• Yahoo

    Schwierig zu sagen.

    Was denkt ihr für heute. Long oder Short..? Ich denke die - 20% sind ein bisschen zu viel des guten.

    "Die Betrachtung der Dinge, so wie sie sind, ohne Ersatz oder Betrug, ohne Irrtum oder Unklarheit, ist eine edlere Sache als eine Fülle von Erfindungen." Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

  • Yahoo

    sviraci wrote:

    Ich denke Microsoft wird schon nochmals eine Offerte machen oder dann werden sie mit Google was machen...

    Microsoft und Google? Kann ich mir nicht vorstellen. Die 2 Firmen passen nicht zusammen. Ausserdem hat es Google nicht nötig mit Microsoft zusammenzuspannen.

    Für Microsoft bleibt doch nur noch eine feindliche Übernahme von Yahoo.

  • Hi

    Yahoo sehe ich nun mind 20% tiefer nach geplatzter Übernahme.



    An der Wall Street gibt es viele Millionäre. Nicht wenige von Ihnen haben als Multimillionäre begonnnen.

    Alamos Gold die beste Goldmine der Welt...

  • Yahoo

    Ich bin raus. Da hat sich aber mein kleiner Long-Gang ja noch gelohnt..;)

    "Die Betrachtung der Dinge, so wie sie sind, ohne Ersatz oder Betrug, ohne Irrtum oder Unklarheit, ist eine edlere Sache als eine Fülle von Erfindungen." Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

  • Yahoo

    Grossaktionäre setzen Yahoo zunehmend unter Druck

    Sunnyvale. sda/baz. Der Internet-Konzern Yahoo kommt nach dem Nein zum Übernahmeangebot von Microsoft immer mehr unter Druck. Neben dem US-Milliardär Carl Icahn ist auch ein Hedge-Fonds bei Yahoo eingestiegen und unterstützt den offenen Machtkampf gegen die Konzernspitze.

    Die aggressiven Investoren wollen das Unternehmen doch noch zum Verkauf an Microsoft zwingen.

    Yahoo wies von Icahn vorgebrachte Kritik scharf zurück.

    "Falsches Verständnis der Fakten"

    Die Vorwürfe widerspiegelten ein grundlegend falsches Verständnis der Fakten, schrieb Verwaltungsratschef Roy Bostock am Donnerstagabend in einem offenen Brief an den US-Milliardär.

    Icahns Ankündigung, den Verwaltungsrat mit eigenen Kandidaten zu besetzen, sei nicht im besten Interesse der Yahoo-Aktionäre, hielt Bostock fest. Yahoo sei nach wie vor bereit, ein höheres Angebot zu prüfen, auch von Microsoft. Eine Kaufofferte liege aber derzeit nicht vor.

    Die Übernahme von Yahoo durch Microsoft war vor knapp zwei Wochen im Streit um den Preis spektakulär geplatzt. Microsoft zog seine zuletzt auf 47,5 Milliarden Dollar (31 Mrd Euro) erhöhte Offerte zurück.

    Paulson & Co gibt Rückendeckung

    Der Hedge-Fonds Paulson & Co hat ebenfalls gegen die Yahoo- Führung Stellung bezogen. Er besitzt nach einer Mitteilung an die Börsenaufsicht vom Donnerstag 50 Millionen Yahoo-Aktien und damit einen Anteil von etwa 3,6 Prozent.

    Bei der am 3. Juli anstehenden Wahl des Verwaltungsrates kündigte Paulson Rückendeckung für Icahn an. Dieser will seinen Anteil von derzeit 4,2 Prozent an Yahoo weiter aufstocken. Mit seinen harten Methoden erreichte Icahn bereits bei mehreren Unternehmen Fusionen und Verkäufe.

    Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt!

    Mache was Du willst, aber mach es richtig!

  • Yahoo

    New talks for alternative Yahoo deal


    Monday, 19 May 2008

    (AP) — Microsoft Corp. is once again trying to team up with Yahoo Inc. to challenge Internet search and advertising leader Google Inc., although at this point the renewed talks haven't escalated to another attempt to take over Yahoo.

