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    Ich habe nichts gefunden über die Präsentation der Halbjahreszahlen. Könnte mir aber vorstellen, dass die Zahlen anlässlch der GV vom 27.06.08 präsentiert werden.. oder zumindest ein Einblick in die Buchhaltung gewährt wird.

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    wohl eher nicht, denn am 27.06.08 ist das halbe jahr ja noch nicht mal fertig. man präsentiert ja die jahreszahlen auch nicht schon im dezember... :) die halbjahreszahlen kommen im august. wann genau steht noch nicht fest.

  • Das ist der Grund für die 3pc plus!!!

    ADB Group signs MoU with top US cable operators

    • ADB Group to be part of the core technology development group for US cable market together with the top US cable operators and industry leaders

    • ADB Group ready for tru2way™ technology with a new product range and US CableLabs® certification already obtained

    Geneva – 09 June 2008

    Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings S.A. (SWX: ADBN) reported today that it had signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding with the top six cable operators in the United States, together with major consumer electronics and information technology companies.

    The Memorandum of Understanding endorses the tru2way™ technology platform developed by CableLabs®, for delivering two-way interactive digital cable services. Companies that have signed the Memorandum of Understanding include Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision, Charter and Bright House Networks from the cable operators' side; ADB Group and Digeo from the set-top makers' side; Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony from the digital television manufacturers' side; and Intel from information technology side. The aforementioned cable operators together represent over 80 percent of all US cable subscribers with some 105 million homes passed.

    Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding is a significant step forward in creating a unified basis, ensuring that consumers who purchase digital cable devices will be able to receive new and innovative interactive cable services. It also enables the broadcasting networks, content owners, cable operators and equipment manufacturers to develop creative interactive services that can be provided directly to cable customers.

    The signatories are also forming a Founders Advisory Board (FAB), composed of representatives of the cable television, content, consumer electronics and information technology industries for advisory input to CableLabs®, in order to develop the tru2way™ platform further.

    ADB Group recently announced that its set-top box affiliate company had introduced a new range of products designed for the US cable market, including a set-back box, for which ADB has already achieved tru2way™ certification from the CableLabs®. The Group's US cable boxes are powered by the OCAP™ middleware solution provided by the Group's software affiliates Osmosys and Vidiom, the latter being also a recognized industry leader in tru2way™ solutions.

    Mr. Francois Pogodalla, the ADB Group Deputy CEO, commented: "We are pleased and honoured to be a recognized part of the US cable market development. This milestone gives further substance to our commitment to create the next generation of interactive digital cable TV together with the leading US cable operators. Open standard technology solutions have always formed a key part of our strategy. We are looking forward to contributing our technology knowledge to the industry and to bringing new tru2way™ based innovations and solutions to the US market."

    This press release and further information about ADB Group can be found on the Group's website at

    About ADB Group (SWX: ADBN)

    ADB Group ( was founded in 1995 and is a leading developer of solutions required to view and interact with digital TV broadcast through cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP networks. The Group primarily sells consumer premise devices, including set-top boxes, with over 10 million units deployed since 1997. The development and sales of the Group's products and services are conducted in two main operating segments: the Digital TV Equipment segment, mainly operated by ADB (, and Software and Services segment, encompassing Osmosys ( and Vidiom Systems (

    This press release contains forward-looking statements. You are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors, among which:

    • future developments of the world digital TV market, in particular the future demand for digital TV products in the key markets and from key customers served by our Group;

    • pricing pressures, competitive market situation;

    • our and the industry's capability to successfully and timely innovate and develop challenging technology, and our capability to hire and retain high-level employees;

    • changes in the exchange rates between the US$ and the main other operating currencies of the Group, including the Euro and the Polish Zloty;

    • our ability in an intensive competitive environment, to continue securing orders from existing or new customers and to achieve our pricing expectations for volume supplies of new products in whose development we have or are currently investing;

    • the ability of our suppliers to meet our demands for supplies, qualitatively or quantitatively, and to offer competitive pricing;

    • our gross margin could vary significantly from expectations based on changes in revenue levels, product mix and pricing, changes in unit costs, and the timing and execution of shipments ramp-ups;

    • changes in the economic, tax, social or political environment, including import and other duties, military conflict, terrorist activities, as well as natural events such as severe weather, health risks, epidemics or earthquakes in the countries in which we, our key customers and our suppliers operate;

    • our ability to obtain required licenses on third-party intellectual property on reasonable terms and conditions, the impact of potential claims by third parties involving intellectual property rights relating to our business, and the outcome of litigation;

    • the results of actions by our competitors, including new product offerings and our ability to react thereto;

    Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings SA undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements. Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings SA reserves the right to amend the information at any time without prior notice.

