cu vs Au for each hole show a wide variation between holes; including random scatter, good correlation and, most commonly, a poor, scattered trend. This is interpreted as indicating a complex, multistage geological history, metal fractionation and succession of veins and hydrothermal events. Cu vs Mo scatter grams also show a variety of patterns, most commonly a poor correlation but not entirely random. This suggests that at least two populations exist."

    "An evolving, very incomplete, geological model suggests a multi phase, magmatic-hydrothermal history related to one or several apophyses stemming from a Hickman batholith linked cupola. The Paramount Zone is thought to represent the deepest, hottest level, the Liard Zone the mid level and the West Breccia Zone the shallow level of the epizone."

    "The Schaft Creek property is a world class porphyry deposit, hosting significant grades and tonnages amenable to bulk extraction methods. Supported by the current, prevailing high metal prices, the economics of exploiting this deposit are very favourable. The results of this program were very encouraging, leading to further evaluation of the deposit with a short term goal of arriving at a production decision in the near future."

    "Narrow, discontinuous feldspar porphyry and quartz feldspar porphyry dykes, genetically related to the Hickman batholith, intrude the volcanic package, occupying structural planes of weakness, (Salazar, 1973, Seraphim, 1967). The orientation of the mineralizing structures, originally related to local stress fields, is associated with the emplacement of the batholith. Potassic alteration envelopes are associated with the dykes. Besides the genetic association of the dykes with the Hickman batholith, the batholith is also considered to be the source of the magmatic-hydrothermal fluids, which ultimately formed the mineralized breccias, veins and stockworks of the deposit."

    This new geological model outlines the possibility of expanding the resources at Schaft Creek by projecting the Paramount Zone to extend southwards, below the Liard Zone. "No exploration work for this type of target has even been carried out in the property. However, we intend to keep focused on the development of the known resources" says Guillermo Salazar.

    The Company is awaiting the completion of the following 43-101 compliant reports:

    1) Resource re-calculation to be completed by Associated Geosciences Ltd. of Calgary led by Keith McCandlish the independent QP for the project and Riian Herman.

    2) Revised Pit Optimization plans being prepared by Associated Geosciences Ltd. using the resources as defined in the above report.

    3) Bulk Flotation Testing Reports being prepared by Process Research Associates Ltd. of Vancouver BC under the supervision of the Company's metallurgists and Samuel Engineering Inc. of Denver CO.

    4) A Scoping Study of the deposit being prepared by Samuel Engineering Inc.

    5) An environmental baseline study being prepared by Rescan Environmental Consultants Ltd. of Vancouver BC.

    These reports will be released as soon as they are available to the Company and it has completed its internal review.

    In addition Copper Fox is engaged in ongoing negotiations with the Tahltan Nation to develop the principles of a Memorandum of Understanding to operate in their neighborhood under a relationship of mutual respect and economic gain for all.

    About Copper Fox

    Copper Fox is a Canadian based Junior Natural Resource mining company listed on the TSX-Venture exchange trading under the symbol (CUU). The Company is working toward the economic development of the world class copper-gold-molybdenum mineral deposit located at Schaft Creek situated in North West British Columbia, Canada. The Company holds an option agreement with Teck Cominco Limited to acquire up to a 93.4% direct and indirect interest in the Schaft Creek property.

    For further information on Copper Fox please contact Jason Shepherd, Investor Relations toll free at 1-866-913-1910, Email or contact Guillermo Salazar at 403 264 2820. Please visit the Copper Fox web site at

    On behalf of the Board of Directors

    Guillermo Salazar S

    President & CEO

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    und sie steigen fast alle Tag

    (sie ist noch ungepusht von den Deutschen Briefschreiberlingen)

    CUU.V 12:14PM ET 1.63 Volume 358,425 Up 5.84% :D

    im Weiteren kaufen (übernehmen) die Insider

    Filing Date Transaction Date Insider Name Nature of transaction Securities # or value acquired or disposed of Unit Price

