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  • Xers

    Dear $XERS friends, after my sale on December 31 last year, I decided to buy Xeris again today at 1.82.

    For the following reasons: a top 10 pharma could announce at any time the exercise of the option to develop a product via Xeriject, encouraging (but not incredible) Gvoke scripts in the last few weeks, Levo Ph1-results coming soon, Q3 results soon, with certainly an acceleration of Recorlev sales, no capital increase in sight.

    Now long with TFFP (60%) und XERS (40%)

    @Pee, ich schaue heute Abend oder morgen.

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    @ Jiroen

    Ich konnte es soeben nicht widerstehen und für 1.16 $ eine erste Position gekauft. Der Aktienkurs scheint ziemlich unter Druck zu sein. Das Handelsvolumen lag gestern über 46 Mio Stk. Markt sieht die präsentierte Daten anscheinend nicht so gut und erwartet wahrscheinlich eine KE. Bin gespannt auf deine Rückmeldung.

    Sorry pee198, ich finde Spectrum viel zu komplex, um nach einer Mini-Analyse meine Meinung zu äussern. Es würde mehrere Stunden dauern, um alle Herausforderungen und die aktuelle Finanzlage besser zu verstehen. Ich schicke dir aber einen Artikel von See*ing Al**a in privater Nachricht. Der Artikel ist ziemlich neu (21. August)

  • Re: Jiroen

    Vielen Dank für die Analyse; sehr help- & useful.

    Wie vermutet:

    "The stock is not that expensive on a price to forward sales basis if one believes the company can achieve $100 million in projected sales in 2023. Given the events of the past year, an investor has more than enough cause to be at least skeptical. In addition, both ROLONTIS and Poziotinib are not wholly owned, but licensed from Hanmi. The company is also very likely to execute a substantial capital raise in the near future to fund the launch of hopefully two newly approved products. Therefore, it feels like discretion is the best part of valor here, until the company can produce a series of positive milestones over the next few quarters and once Spectrum's funding needs have also been addressed."

    NO INVESTMENT ADVICE. My comments do not offer any investment advice and you should not construe them as advice.

  • NLSP

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    Vorbörslich Gewinn von Gestern wieder weg...


    Ist jemand dabei bei NLSP?

    Kurs hat sich stark erholt. Auch Gestern im Plus geschlossen, trotz dem tiefroten allgemeinen Markt.

    The Swiss biotech company NLS Pharmaceuticals is gaining momentum in the stock market today. It has been a point of interest since late July when it announced the Japanese Patent Office granted a patent for its mazindol extended-release medication. Commercially known as Quilience, the product candidate is indicated in ADHD, narcolepsy, and idiopathic hypersomnia.

    The patent added to an already robust basket of IP, including other key patents in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and South Korea. Considering that plans are to report final results from a Phase 2a narcolepsy trial for Quilience late next month, speculation may have already begun building. Oversight bodies, including the European Medicines Agency Committee for Orphan Medical Products, recently issued a positive opinion to grant Orphan Drug Designation for Quilience. It also has an orphan designation in the U.S. for treating narcolepsy.

    In light of this upcoming catalyst and having a float below 15 million shares, NLSP has fit the mold of what some traders are focusing on in the stock market this week. Furthermore, from a basic technical perspective, the penny stock has broken and held above the 50-day moving average for the first time since April. We’ll see how this trend holds up toward the month’s end.…to-watch-this-week-2/?amp

  • PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PHAS)

    0.2800-0.4800 (-63.1579%)

    mit erheblichen Volumen krass im Minus.

    Kurs vor 1J bei ~2.8 Edit: 52W high 4.1000

    finde aber keine News dazu?

    1.693MAvg 145,910
  • Hoi Jiroen

    Vielen Dank für den Link.

    War natürlich auch auf der PhaseBio seite, aber dort aber nur unter Press Releases geschaut.

    Kannst du mir evt noch erklären, was hier mit "Going Concern Cure Period" gemeint ist?

    Heute ja nochmals -30%. Das Produkt ist ja nicht so viel schlechter, als vor 1Jahr.

    Vielen Dank


  • Hallo zäme

    Seeking Alpha spricht heute strong buy aus. Was meint ihr? Mit einer Position bin ich drin.

    Soligenix Inc. / SNGX

    A Biotech Bargain Ready To File For Approval In Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma

    Oct. 05, 2022 9:40 AM ETSoligenix, Inc. (SNGX)

    E. Roudasev


    Soligenix is an underfollowed biotech company trading at a $20 million market cap.The company is about to file an NDA for HyBryte, which I expect to become a first-in-class treatment in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.The company’s heat-stable vaccine development program has shown success against ricin, Marburgvirus, ebolavirus and Covid infections. some of the biggest biowarfare and viral threats in the world.The company is a very strong buy for me given HyBryte’s room for commercial growth, and the market’s complete underappreciation of its public health platform.


    Soligenix (NASDAQ:SNGX) is an underfollowed small biotech company with two business segments. The first business segment essentially develops drug candidate HyBryte or synthetic hypericin for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, psoriasis and possibly other indications. The second business segment develops vaccines for some of the world’s top-listed pandemic, outbreak and biowarfare threats. The company had last been covered on Seeking Alpha in October 2020 and seems to be very much under-the-radar.

    The Phase 3 trial for HyBryte in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma showed a statistically significant treatment response after 6 weeks, with deepening responses over 12 and 18 weeks of treatment. In case of approval, HyBryte would fill an unmet medical need as a potential first-line treatment. I see a very large divergence between its current market price and its growth and revenue potential upon approval in the US and beyond. The company itself estimates its peak sales for the US alone at $90 million, and I believe that estimates are actually fairly moderate in view of the size of the total addressable market and sales of earlier treatments. A moderate 6x sales multiple for the US alone, merely for HyBryte, holds the potential of a +$500 million valuation in the years to come.

    The company’s second segment, funded so far by government grants and contracts in a non-dilutive manner, is built around ThermoVax, a platform for the development of up to 40° C. heat-stable vaccines. There are obvious advantages related to the making of such vaccines, and this did not go unnoticed by the government and defense authorities, which basically funded this segment up to this point. The vaccine candidates in development comprise a ricin toxin vaccine, a Marburg and Ebola filovirus vaccine, and a Covid-19 vaccine. All three vaccine candidates in development have at this point generated strong and consistent results in four indications. They are all top-listed biowarfare threats and drug candidates for a future possible outbreak.

    The company had about $20 million in cash at the end of the last quarter, with a low cash burn and seemingly constant public funding. There appears to be quite some room for growth with approval and commercialization starting in the next years.

    NO INVESTMENT ADVICE. My comments do not offer any investment advice and you should not construe them as advice.

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  • jiroen hat am 16.08.2022 07:53 geschrieben:

    Habe den Betrag in Desert Mountain Energy Corp. (DME.V) bei 2.85 angelegt, mal schauen wie der Vergleich dann in 1-2 Monaten aussieht. Dann sollten sie mit der Heliumproduktion beginnen und jeden Tag Cash generieren.

    Hat sich verzögert aber jetzt sollte es in den nächsten paar Wochen starten, ist mittlerweile meine Hauptposition bei den Einzelaktien. Bin nun schon richtig schön im Plus ;)

    Weil ich hoffentlich Glücklicher in der Zwischenzeit bei 1.9 nochmals kräftig nachgekauft habe