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  • 2013

    ADB Group reports its full-year 2013 results •Revenue reaching US$ 373.5 million •EBITDA at US$ 26.0 million or 7.0% of revenue •EBIT at US$ (5.8) million, after goodwill impairment and reorganisation charges •Adjusted EBIT at US$ 5.3 million or 1.4% of revenue •Net cash increased to US$ 31.4 million Geneva – 13 February 2014 Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings SA (SIX: ADBN) reported today its unaudited consolidated financial results for the full-year 2013. The year 2013 revenue reached US$ 373.5 million, representing a decrease of 17.3% from the US$ 451.6 million recorded in the same period of the last year. For the first time in the history of the company, the revenue from the second half of the year was smaller than from the first half. The main reason for the decline is the contingent slow-down of sales in certain of the Group’s ‘traditional’ business areas, i.e. broadcast and broadband home equipment, during the second half of 2013. This was the result of certain key customer’s excessive inventory build-up, pushing planned equipment purchases forward, and is expected to be temporary in nature. It needs to be noted that the Group has not lost any customers. Gross profit amounted to US$ 108.7 million, or 29.1% of revenue. The gross margin improved from the 28.3% level during the first half 2013 due to larger contribution from the software and services. Compared to the prior year, the total gross profit decreased from US$ 133.8 million in 2012 by 18.7%, following the decline in revenue. The 2013 research and development expenses were US$ 61.5 million, decreasing 7.3% from last year’s US$ 66.4 million. The Group has successfully streamlined its product development costs, which is expected to continue. The SG&A expenses, excluding reorganisation charges, declined by 13.3% compared to last year, reaching US$ 44.1 million and reflecting the operating cost savings gained from the overhead efficiencies. In the second half of 2013, the Group recorded a goodwill impairment charge of US$ 9.4 million, and reorganization expenses worth in aggregate US$ 1.7 million. The non-cash goodwill impairment charge refers to the acquisition of Vidiom Systems Inc., which was concluded in year 2006. The Adjusted Earnings Before Interest and Tax (Adjusted EBIT), computed before reorganization and goodwill impairment charges, was US$ 5.3 million or 1.4% of revenue, while the EBIT amounted to a negative US$ 5.8 million, compared to a positive EBIT of US$13.6 million in 2012. Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) amounted to US$ 26.0 million or 7.0% of revenue in year 2013, compared to US$ 40.9 million or 9.0% of revenue for the year 2012. Other income of US$ 4.9 million includes US$ 3.5 million worth of refunds received from customs offices of the European Union and concerning import duties paid more than three years ago. At the end of the year 2013, the Group posted a loss of US$ 7.9 million, compared to a profit of US$ 8.5 million for the year 2012. Loss per share (EPS) was US$ 1.55, compared to a profit per share of US$ 1.64 a year before. At the end of December 2013, the Group closed the year with a net cash position of US$ 31.4 million. This represents an increase of US$ 7.9 million compared to US$ 23.5 million at the end of year 2012. The total cash, time deposits and treasury investments amounted to US$ 48.6 million at the end of December 2013. At present, the Board of Directors decided not to recommend a dividend distribution to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, which will be held on 20 June 2014. Mr. Andrew Rybicki, Group Chairman, commented: “This has been an unusual year for us. We had never seen the second half of the year to be slower than the first half. The organization reacted quickly, and despite the magnitude of this change we remained afloat, with a slightly positive EBIT before reorganization and impairment charges. No doubt there will be further challenges on the road, but it is good to see that our staff is prepared to embrace them.” Mr. Peter Balchin, Chief Executive Officer of ADB Group added: “We started several initiatives in the company in the third quarter to streamline the organization and improve efficiency. Some of the results can already be seen, further ones will be seen over time. I have been impressed by the quality of the staff and products, and I remain convinced that the strategy and actions we are taking will move us forward successfully.” Consistent with the policy adopted in 2012, the company has decided not to issue guidance for the year 2014. Business overview General trends The worldwide media consumption is evolving rapidly. The average households are increasing the amount of screens at home – the number is forecast to be eight per household by 2015. Also, more and more television screens are connected to internet. Three years ago, less than a third of people who owned a smart TV actually connected it to the internet. Today, the number is already two thirds1. Moreover, as both fixed and mobile broadband continue to evolve in speed and capacity, the content distribution possibilities expand. The increased use of tablet devices for media consumption offers the subscribers a possibility for multiple screens, and thus tailor-made user experience. Perhaps surprisingly, this has meant an increase in the demand of enabling devices (such as set-top boxes, broadband access devices and the like). The set-top box market shipment levels remain high – 220 million units in 2013. The pay-TV providers are also upgrading to integrate IP services with broadcast content and on-demand functionality, using recommendation engines and advanced user interfaces. The pay-TV operators’ subscriber numbers and revenue grew in 2013 worldwide, but not equally everywhere. Europe saw a slight decline in terms of revenue whereas the rest of the word enjoyed moderate growth of 0.9%2, reflecting the overall economic landscape. The net subscriber numbers however increased 7.9% by end of Q3 2013, reflecting the consumers’ desire for professionally designed services. It appears that the much-advertised “cord-cutting” phenomenon has been more a question of reacting to economic downturn, rather than an overall trend. However, what is inevitably clear from the market figures is that the pressure on ARPU from the operators’ side has a big impact on the technology providers. The ability to be cost- and time- efficient is key to success. Strategically, the ADB Group is well-positioned. The company’s software and service capabilities include some of the most sophisticated user interfaces in the world. Leveraging on these, building new product ranges that are easily combined to customer friendly solutions, and streamlining operating processes accordingly are the key elements of the strategy going forward. The Group remains confident that this strategic focus will deliver results and restore profitability. Group business during year 2013 Europe continues being the largest platform for the Group business. Total of Europe constituted 93.1% of revenue, where Western Europe contributed 69.4% and Eastern Europe 23.7% to the business. Americas brought 6.5% and Asia Pacific closed to 0.4% of the revenue during the year 2013. During the year 2013, the top ten customers accounted for 79% to the total revenue, which is roughly in line with the 76% of year 2012. The composition of the top ten customers was unchanged, reflecting an overall good satisfaction level enjoyed by our customers. The digital television products and services provided to broadcasting customers accounted for 62% of our revenue during the year 2013. The demand stemmed largely from cable and satellite operators. Products and services to broadband customers accounted for 27% of our overall revenue; the demand came mostly from Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Customer services and systems accounted for 11% of the Group revenue. 1Source : Futuresource Consulting 2Source : Datixis, Q3/2013 Conference call The management of ADB Group will hold a conference call to comment on this press release today at 15.00 CET. Participants shall dial the number +41 (0) 44 580 7718 with pass code “ADB”. This press release and further information on ADB Group can be found on the Group’s the Group website at For further information please contact: Tina Nyfors Investor Relations /Group Communication