    The information contained in this press release may not be considered as being a substitute for economic, legal, tax or other advice and you are cautioned to base investment decisions or other decisions on the content of this release. You are recommended to consult your investment advisers or other advisers prior to making any decision.

    This press release is not an offer of securities for sale or a solicitation to invest in Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings SA securities. In particular, it is not an offer of securities for sale in the United States of America, its territories and possessions. Securities may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings S.A. does not intend to register its securities in the United States of America.

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  • Zusammengefasst auf Deutsch

    Advanced Digital, Digeo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Intel und sechs amerikanischen Kabelnetzanbieter unterzeichneten eine verbindliche Absichtserklärung zur Umsetzung der Technologieplattform "tru2way”. Die Kabelnetzbetreiber Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision, Charter und Bright House Networks decken 80% des 105 Mio. Abonnenten umfassenden US-Marktes ab.

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    Weiss jemand wie die GVs sind?

    :arrow: Das Hotel ist ja nicht übel.


    "An der Börse kann man tausend Prozent gewinnen, aber nur hundert Prozent verlieren." Frank Lehmann

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    :arrow: Genau. Genf ist relativ weit von meinem Standort entfernt :? und darum habe ich eine Frage an jene, die schon mal an der GV waren: Lohnt sich der Besuch? wrote:

    2008 General Shareholders Meeting

    Friday, June 27, 2008 10:00 a.m. CET

    Four Seasons Hotel Geneva ****

    "An der Börse kann man tausend Prozent gewinnen, aber nur hundert Prozent verlieren." Frank Lehmann

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    sicherlich. jeder GV besuch lohnt sich. vor allem wenn man a) noch nie an der gv des unternehmens war und b) nicht die möglichkeit hat, das management an einem anderen zeitpunkt während dem jahr zu treffen.

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    ADB and Graybar are Working Together to Bring IPTV Set-Top Boxes and DVRs to the North American Market.

    Geneva, Switzerland and Chicago, USA: Advanced Digital Broadcast, a leading supplier of digital TV systems and software solutions for interactive television announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement with Graybar (, a leading North American distributor of electrical, communications/data and security products and related supply chain management and logistics services. The agreement provides for the distribution of a complete range of IPTV set-top boxes (STBs) and digital video recorders (DVRs) to Independent Operating Companies (IOCs), municipalities and utilities deploying IPTV products and services. This agreement will expand ADB’s current distribution network – the company’s products are currently deployed on over 90+ IOC networks.

    “The agreement will enable us to create a comprehensive distribution presence in North America,” Jim Lomax, Executive Vice President World Wide Sales and Marketing at ADB. “Graybar has a strong heritage in working with service providers, and we believe that the breadth of its established contact base will enable us to further optimize the delivery of products to the North American service provider market. We are delighted to be working with them during this exciting time for the expansion of the IPTV market in North America.”

    ADB has rapidly established itself as one of the leading suppliers of IPTV product solutions worldwide. The company’s pioneering ADB-3800 series STB has achieved two industry awards and has supported leading telecommunications companies around the world in entering the video and interactive television business. In addition, the ADB-5000 series DVR was recently awarded ‘The ‘Best IPTV Customer Premise Technology’ at the ‘IPTV World Series Awards’ held at the IPTV World Forum (

    “Graybar looks forward to offering ADB IPTV solutions,” commented Mike Dumas, vice president, comm/data business, Graybar. “Our service provider customers tell us they’re seeing increasing demand for triple play services, and Graybar has a complete line of products and services to help them meet that demand. Having ADB’s extensive off-the-shelf range of IPTV products – encompassing HD and SD set-top boxes and digital video recorders – helps us to fulfill our customers’ triple play technology needs.”

    Graybar will sell ADB’s ADB-2500 SD IPTV STB, the ADB-3800W SD/HD IPTV STB and the recently launched ADB-5810W IPTV DVR.

    To contact a Graybar Service Provider Representative, visit

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    schon komisch, diese meldung ist im vergleich zu der von letzter woche total unwichtig. darum glaube ich, der anstieg von heuter rührt mehr vom FuW artikel am samstag, als von der meldung heute.

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    Das kann ich mir auch vorstellen. Hauptsache die Zeichen sind positiv. Attrakive Aktie für risikofreudige Anleger:-)

    Nun sollten einfach die Jahresziele erreicht werden.. oder übertroffen werden..

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    mal schauen, ich habe das gefühl diese investition lohnt sich hier..

    wer ist schon dabei von euch?? was für ein EP??


    "Einer Straßenbahn und einer Aktie darf man nie nachlaufen. Nur Geduld: Die nächste kommt mit Sicherheit."

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    Genf (AWP) - Die Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings SA hat ein

    Vertriebs-Abkommen mit der US-Firma Graybar abgeschlossen. Das Abkommen umfasse

    die Distribution einer breiten Palette von IPTV Set-Top-Boxen und digitalen

    Videorecordern an unabhängig operierende Firmen, Gemeinden und

    Versorgungseinrichtungen, die IPTV-Produkte und -Dienstleistungen zur Verfügung

    stellen, teilte die an der SWX kotierte Herstellerin von Set-Top-Boxen am

    Montag mit.

    Graybar ist in Chicago domiziliert und laut Mitteilung ein führender

    Distributor von Produkten im Elektronikbereich, dem Bereich Datenkommunikation

    und Sicherheit im Zusammenhnag mit Supply Chain Management und


    "Einer Straßenbahn und einer Aktie darf man nie nachlaufen. Nur Geduld: Die nächste kommt mit Sicherheit."

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    ADB Group reports adoption of all resolutions at its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and management appointments

    Geneva - 1st July 2008

    Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings S.A. (SWX: ADBN) reported today that its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held on Friday, 27 June 2008, had approved all proposed resolutions.

    The resolutions adopted, as per the agenda, were:

    1. Approval of Annual Report, including statutory accounts of Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings S.A. and consolidated statements of accounts of the Group for the year 2007, report of the statutory auditors and report of the Group auditors;

    2. Appropriation of available earnings;

    3. Ratification and discharge of the members of the Board of Directors;

    4. Election to the Board of Directors for one year:

    4.1 Mr. Andrew Rybicki

    4.2 Mr. Thomas Steinmann

    4.3 Mr. Jean-Christophe Hocke

    4.4 Mr. Philippe Geyres

    5. Re-election of the statutory auditors and of the Group auditors

    The tenure of the Board membership is one year, as per the Articles of Association of the company, and commences immediately after the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

    At the same time, ADB Group announced two significant changes of its senior management structure. These are:

    Mr. François Pogodalla has been appointed a CEO of ADB SA, the Group's digital set-top box affiliate. This appointment is an addition to his current responsibility of ADB Group's Deputy CEO, in capacity of which he will continue to oversee the Group's Software and Services business segment.

    Mr. Janusz Szajna, the president of ADB Polska, has been promoted to the position of president of ADB Group Eastern Europe. Consequently, he will start operating at ADB Group level, expanding his responsibilities to cover the HR, administration and communication areas of all ADB Group units in the Eastern Europe. Today, it will include all units of Osmosys and ADB SA operating in Poland and Ukraine.

    Both Mr. Pogodalla and Mr. Szajna report directly to Mr. Andrew Rybicki, CEO of ADB Group and Chairman of its Board of Directors.

    "It is a particular pleasure to welcome again Mr. Philippe Geyres to our Board. His deep knowledge of the industry and strong, years-long experience as a General Manager and CEO of multi-billion dollars organizations will be key assets to our Company. At the same time, I wish to thank Mr. Simon Lin for his contributions to the works of ADB Group Board of Directors.", commented Andrew Rybicki, ADB Group Chairman and CEO. "We also adjusted our organizational structure to match the Group's continuing growth and further increase its efficiency. I am sure that the above mentioned changes will substantially help in executing the next steps of our strategy.

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    ADB Geneva - 18 July 2008

    Advanced Digital Broadcast Holdings S.A. (SWX: ADBN) reported today that it will release first half 2008 consolidated interim results on August 12, 2008 at 7.00 am Central European Time (CET). A press release and relevant information will be made available on ADB Group's website (

    ADB Group management will hold a telephone conference that day to comment on this release.

    To connect to this conference, participants will be required to dial: +41 (0)44 580 33 41

    To ask a question, the participants will be required to dial: 01.

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    29.40 / -1.60 / -5.16%

    Das sieht heute gar nicht gut aus. Zudem hat sich das Ordnerbook eher zum negativen gewandt. Ich vermute die Zahlen werden schlecht sein. ADB rechnet ja auch in Dollar ab und wird dieser wird das Ergebnis beeinflussen.

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    da liegst du falsch. zahlen werden solide sein und die guidance für's gesamtjahr dürfte gar erhöht werden.

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    dann bin ich froh wenn ich falsch liege. Wobei der Dollar schon etwas Belasten wird. Es kommt recht Bewegung hinein bzw. Volumen zieht an. Mir bleibt nicht viel übrig als dabei zu bleiben:-)

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