    Apr 19/07 Apr 13/07 Bonifacio, Giulio 50 - Grant of options Options 325,000 $0.700

    Apr 19/07 Apr 13/07 Tanaka, Catherine Anne 50 - Grant of options Options 50,000 $0.700

    Apr 19/07 Sep 29/06 Tanaka, Catherine Anne 00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report Options

    Apr 19/07 Apr 13/07 Ng, Lisa 50 - Grant of options Options 50,000 $0.700

  • Verdoppelung der Reserven bewiesen !

    ich glaubs ja kaum, das kommen good news und trotzdem ein Rückgang um > 10%

    es wird sich um sell on god news handeln, die Aussichten sind noch besser, indem die Reserven mehr als verdoppelt wurden !!

    Copper Fox Metals inc. Expands Schaft Creek Resource Estimate

    CALGARY, May 9, 2007 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX News Network) --

    Highlights include:

    1,058 million tonnes of Measured and Indicated Resource averaging 0.31%

    copper, 0.23g/t gold, 0.02% molybdenum and 1.63g/t silver for an average

    of 0.34% copper equivalent, using a 0.20% copper equivalent cutoff(1).

    - Measured and Indicated Resources increased by: +8% copper :D , +30% gold :D ,

    (-7%) molybdenum :cry: , (-7%) silver :cry: .

    - Measured and Indicated Resources above a 0% cut-off show an increase

    in contained metal of more than two times compared to those reported
    by Giroux and Ostensoe in 2004 - Summer Season to commence late May 2007 includes a 15,000 meter drill

    program and geotechnical work for mine site planning and design

    CALGARY, May 9 /CNW/ - Guillermo Salazar S President and CEO of Copper Fox

    Metals Inc. ("Copper Fox" or the "Company") (TSX-V-CUU) is pleased to announce

    Copper Fox has significantly increased the Measured, Indicated and Inferred

    Resource estimates at its Schaft Creek copper-gold-molybdenum-silver project

    located in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Based on 12,000 meters of

    drilling in the 2005 and 2006 seasons to confirm the historical data base and

    development of a new geological model for the mineral deposit, a new resource

    estimate has been prepared by the Company's independent consultant, Associated

    Geosciences Ltd. (AGL) of Calgary.

    "This new resource estimate shows the significant expansion potential of

    the world-class Schaft Creek mineral deposit. The geological model shows the

    mineral deposit to be open both to the north and east and at depth," says

    President and CEO Mr. Guillermo Salazar. "Copper Fox will place priority on

    mine planning and development during the 2007 season but will allocate a

    portion of its budget for further development of the resource potential".

    Schaft Creek 43-101 Compliant Resource Estimate


    A new resource estimate for the Schaft Creek mineral deposit was prepared by Associated Geosciences Ltd, using the SURPAC-Gemcom Vision(R) application, with the cooperation of Walter Hanych, Peter Fischer and Sheena Ewanchuk and reviewed by Copper Fox. The Company shall announce the filing of the resource report supporting this work on SEDAR immediately after it is done.

    Above a 0% cut-off grade the Measured and Indicated resource estimate is 3.68 billion tonnes grading 0.14% copper, 0.010% molybdenum, 0.11 g/t gold and 1.57g/t silver containing and contains 11.39 billion pounds of copper, 14 million ounces of gold, 772 million pounds of molybdenum and 197.9 million ounces of silver. This reflects an increase in contained metal at Schaft Creek of more than two times those reported by Giroux and Ostensoe (2004), both of which represent the same quality 43-101 compliant resources. As previously reported, the material positive change in the gold grade is also reflected in these resources. 1,058 million tonnes of Measured and Indicated Resource averaging 0.31% copper, 0.23g/t gold, 0.02 % molybdenum, and 1.63g/t silver for an average of 0.34% copper equivalent, using a 0.20% copper equivalent cutoff.