    The Redmond, Wash.-based software maker disclosed the revived discussions Sunday without providing any specifics about the nature of the deal being explored except to say it involved bolstering the companies' position in the online search and advertising markets.

    "There of course can be no assurance that any transaction will result from these discussions," the statement said.

    In a statement late Sunday, Yahoo said its board is exploring several "value maximizing" alternatives and "remain open to pursuing any transaction which is in the best interest of our stockholders."

    Microsoft emphasized that it hasn't resurrected a $47.5 billion takeover bid that its chief executive, Steve Ballmer, withdrew May 3 after Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang — acting on behalf of Yahoo's board — demanded an additional $5.5 billion.

    But Microsoft left open the possibility that it might dangle another buyout offer of Yahoo, depending on how the discussions progress between the two companies and their respective shareholders.

    Yahoo is facing intense pressure from its shareholders to reopen sales negotiations, with activist investor Carl Icahn threatening to replace the Sunnyvale-based company's entire board unless a deal can be working out before Yahoo's July 3 annual meeting.

    Although Microsoft hasn't been in touch with Icahn yet, the software maker reached out to Yahoo after the billionaire revealed his plans Thursday to lead a shareholder mutiny, according to two people familiar with the current status of the discussions. These people requested anonymity because they aren't authorized to speak on behalf of the companies.

    Microsoft's latest talks with Yahoo could be aimed at providing an alternative to a search advertising partnership that Yahoo has been exploring with Google as part of its attempts to remain independent.

    Last month, Yahoo completed a two-week test that allowed Google to use its superior technology to sell ads alongside a sliver of Yahoo's search results. Since then, the two rivals have been mulling a long-term alliance that would likely raise antitrust concerns because the two companies combined control more than 80 percent of the U.S. search advertising market.

    While Google's help probably would provide Yahoo with a short-term lift, it might hurt Yahoo in the long run by making Google even stronger, according to some analysts.

    Ballmer already has said Microsoft will be less interested in Yahoo if it cedes control of search advertising to Google. Icahn has urged Yahoo's board not to enter into any deals, such as a Google partnership, that might diminish the company's value to Microsoft.

    Nevertheless, some analysts believe a formal partnership between Google and Yahoo could happen any day.

    The mere acknowledgment that Microsoft and Yahoo are at least talking again will likely cause more investors to conclude it's only a matter of time before the two sides work out an amicable deal.

    The theory that Microsoft would eventually renew its takeover attempt helped cushion the blow to Yahoo's stock since Ballmer withdrew an oral offer of $47.5 billion, or $33 per share, after Yang held out for $53 billion, or $37 per share.

    Yahoo shares ended last week at $27.66, down by just $1, or 3 percent, since Ballmer walked away from the discussions. They were trading at $19.18 when Microsoft announced its initial bid of $31 per share Feb. 1.

    Despite the intensifying pressure from Icahn and some of Yahoo's major shareholders, Yang and Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock reiterated last week that they won't sell the company for less than the board believes it's worth.

    While Yahoo's board has set a $37-per-share target, many analysts believe Microsoft could probably seal a deal by offering $34 or $35 per share.

    Most analysts believe Microsoft needs to make a dramatic move, such as buying Yahoo, to slow Google's rapid rise as the Internet reshapes the way people interact with computers. The shift is weakening Microsoft's core franchise of providing software tethered to the individual hard drives of personal computers.

    "We continue to maintain our view that there is no other company that needs Yahoo as much as Microsoft and Microsoft does not have compelling plan-B without Yahoo," Collins Stewart analyst Sandeep Aggarwal wrote in a research note last week.

    Although it still ranks as technology's richest company, Microsoft's Internet expansion efforts have been largely ineffectual. Since the end of the company's fiscal 2005, Microsoft's online operations have lost $1.5 billion.

    "The fact is that we are not where we want to be in this business yet and we've been in this position longer than we'd all like," Kevin Johnson, the head of Microsoft's online division, wrote in a Sunday e-mail to employees. Even if Microsoft can't work out a deal with Yahoo, Johnson assured "we will be accelerating elements of our core strategy, and breaking ground in new areas."

    Microsoft's latest advances in Internet advertising and search will be outlined in a conference this week, Johnson said.

