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    Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. Notice of Retirement of 1 Billion Shares of Common Stock



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    Press Release Source: Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. On Friday January 15, 2010, 4:05 pm

    BEIJING, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. (Other OTC: GDHI - News) an international food and beverage distributor, today announced that during the yearend Board of Directors meeting, held on January 9th, 2010 the Board voted by unanimous decision to retire 1,000,000,000 shares of common stock. The Board will immediately retire 400,000,000 million shares of common stock and public confirmation can be made from our Transfer Agent Guardian Registrar & Transfer, Inc. Additionally, every month on the 15th the board will retire 100,000,000 million share for the next 6 months to reach the total retired value of 1,000,000,000 shares of common stock.

    Mr. Frank J. Yglesias stated, "This is a positive step forward in improving the company's overall capital share structure and bring value to our shareholders."

    About Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc.

    Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. owns and operates Golden Dragon Food & Beverage Import & Export Company of Hong Kong, Ltd. (GDHK) in central Hong Kong and Beijing Flying Golden Dragon International Trading Co., Ltd in China (BFGD). Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. has agreements with U.S. food manufacturers. GDHI acts as a buying agent for GDHK, negotiating vendor contracts and services with U.S. food and beverage industry partners. The Hong Kong Company plays a strategic role in the importation of products into the Chinese market by leveraging the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) with China. Through this arrangement, Beijing Flying Golden Dragon International Trading Co., Ltd distributes some of the most popular U.S. food and beverage brand products directly into the hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores in China. The Company is responsible for order fulfillment for its clients in China, as well as providing advertising and promotion (A&P) services for its U.S. food and beverage products.

    Safe Harbor Statement

    Information in this press release may contain 'forward-looking statements.' Statements describing objectives or goals or the Company's future plans are also forward-looking statements and are subject to risks and uncertainties, including the financial performance of the Company and market valuations of its stock, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. Forward-looking statements in this news release are made pursuant to the 'Safe Harbor' provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.


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    New email from PSC from 8 minutes ago

    GDHI gained 340% over the last two days of trading, since our first alert on Thursday, We think volume for this sub-penny winner will explode on Tuesday!

    Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. made triple digit gains on Friday, up 109.09% to close at $0.0023.

    At $0.0023, GDHI is trading well above its 200-day trading average of $0.001

    This emerging trend is very bullish and technical analysis supports an upside that could move this stock to $0.01.

    GDHI is aggressively expanding on placement in about 1000 stores across Asia, in the fastest growing retail food market in the world.

    The company is expected to announce its first shipment of their private wine label Endless Wines, to China.

    GDHI Private Label Endless Wines

    The company has designed a private label wine, for the young affluent middle class Chinese. The brand offers select products from wine regions around the world, and has commenced bottling from the region of La Mancha Spain. The Endless Wines brand is intended to represent wine regions from all over the world.

    GDHI will also announced shipment of Organic Shangri-La Tea into China this month, which is one of the first Organic Teas imported into country. China consumes more than 0.53 kg of tea per capita, and according to Research and Markets demand for tea-based beverages and drinks is anticipated to grow by more than 10.2% by 2011.

    Shangri-La Teas

    The Shangri La brand of products has played an important role in the US specialty tea business for over 17 years. A pioneer in flavored iced teas and leader in specialty organic teas, hot and iced, Shangri La brand continue to set the pace in fine food service beverage offering. Teas are the core product and focus of its many offerings.

    Shangri La is a vertically integrated company famed for its fine teas, tea gardens, in-garden tea leaf processing factories and tea packaging facilities. It is no wonder that Shangri La teas have taken first place in many tea competitions as recently as the World Tea Expo competition of 2008, where both organic Shangri La Iced Teas entered took first place prizes. Highly respected laborer education and social responsibility programs

    GDHI has a long term relationship with multibillion dollar exporting giant Goya Food Products

    Goya Foods

    In 1936 by Don Prudencio and Carolina Unanue emigrated from Spain to the United States and established a storefront in Lower Manhattan. The small family business plan to distribute Spanish food such as olives, olive oil and sardines to the local Hispanic community evolved into a multinational, family?owned business. With a selection of quality condiments, pantry items, beverages and frozen foods totalling 1,200 offerings under the Goya Foods label, the company has established itself as the authority on Hispanic cuisine. This product diversification honors the founders' heritage to provide authentic Latino foods that make each meal a memorable experience for family and friends.

    The more than 2,500 employees worldwide produce products that are available in local grocery stores and supermarket chains throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and international markets. Its manufacturing and distribution centers are located in Secaucus and West Deptford, New Jersey; Bayamón, Puerto Rico; Seville, Spain; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Angola, New York; Webster, Massachusetts; Bensonville, Illinois; Miami.

    In December, Green Dragon Holdings won exclusive distribution rights to supply the prestige branded, ultra premium wine Centvm Vitis, from maker Bodegas Valdelana throughout China.…entvm-vitis-78331212.html

    BEIJING, Dec. 2( )/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. (Other OTC: GDHI) announces it has clinched an exclusive deal to distribute the highly acclaimed Centvm Vitis from Bodegas Valdelana in China.

    Mr. Cesar Cuenca, President of GDHI stated "This is one of the highest honors that the company has obtained, the reputation and exclusivity of Centvm Vitis is un-compared to any wine worldwide, with Centvm Vitis, GDHI has just been knighted."

    For additional information, please click the following links;…alReportById.pdf?id=26797…alReportById.pdf?id=26798

    About Centvm Vitis

    The wine, in the heart of the region Rioja, in the small village of Elciego, we can still find some vineyards with old vines planted at the end of the 19th Century. Due to their special location and type of soil, they survived to the deadly attack of filoxera.

    The Valdelana family has been growing these centenary vines for more than four generations. They knew that in these grapes they would find the supreme quality. These small bunches are harvested by hand, and then they take the juice out of these grapes, which they handle very carefully. The result is a structured, round and aromatic wine pure fruit that enhances its quality after being aged for 10 months in new French Allier barrels.

    The gold is taken out from the depth of the earth. It is pure, valuable, strong, a symbol of power, success and royalty. This precious metal is rustproof and absorbs the energy and vitality of the sun. Gold has always been valued because of its immortality, sparkle, value and purity. These properties turn it into a real treasure. Its eternal seduction has fascinated every culture in the world. The ancient Egyptians and Indians used to put gold-salts in their cooking, because they thought that eating gold would give them luck and prosperity. Gold flakes are made from extreme thin gold leaves, fulfilling every aspect of the strict international food regulations. The European Union and the United States authorize the usage of gold in food.

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