    Table 1: Copper Fox Metals Inc - 2007 Resources


    cutoff Tonnes Cu Mo Au Ag Cu Eq

    CuEq millions % % g/t g/t %

    % (1)


    Measured 0.000 670 0.23 0.01 0.18 1.67 0.29

    Indicated 0.000 3,013 0.12 0.01 0.10 1.55 0.16

    M & I 0.000 3,683 0.14 0.01 0.11 1.57 0.19

    Inferred 0.000 1,217 0.08 0.01 0.07 1.48 0.12



    Measured 0.150 519 0.28 0.02 0.21 1.64 0.34

    Indicated 0.150 1,285 0.19 0.01 0.15 1.59 0.24

    M & I 0.150 1,803 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.27

    Inferred 0.150 311 0.12 0.01 0.10 1.46 0.18



    Measured 0.200 440 0.31 0.02 0.23 1.51 0.37

    Indicated 0.200 618 0.26 0.02 0.20 1.54 0.32

    M & I 0.200 1,058 0.31 0.02 0.23 1.63 0.34

    Inferred 0.200 41 0.18 0.02 0.13 1.63 0.23



    Measured 0.250 389 0.32 0.02 0.25 1.48 0.39

    Indicated 0.250 380 0.31 0.02 0.25 1.34 0.39

    M & I 0.250 768 0.35 0.02 0.25 1.41 0.39

    Inferred 0.250 5 0.37 0.02 0.16 1.07 0.32



    Measured 0.300 318 0.34 0.02 0.27 1.52 0.42

    Indicated 0.300 278 0.33 0.03 0.29 1.28 0.43

    M & I 0.300 596 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.42

    Inferred 0.300 3 0.50 0.03 0.18 0.10 0.37



    Measured 0.350 232 0.35 0.02 0.30 1.62 0.45

    Indicated 0.350 200 0.35 0.03 0.33 1.23 0.47

    M & I 0.350 432 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.46

    Inferred 0.350 200 0.35 0.03 0.33 1.23 0.47



    cutoff Cu Mo Au Ag

    CuEq Pounds Pounds Troy Ounces Troy Ounces

    % millions millions millions millions


    Measured 0.000 3,429 208 4.1 38.4

    Indicated 0.000 7,964 564 10.0 159.5

    M & I 0.000 11,393 772 14.0 197.9

    Inferred 0.000 2,062 166 2.8 61.6



    Measured 0.150 3,205 197 3.8 29.2

    Indicated 0.150 5,343 402 6.5 69.8

    M & I 0.150 8,547 599 10.3 99.0

    Inferred 0.150 817 82 1.1 15.5



    Measured 0.200 2,997 185 3.5 22.8

    Indicated 0.200 3,578 270 4.2 32.6

    M & I 0.200 6,575 455 7.8 55.3

    Inferred 0.200 162 16 0.2 2.3



    Measured 0.250 2,782 170 3.3 19.7

    Indicated 0.250 2,580 202 3.2 17.4

    M & I 0.250 5,363 372 6.6 37.1

    Inferred 0.250 43 2 0.0 0.2



    Measured 0.300 2,379 145 2.9 16.6

    Indicated 0.300 2,020 161 2.7 12.2

    M & I 0.300 4,398 307 5.7 28.8

    Inferred 0.300 32 2 0.0 0.0



    Measured 0.350 1,786 109 2.4 12.9

    Indicated 0.350 1,522 120 2.2 8.5

    M & I 0.350 3,309 229 4.6 21.3

    Inferred 0.350 1,522 120 2.2 8.5



    The updated Inferred Resources at a 0% cut-off, now totaling 1.2 billion tonnes averaging 0.08% copper, 0.006% molybdenum, 0.07 g/t gold and 1.48 g/t silver do not include upside that could be added when the Company confirms the geological potential identified by its geological team this last season. The Inferred Resources are unconstrained geologically due to the open nature of the mineralization.

    The updated resource estimate is based on a 3-D geologic, mineralization and alteration model that integrated all exploration work on the project, including 279 holes and 75,415.6 meters drilled in the property. Block model metal grades were estimated with 15 meter-long drill hole composites using ordinary Kriging methods. High-grade outlier values were capped prior to compositing based on a review of probability statistics and plots.