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  • ADB: endlich wieder Richtung Norden ?

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    Die Aktie hat sich letztens nicht wahnsinnig viel bewegt, auch wenn die technische Vorschritte in ihrer Produkte jetzt viel besser und klärer beschrieben sind. Neue WebSeite auch, mit ausführlichen Dokumentation. Man spürt schon ein Umdenken mit der Ankunft des neuen CEO vor 1 Jahr.

    Komischerweise ist diese heutige Anmeldung kaum aufgetaucht. Die dürfte doch für eine grössere Visibilität auf dem Markt sorgen:…products-adb-solutions-2/

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    Dazu kommt noch die Wahl für die IBC Awards am 12. September, wo ADB zweimal nominiert ist. Bereiten sie vielleicht gute Nachrichten für ADB vor?

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    ADB presents its new Triple-s products and solutions

    4th September 2014 – Geneva, Switzerland ADB, a leading provider of advanced solutions for the connected home, will be unveiling its Triple-S Software, Systems & ServicesTM strategy, which includes the introduction of a number of new products and solutions. ADB will demonstrate complete solutions that enable both pay-TV operators and broadband providers to connect subscribers with content and services by creating personalised and unified experience across all devices.

    “ADB provides a number of Triple-S products & solutions, incorporating UniphyneTV (ADB’s comprehensive multifunctional middleware environment) and RDK. During the show we will exhibit various innovative products designed for enterprise and consumer benefits, expanding beyond traditional TV services. We want to demonstrate to the market our core competences,” said Corrado Rocca, SVP Global Marketing at ADB.

    The demonstrations at IBC2014 include ADB’s innovative GraphyneTV, renowned CSI Product of the Year in the category Best Content-On-Demand Solution. GraphyneTV is a feature rich client device software suite available to any Service Provider wanting to deliver video and other content to TVs, mobile devices and computers. It can be delivered as a full end-to-end turnkey solution (Graphyne E2E) or standalone, for integration with the Service Provider’s backend solution of choice.

    The smart home is a hot topic these days and the related market is predicted to grow substantially in the coming years. ADB is convinced that smart home services are the opportunity for operators to expand their market, portfolio and revenue streams. That’s why ADB will unveil its Smart Home Suite – a full range of applications for Home Security, Home Automation and Energy Management. ADB Smart Home Suite features a rich catalogue of sensors, different gateway options, a complete Cloud back-end and User-friendly Applications (for PCs and mobile devices). It offers a comprehensive set of functionalities for controlling home services from indoor and outdoor.

    During this show ADB will also present end-to-end cloud hosted solutions – CVS and S2C. ADB CVS (Commercial Video Solution) offers the highest quality TV experience with interactivity for all types of commercial and non-commercial usage including hotels, hospitals & universities. We will also be premiering the S2C (Sky to Cable) system for satellite service providers who want to provide a B2B offer to smaller cable network operators. ADB S2C is a solution that takes the satellite content and packages it up into a secure, branded, managed cable network offering, providing DTH revenues from non-satellite homes. ADB S2C requires no changes to the satellite network and uses secure Pay-TV encryption technology to ensure accurate subscriber counts and payments. In addition, local channel insertion can bring additional offer opportunities to each operators’ bouquet.

    “This year at the IBC, we will show how ADB’s Triple-S Software, Systems and Services formula addresses our customers entire product lifecycle helping to grow the business, retain end-users and improve ROI. ADB will present services for connected homes and connected lives – touching on all aspects of enterprise and consumer solutions. We would like to present our unique Triple-S combination of broadcast and broadband expertise that drives convergence towards a multi-service approach that covers networking, video, hybrid and managed platforms on associated devices. Presented products are a confirmation of our software, systems and services expertise,” said Peter Balchin, CEO at ADB.

    Connected Homes. Connected Lives! Made possible through ADB´s Triple-S solutions!
    See us at IBC 12-16.09.2014, Hall 5, stand B48

    Press Contact: Kasia Sawka. Mobile: +48-601-522-773 Email: