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  • Mind. 7 big news erwartet in den kommenden Monaten:

    1. Still currently under non-disclosure agreement ("NDA"), Exro and partner are working towards partner motor-Exro Coil Driverinverter integration and testing in Q3 2023. Following successful testing it is anticipated the identity of the 25,000+ employee partner will be announced along with commercialization plans.

    2. Subsequent to the quarter, Exro announced signing the world's third largest motor manufacturer, Wolong Electric Group, as a strategic partner. The companies are collaborating towards motor-inverter integration and testing in Q4 2023 across a variety of low voltage and high voltage applications.

    3 Exro continues discussions with other potential strategic partners.

    4. Delivery of 48V hybrid-diesel samples to our European off-highway NDA-partner in Q1. Of note, this project includes two NDA's under one umbrella partnership – one is a large European OEM which supplies vehicles for off-highway applications, the second is a large European-based motor supplier. NDA partner timing has bumped sample delivery into Q2 2023. Integration of the partner motor-Exro inverter solution for the OEM's hybrid-diesel platform has been proceeding well with all parties scheduled to be in Calgary in May to collaborate commercialization efforts and witness final testing.

    5. Signing additional multi-year commercial agreements that build our Coil Driverorder back-log. With the roll out of low-voltage DFM samples at the end of Q1 2023, and the planned roll-out of high-voltage DFM samples by the end of Q2 2023, Exro is engaged in commercial agreement discussions with numerous parties. Following customer vehicle integration and in-field validation, it is anticipated discussions will translate into supply agreements in H2 2023 and into 2024.

    6. Cell Driver: The system is on track to complete UL certification in early Q3 2023, pushed back by approximately three weeks due to scheduling at UL's certification laboratories. UL certification is required prior to connecting to the grid in North America.

    7. Achieve first deliveries and revenues for Coil Driverand Cell Driverproducts in Q3. Exro remains on schedule to begin series production of its Coil Driverand Cell Driverproducts in Q3 2023.

  • Was ist wann zu erwarten?

    Juli 2023:

    Zelltreiber: UL-Zertifizierung

    Das System ist auf dem besten Weg, die UL-Zertifizierung Anfang des dritten Quartals 2023 abzuschliessen, was sich aufgrund der Terminplanung der UL-Zertifizierungslabors um etwa drei Wochen verzögert. Die UL-Zertifizierung ist erforderlich, bevor das System in Nordamerika an das Stromnetz angeschlossen werden kann.

    Zwischen Juli 2023 und Ende 2024:

    Coil Driver: Kommerzielle Vereinbarungen

    Unterzeichnung weiterer mehrjähriger kommerzieller Vereinbarungen, die unseren Coil Driver®-Auftragsbestand erhöhen. Mit der Markteinführung von Niederspannungs-DFMs Ende des ersten Quartals 2023 und der geplanten Markteinführung von Hochspannungs-DFMs Ende des zweiten Quartals 2023 befindet sich Exro in Gesprächen über kommerzielle Vereinbarungen mit zahlreichen Parteien. Nach der Integration des Kundenfahrzeugs und der Feldvalidierung wird erwartet, dass die Gespräche in Liefervereinbarungen im zweiten Halbjahr 2023 und im Jahr 2024 münden.

    Zwischen August und Oktober 2023:

    Coil Driver für Hybrid-Diesel: Bekanntgabe der NDA Partners und Vermarktung

    Lieferung von 48-V-Hybrid-Diesel-Mustern an unseren europäischen Off-Highway-Partner NDA im 1. Bemerkenswert ist, dass dieses Projekt zwei NDAs unter einem Dach vereint - einen großen europäischen OEM, der Fahrzeuge für Off-Highway-Anwendungen liefert, und einen großen europäischen Motorenlieferanten. Der Zeitplan des NDA-Partners hat die Auslieferung der Prototypen auf das zweite Quartal 2023 verschoben. Die Integration der Motor-Exro-Wechselrichterlösung des Partners in die Hybrid-Diesel-Plattform des OEM ist gut vorangeschritten, und alle Parteien werden im Mai in Calgary sein, um bei der Vermarktung zusammenzuarbeiten und die abschließenden Tests zu beobachten.

    Zwischen September und Dezember 2023:

    Erste Umsätze

    Erste Lieferungen und Umsätze für Coil Driver™ und Cell Driver™ Produkte im 3. Exro bleibt im Zeitplan, die Serienproduktion seiner Coil Driver™- und Cell Driver™-Produkte im dritten Quartal 2023 aufzunehmen.

    Coil-Driver: Bekanntmachung des NDA-Partners und Kommerzialisierungspläne

    Exro und der Partner, der derzeit noch einer Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung ("NDA") unterliegt, arbeiten an der Integration des Motors des Partners in den Exro Coil Driver™-Wechselrichter und an Tests im dritten Quartal 2023. Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss der Tests wird erwartet, dass die Identität des Partners, der mehr als 25.000 Mitarbeiter beschäftigt, zusammen mit den Kommerzialisierungsplänen bekannt gegeben wird.

    Coil-Driver: Test-Ergebnisse mit Wolong

    Am Ende des Quartals gab Exro bekannt, dass der weltweit drittgrößte Motorenhersteller, die Wolong Electric Group, als strategischer Partner gewonnen werden konnte. Die Unternehmen arbeiten gemeinsam an der Integration von Motoren und Wechselrichtern, die im vierten Quartal 2023 in einer Vielzahl von Nieder- und Hochspannungsanwendungen getestet werden sollen.

    Zwischen Oktober und Dezember 2024:

    Vermarktung der mit Linamar entwickelten E-AXLE

    Definitive Vermarktungsvereinbarung wurde im Mai 2023 kommuniziert

    Jederzeit möglich:

    Neue Partners

    Exro führt weiterhin Gespräche mit anderen potenziellen strategischen Partnern.

  • CALGARY, Alberta (July 10, 2023) – Exro Technologies Inc. (TSX: EXRO, OTCQB: EXROF) (the "Company" or "Exro"), a leading clean-technology company that develops new generation power-control electronics that expand the capabilities of electric motors and batteries, is pleased to announce an innovation agreement with a Major Automaker, to mutually explore powertrain innovations in the Company’s electric passenger vehicles utilizing Exro’s advanced power electronics technology.

    Innovation Agreement

    The purpose of the collaboration is to determine the performance of Exro’s Coil Driver™ product for improving the continuous power and torque output of the powertrain in the OEM’s vehicles. Under the terms of the agreement, the Parties will work together to design a proof-of-concept Coil Driver™ plus motor system that would specifically fit into a defined electric machine housing. The proposed Coil Driver™ product will utilize the latest advancements in power electronics technology, paired with an optimized machine design, to deliver higher continuous power and torque output compared to conventional 3 phase inverters.

    Under the agreement, the Parties anticipate completion of the proof-of-concept Coil Driver™ plus optimized motor design system by the end of Q4 2023, followed by delivery of functional prototypes to the OEM by the end of Q4 2024. The prototypes are then expected to enter a period of testing, including performance, durability, and reliability while determining next steps. Signing the agreement does not constitute any exclusivity to either of the Parties.

    For additional information on Exro’s Coil Driver™ technology access the catalog here: Exro Coil Driver Catalogue.

    Shareholder Webcast

    Please join Exro leadership today at 11:00 am ET for a Quarterly Deep Dive where the company will speak to ongoing corporate activities. To attend please register here: Live Stream Registration.

  • Exro Announces Coil Driver(TM) Start of Production Backed by Purchase Orders from HB4 and Vicinity Motor Corp

    Canada NewswireSep 6, 2023 7:30 AM EDT

    At a Glance:

    • Exro achieves major milestone with start of production of its patented next-generation Coil Driver™ inverter technology for electric vehicles at the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada .
    • First production is backed by initial purchase order commitments for low-voltage Coil Driver™ units from Italian OEM supplier HB4 Group following on-road commercial truck testing that demonstrated a more than 20% range increase over the predecessor technology.
    • Initial low-voltage production and deliveries for HB4 Group will be followed by high-voltage Coil Driver™ systems production and deliveries to Canadian electric bus and commercial vehicle manufacturer, Vicinity Motor Corp for e-bus applications.
    • To celebrate the start of production, Exro will host an exclusive event for public dignitaries, media, shareholders, and employees on Wednesday, September 20 th .
    • In addition to starting production, Exro is on schedule to integrate Coil Driver™ products with several strategic customers in Canada , Europe , South America , and the United States in 2023 – demonstrating its patented technology, continued growth opportunities ,and credibility towards unlocking the ~$45 billion market opportunity in commercial e-vehicles.


    Exro Announces Coil Driver™ Start of Production Backed by Purchase Orders from HB4 and Vicinity Motor Corp
    Exro achieves major milestone with start of production of its patented next-generation Coil Driver™ inverter technology for electric vehicles at the company’s…

    Der Markt reagiert bisher sehr zurückhaltend.

  • During the remainder of 2023, Exro is scheduled to integrate Coil Driver™ products with a host of customers in Canada, Europe, South America, and the United States. The focus over the coming months is on successful customer integrations and real-world applications. The on-road miles driven, including completing third-party track testing in Q4, are anticipated to build credibility while demonstrating top-tier miles per kWh efficiency. Exro will leverage the information collected to continue to unlock the global commercial e-vehicle space through 2024 and beyond.

    Does it mean there will be more orders this year?

    The provided information emphasizes Exro's plans for integration of its Coil Driver™ products with various customers across different regions in 2023. However, the focus, as stated, seems to be on "successful customer integrations and real-world applications" rather than explicit mentions of new orders.

    Key points to consider:

    1. **Integration with Customers**: The scheduled integrations across multiple regions indicate a strong interest and potential collaborations. Integrations usually mean that there are arrangements (potentially including pilot programs or trial phases) to test or utilize Exro's technology in real-world scenarios.

    2. **Building Credibility**: The mention of on-road miles and third-party track testing suggests that Exro is in the process of collecting data and results to validate their product's efficiency and reliability. Positive results from these tests can significantly boost Exro's credibility in the market.

    3. **Leveraging Information**: Exro's plan to leverage the collected information suggests they aim to use the data and feedback to refine their product, market it more effectively, and possibly secure more orders in the future.

    While the statement doesn't explicitly confirm new orders within 2023, the activities mentioned – like integration, testing, and data collection – typically precede larger orders as customers will want to see real-world results before making significant commitments.

    In essence, while more orders are not directly stated, the groundwork being laid suggests a positive trajectory that could lead to more orders in the future, especially if the integrations and tests prove successful.