    The 2005 and 2006 drilling and sampling protocol campaigns were carried out under the guidance of Keith McCandlish, P.Geol., an Independent Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 ("NI 43-101"). The field operations were managed and supervised by Walter Hanych and Dr. Peter Fischer. The rigorous quality control and quality assurance protocol used on the project, including blank and reference samples with every 40 sample batch of assays, was under the guidance of Daniel A. Beauchamp, M.B.A., P. Geol., also a Qualified Person as defined in NI 43-101. Copper Fox drill samples were diamond sawed in the field before shipping them to IPL Labs in Vancouver for assaying. Gold and silver fire assays were in two assay ton weights rather than the standard one assay ton. Copper and molybdenum assaying was by standard multi-element Induced Coupled Plasma ("ICP") assay techniques. The resource estimate was completed by Riian Herman under the supervision of Keith McCandlish, both Qualified Persons under NI 43-101. The Geological Model is the work of Walter Hanych, Dr. Peter Fischer and Sheena Ewanchuk under the supervision of Guillermo Salazar.

    About the Schaft Creek Project

    Located in northwestern B.C., Schaft Creek is one of the largest undeveloped copper-gold-molybdenum-silver projects in the world. At present, Copper Fox envisions developing the Schaft Creek property as an open-pit mine at a minimum mill capacity of 65,000 tonnes/day processing rate over a minimum mine life of 15 year. Management anticipates the project could create up to 1,000 direct jobs during the construction phase and approximately 500 direct jobs during operation.

    In 2006, Copper Fox started conversations with the Tahltan Nation and the Tahltan Central Council. To date the Company has signed the following agreements:

    1. Scholarship for University student

    2. Environmental Assessment procedures and cooperation

    3. Tahltan Nation Development Corporation

    4. Communications Agreement

    Copper Fox supports the Tahltan Nation's principles of environmental

    stewardship, economic sustainability and self-determination.

    Copper Fox officially entered the B.C. Government's Environmental

    Assessment process on August 15th, 2006. Baseline studies are completed and

    discussions to define the needed Terms of Reference to continue its work are

    in progress.

    The 2007 program includes:

    - 15,000 meters of drilling

    - Complete bulk floatation tests

    - Pit optimization plans and schedules

    - Geotechnical and pit slope stability

    - Scoping Study (this summer)

    - Pre-feasibility Study (before year end)


    About Copper Fox

    Copper Fox is a Canadian based Junior Natural Resource mining company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange trading under the symbol CUU. The Company is working toward the economic development of the world class copper-gold-molybdenum mineral deposit located at Schaft Creek situated in north west British Columbia, Canada. The Company is in the process of evaluating the feasibility of developing an open pit mine with a minimum capacity of 65,000 tonnes/day processing rate over a minimum life of 15 years. Copper Fox hold the property pursuant to an option agreement with Teck Cominco Limited whereby Copper Fox may acquire up to a 93.4% direct and indirect interest in the Schaft Creek property.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors

    Guillermo Salazar S

    President & CEO

    (1) For the purpose of copper equivalent calculations the Company has

    used metal prices of US$1.50/lb for copper, US$550.00/oz for gold, US

    $10.00/lb for molybdenum and US$10.00/oz for silver.

    This news release was written by Guillermo Salazar, MSc, P. Geol, and peer reviewed by Keith McCandlish

  • das Warten hat sich gelohnt !!!

    das Warten hat sich gelohnt !!

    CUU TSX-V $1.31 +0.25 +23.58% :D Vol 1,881,260 :D

    Mail direkt von CUU erhalten!!!!

    Re: News Releases - Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    Title: Copper Fox Significantly Increases Resources at Schaft Creek


    July 3, 2007, Calgary, Alberta---Copper Fox Metals (CUU: TSX.V) is pleased to announce the results of the independent National Instrument 43-101 compliant report prepared by Associated Geosciences Ltd. ("AGL") dated June 22, 2007 on the resources for the Schaft Creek deposit located in northwestern British Columbia. The effective date of the AGL report is June 22, 2007.

    Resource Estimates:

    The Measured and Indicated resource at Schaft Creek has increased to 1.393 billion tonnes averaging 0.25% copper (7.7 billion pounds), 0.18 gpt gold (8.1 million ounces), 0.019% molybdenum (584 million pounds) and 1.55 gpt silver (69.4 million ounces) at a 0.20% copper equivalent ("CuEq") cutoff. This represents a 41% increase (402.2 million tonnes) in Measured and Indicated resources and increases of 27% copper, 33% gold, 48% molybdenum and 23% silver in contained metals over that reported in the Giroux and Ostensoe report of 2004. Table 1 shows a 0.2 % CuEq cutoff and a 0.55% CuEq cutoff. The 0.2% CuEq is the base case and the 0.55% CuEq indicates that a significant volume of higher-grade mineralization occurs in the deposit.

    The resource estimates have been re-stated from those previously announced in our News Release dated May 9, 2007 following the identification of a material error in the CuEq formula used for the resource estimate. (See and ). "The overall tonnes and grades for all mineral resource categories have not changed. However, based on the amended CuEq formula above a 0.20% CuEq, there has been significant change in the tonnes and grades based on CuEq. This has resulted in a material increase in the tonnage at any particular CuEq cut-off and positively affected the CuEq grades", says Mr. Salazar.

    Table 1: Re-Stated Resource Estimate Details

  • Nachberechnung der Lagerstätte

    wir steigen weiter, siehe live chart unten

    Erneute Präzisierung der Minenausmasse, Ausbeutungsdauer 35 Jahre :D :D

    Copper Fox Updates 2007 Schaft Creek Work Program

    CALGARY, Jul 10, 2007 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX News Network) --

    Copper Fox Metals Inc. ("Copper Fox" or the "Company") (TSX-V:CUU) is pleased to provide an update on the Schaft Creek project. On July 3, 2007, Copper Fox issued a News Release detailing significantly increased resources at Schaft Creek. This up-dated resource presents the possibility for a much larger operation than previously contemplated for the Schaft Creek mineral deposit.

    Table - 2 of the July 3, 2007 News Release reports - for the first time - the presence of a higher grade resource (208.9 million tonnes grading 0.42% Cu, 0.34 g/t Au, 0.031% Mo and 1.52 g/t Ag with a conservative and recoverable- CuEq of 0.66%).

    The Measured and Indicated resources at a cutoff of 0.20% copper equivalent ("CuEq") are estimated to be 1.393 billion tonnes averaging 0.25% copper (7.7 billion pounds), 0.18 gpt gold (8.1 million ounces), 0.019% molybdenum (584 million pounds) and 1.55 gpt silver (69.4 million ounces) for an average 0.39% copper equivalent ("CuEq").

    "A mine life of more than 35 years at a daily mill rate of 100,000 tonnes is very much a possibility and will be included in our Scoping Study," says Guillermo Salazar, President and CEO of Copper Fox. "The continuity and mineability of this higher grade resource will be considered as part of a proposed early pit and mill operating complex when we complete the Pit Optimization and Scoping Studies now in progress," continues Mr. Salazar. "Completion of the Scoping Study is a very significant part of Copper Fox's plans for the development of Schaft Creek and is scheduled for the late summer/fall of 2007.

    "Exploration planned for this summer will include Induced Polarization and Resistivity surveys over the known deposits and their extensions to the north and east. The purpose of these surveys is to get the geophysical fingerprint of the deposits and to test the new geological model, which suggests the deposits as being open to the north, east and to depth. Anomalies defined by these surveys will be drill tested this year, especially in the Mt. LaCasse ridge." Overall a project budget of 17.6 million dollars has been approved by the Board of Directors for 2007.

    Conference Call: Copper Fox Metals will be conducting a conference call on Wednesday July 11, 2007 at 4:30PM Eastern Time (1:30 PM PST).

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  • heute nach Börsenschluss

    hoffentlich was Gutes ! :?: :?: :idea:

    (perönlich vermute ich, dass die grossen News eigentlich draussen sind)

    Copper Fox Announces Conference Call on July 11, 2007 at 4:30 EST

    CALGARY, Jul 11, 2007 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX News Network) --

    Copper Fox Metals Inc. ("Copper Fox" or the "Company") (TSX-V:CUU) will be conducting a conference call Wednesday July 11, 2007 at 4:30 PM Eastern Time (1:30 PM PST) to discuss the recently revised resource calculation and 2007 Schaft Creek Work program.

    Conference Call: Wednesday July 11, 2007 at 4:30 PM Eastern Time

    (1:30 PM Pacific)

    To listen & watch this session with questions from conference call

    participants login to:

    If you would prefer to Dial-In to listen to this event please call:

    Local/International: 416-849-9626

    North American Toll-Free: 1-866-585-6398

  • ein Neustart könnte angezeigt sein !!


    Posted By: Hydrocarbon

    Post Time: 1/4/2008 15:48

    Just the release of the long awaited Scoping Study which in my view is the beginning of the end of the CUU story. Once the economics of the deposit become obvious, people will begin to understand the true value of the mountain, and I do mean mountain, of copper that's up Schaft Creek.

    Blackbart, you'll probably have to wait 16 or 18 months for your 10 :D bucks a share. Hope you won't mind taking it in Teck stock.


    the optimist,



    Veröffentlicht von Eugen Weinberg am 04.01.2008 um 11:08 Uhr

    Rohstoffe profitieren vom steigenden Anlegerinteresse

    Der Anstieg der Rohstoffe zu Jahresbeginn ist unter anderem auf starke Mittelzuflüsse in den Rohstoffsektor zurückzuführen. Rohstoff-Derivate und Rohstoff- und Rohstoffaktienfonds dürften vermehrt von institutionellen und privaten Investoren nachgefragt werden. Das stark steigende Interesse führen wir vor allem auf die Implementierung von bereits im Vorjahr erfolgten Allokationsentscheidungen institutioneller Anleger zurück, die einen höheren Anteil an Rohstoff-Investments in den Portfolios für dieses Jahr vorsehen.

  • heute mal wieder rein !

    nach dem Ausstieg mit 3/4 der Position bei 1.46 !! :D

    habe ich heute den Rest erheblich verbilligt.

    (Achtung ist ein Explorer, man weis nie !)

    Government's Support for British Columbia Northwest Power Transmission LinePress Release

    Source: Copper Fox Metals Inc.

    On Thursday September 17, 2009, 8:00 am EDT

    Buzz up! 0 Print.VANCOUVER, Sept. 17 /CNW/ - Copper Fox Metals (TSX-CUU) applauds the Federal Government's decision to invest up to C$130 million in the construction of the Northwest Power Transmission Line along the Highway 37 corridor in northwest British Columbia.

    "This is encouraging news for Copper Fox Metals. The construction of the power line provides critical infrastructure important for the development of the Shaft Creek project and is integral in realizing Shaft Creek's full potential," says Elmer Stewart, president and CEO of Copper Fox Metals.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the Federal commitment while meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington today. The transmission line will deliver greener power to Northwest British Columbia and has the potential to attract $15 billion in investment and create 10,500 new jobs, generating $300 million in annual revenues to governments.

    Copper Fox also thanks the British Columbia government for their leadership in pursuing the federal government support. In September 2009, Premier Gordon Campbell and the Province of British Columbia invested $10 million to restart the environmental assessment process - the first step towards building the Northwest Transmission Line - and in the recent Throne Speech's committed to build the new transmission line along Highway 37. The new 287-kilovolt line will extend 335 km from Terrace to Meziadin Junction and north to Bob Quinn Lake, providing access to the electricity grid for customers while supporting the economic development of the area.