    Once the Internet's kingpin, Yahoo was overtaken by the more nimble and innovative Google several years ago. With Yahoo's profits shrinking and revenue growth decelerating, Yahoo lost about half its market value — more than $25 billion — in the two-year period leading up to Microsoft's initial bid.

    Yang, a Yahoo founder who became CEO 11 months ago, maintains the company is on the cusp of a turnaround that will boost net revenue by at least 25 percent in 2009 and 2010. That would be a dramatic improvement from the company's recent net revenue gains of about 12 percent.

    Microsoft first broached the possibility of forming a business alliance with Yahoo in late 2006, according to a letter that Ballmer released in February. In early 2007, Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for about $40 per share, according to a person familiar with those discussions. The person didn't want to be identified because that bid was never publicly disclosed.

  • Yahoo wird wohl nicht, oder will nicht uebernehommem werden!

    Es wird aber sehr wahrscheindlich sein dass sie eine Partnerschaft mit Microsoft eingehen koennten, in welchem sie die Suchfunktion verkaufen, fuer etwas 15b. US und das noch die 3B. fuer dass sie Microsoft adds auf Yahoo laufen lassen

    Das wuerde einen Aktien kurs von plus 9 US geben auf das lezte Gebot von Microsoft, also ueber nahe an 40 oder ueber 40 US!!!!!

    Also es waeren hier Kurse von 35US moeglich!

  • Yahoo

    -Yahoo Strikes Agreement to Sell Display Advertising for Wal-Mart Web Site

    -CBS and Yahoo in Web video sharing deal

    -Sun-Times News Group Joins National Online Advertising Alliance with Yahoo! Newspaper Consortium

    -Yahoo! and Havas Digital Announce Multi Year, Global Advertising Partners

  • Yahoo

    * Yahoo! to Sell Display Advertising for Walmart.com from Yahoo announces that they signed a multi-year deal with Walmart for online display and video advertising on Walmart.com. So when shoppers can't find what they are looking for, they will see Yahoo ads with alternatives. In addition, Yahoo will be the exclusive portal to resell Walmart.com's display inventory.

    * Yahoo! and Havas Digital Announce Multi Year, Global Advertising Partnership announced Havas Digital will work with the Right Media Exchange to develop a proprietary media trading platform based on Yahoo!'s technology. This means that Havas Digital will be early adopter of AMP from Yahoo.

    * Yahoo! Personalizes Today's Newspaper Circulars announced the release of the Yahoo! Circular Program which works in conjunction with ShopLocal. I'll defer to Greg's write up where he explains "will see distribution of ShopLocal’s inventory of retailer “circular ads” across the Yahoo! network. These are all local ads because they’re tied to specific stores or retailers in particular areas." Greg told me that the search angle is that Yahoo is going to mine your queries as part of the overall targeting capability.

    * Yahoo! Joins the CBS Audience Network announced an agreement between the two companies. The agreement says that "Yahoo! TV will gain access to CBS's extensive online catalog of entertainment content, which boasts more full episodes and hours of network programming than any other broadcast television network." The programs include shows from NBC, Fox and more than 15 cable networks.

    * Yahoo! President Sue Decker Outlines Vision for Online Advertising Transformation in Advertising 2.0 New York Keynote has the details on many of these announcements as addressed by Yahoo's President, Sue Decker.

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  • Yahoo's Decker Says Talks Continue on Microsoft Transaction

    By Amy Thomson

    June 4 (Bloomberg) -- Yahoo! Inc. President Susan Decker said the Internet company is still in talks about a combination with Microsoft Corp., amid efforts to boost sales and win a fight with investors for control of the board.

    Microsoft, which abandoned a $47.5 billion bid for Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo May 3, said later that it would pursue an alternative transaction with the company. Those talks are ongoing, Decker said at a conference in New York today.

    Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Jerry Yang faces increasing pressure to sell or step aside from billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who says combining with Microsoft is the only way to compete with Google Inc., the leader in Internet search traffic. Yang, 39, has maintained that Yahoo merits a higher price than the $33-a-share bid.

    ``They made an offer and our board said they didn't feel that it was an attractive enough value,'' Decker said. There also were regulatory matters the two sides never got to discuss because of the disagreement on price, which also might have hindered a deal, she said.

    Yahoo rose 71 cents, or 2.7 percent, to $26.86 at 10:55 a.m. New York time in Nasdaq Stock Market trading. The shares had gained 12 percent this year before today. Microsoft advanced 18 cents to $27.49.

    Microsoft may be pursuing an acquisition of Yahoo's search unit, people familiar with the talks said last month. Taking over Yahoo, the second most popular U.S. search engine, would help Microsoft triple its share of Web searches in the country, narrowing the gap with market leader Google.

    Google's Lead

    Google performed almost two-thirds of Internet searches in the U.S. in April, according to researcher ComScore Inc. Google's dominance also has given the Mountain View, California- based company the lead in Internet ad sales, a market worth $41 billion worldwide last year, according to Piper Jaffray & Co. Microsoft predicts that may almost double by 2010.

    Microsoft scrapped its bid after Yang rejected the price, demanding at least $37 a share. That prompted Icahn, 72, to nominate his own slate of directors, including himself and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Yahoo's annual meeting is set for Aug. 1.

    Yahoo also said today that it struck an agreement to sell display advertising for the Web site of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer. The multiyear deal lets Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo provide advertisers with better ways to target shoppers who use Walmart.com, the companies said today in a statement.

    The Wal-Mart site will use Yahoo's advertising management platform, or AMP. The program lets customers place ads on more Web sites using a single application, targeting shoppers by age, gender and location.

    CBS Deal

    Yahoo also has formed a partnership with CBS Corp., owner of the second most watched U.S. television network. The broadcaster said today that it's adding Yahoo to the slate of Web sites that can distribute its videos.

    In a separate statement, Yahoo also said today that it will help retailers deliver customized newspaper circulars through the Yahoo network, reaching as many as 140 million monthly visitors. The program is designed to bolster print circulars, providing ads all week long instead of only on Sundays, when most of those publications run.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Amy Thomson in New York at athomson6@bloomberg.net

  • Yahoo


    Yahoo Tries to Move Past Takeover Status

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    Published: June 5, 2008

    YAHOO has been very much in the headlines these days, much to its chagrin. But on Wednesday the company set out to make news of its own, describing a menu of deals in the online advertising realm.

    Skip to next paragraph

    Brendan McDermid/Reuters

    Susan Decker, the president of Yahoo, speaking at an ad conference.

    The deals are mostly small ones, but the all-at-once grouping suggests that Yahoo is trying to shape its own image after months of being described as takeover bait. The announcement came a day after the investor Carl C. Icahn proposed that Jerry Yang, the chief executive of Yahoo, should be ousted over the way he handled Microsoft’s bid for the company.

    Despite Yahoo’s efforts to spread the news of its deals — one with Wal-Mart Stores, one with CBS and another with the advertising agency Havas Digital — people who follow the company seemed more interested in the status of Yahoo’s talks with Microsoft. In discussing the arrangements at an advertising conference Wednesday morning, the president of Yahoo, Susan L. Decker, said that talks with Microsoft were “ongoing,” and that seemed to be the tidbit people seized on.

    In a meeting with reporters over lunch, Ms. Decker was asked to clarify what she meant by “ongoing.” “Just that,” she said. “Microsoft said they’re talking with us about partnerships, and we are.”

    As for the Yahoo deals: one, perhaps the most prominent, was a pact to sell display advertisements on Walmart.com. Although another agency also sells these ads, Yahoo will be the only portal that is allowed to resell the inventory.

    Yahoo will be able to use consumers’ browsing and purchase histories on Walmart.com to select ads for individuals, said Todd Teresi, senior vice president of the Yahoo publisher network. For instance, if a Walmart.com visitor puts a digital camera in the shopping cart but does not buy it, Yahoo could serve a Nikon ad when the visitor returns to Walmart.com, or when the same person checks his Yahoo mail account, Mr. Teresi said.

    For now, consumers can opt out of this feature through the Walmart.com privacy policy. But the companies are working on easier options, like putting opt-out links in the ads themselves, Mr. Teresi said.

    Yahoo already has a similar deal with eBay. Through eBay and Walmart.com — and Yahoo’s shopping portal — the company’s ads will be able to reach 76 percent of retail shoppers online, Mr. Teresi said.

    A second deal was with Havas Digital, the large advertising agency whose clients include Air France, Nike and Danone. Havas Digital will use Yahoo’s Right Media as its main advertising exchange, which is an auction site for buying and selling advertising inventory on the Web.

    Nate Woodman, a senior vice president at Havas Digital, said the partnership meant that his agency could integrate its data with the Right Media exchange and with Yahoo’s data and build applications that worked with Right Media. Havas Digital is a unit of Havas. Yahoo struck a similar deal with the advertising holding company WPP last month.

    Yahoo also announced it had added 94 newspapers, including The Chicago Sun-Times and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, to its newspaper consortium, bringing the total to 779. The consortium distributes the contents of the newspapers across Yahoo’s network and lets the newspapers’ sales forces sell advertisements on Yahoo to its clients, based on geography. (So far, though, only 50 of the members are doing that, through a pilot program.)

    Yahoo’s newspaper consortium competes with quadrantONE, a similar venture that is owned by the Tribune Company, the Gannett Company, the Hearst Corporation and The New York Times Company. Some companies that are members of quadrantONE are also members of Yahoo’s consortium.

    “I don’t think they fully appreciate the power of distribution, and they worry about becoming dependent on a particular partner,” Mr. Teresi said, referring to the quadrantONE backers.

    Separately, Yahoo announced that it had set up a program to permit retailers to send circular offers, like those that typically run in Sunday newspapers, to consumers on Yahoo’s network.

    Finally, it announced that it had joined the CBS Audience Network, which means that it can start showing full-length and short-form clips from CBS shows. Yahoo is a little late to the game here, since CBS has already assembled more than 300 sites in this network, from big ones like YouTube and MSN to niche ones like Veoh and Fancast.

    Yahoo still has other tricks up its sleeve. Ms. Decker referred to a plan to inject the portal with social networking technology. For example, she said, one day people may be able to log on to Yahoo e-mail and see messages from the people they correspond with the most at the top. Or, when visiting Yahoo Music, they could see what music their friends are listening to.

    “The idea is to ignite the social graph across all properties,” Ms. Decker said. This also means opening up Yahoo’s platform to allow developers to write applications, the way Facebook does.

    “We think a lot of what Yahoo did in the last few years was catch up,” she said, adding that Yahoo is now at the point where it can innovate.

    Nevertheless, it is clear that Yahoo’s attention is divided. On Wednesday Mr. Icahn sent a letter to Roy Bostock, Yahoo’s chairman, that accused Mr. Yang of trying to sabotage the Microsoft acquisition by setting up a generous retention plan for employees that would kick in if a takeover took place.

    Mr. Icahn is seeking to replace the Yahoo board, and said he would oust Mr. Yang if he were successful. Yahoo will hold a shareholder meeting on Aug. 1.

    Ms. Decker, at the lunch meeting, reaffirmed her support for Mr. Yang.

    “There’s no one as passionate and knowledgeable about the company than Jerry,” she said. “The book is not finished. It’s being written, in terms of the plans we’ve put in place and the products we’re about to launch.”

  • Yahoo

    So Yahoo ist wider am gehen 26.78 0.42 1.59%

    wenn sie den Widerstand bei 27 nehmmen kann ist dies sehr positve, weil sie beim lezten anstieg diese Woche an diesem Widerstand gescheitert ist!

  • Yahoo

    Ich würde kaufen. Nicht unbedingt zu diesem Preis (keine Ahnung was der Optimale wäre :lol: ), aber es gibt da ja noch z. B. den feinen Herrn Icahn, der einiges versuchen wird, um Yahoo von Microsoft übernehmen zu lassen. Deshalb denke ich, dass Yahoo langfristig eine Anlage wert wäre.



  • Yahoo

    Durch die neuen Übernehme-Gerüchten durch MICROSFT dürfte sich bei YAHOO auch wieder was bewegen. Was meint Ihr?

    Schlusskurs bei den Amys

    1.24 (10.55%)

    Die besten Dinge im Leben sind nicht die, die man für Geld bekommt. Albert Einstein