Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (OTC:PGDP) (Frankfurt:P6G)

  • Gold und Silber steigen generell :D :D

    Bei Explorern kann dies zu überproportionalen Zuwächsen führen wenn sie erfolgreich sind.

    Vergangene Nacht nach Börsenschluss in US wurde folgende Meldung gerausgegeben:

    (wer in D kauft ist noch vor Eröffnung der US Börsen :D )

    CHIHUAHUA, Mexico, Jan 26, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

    Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (OTC:PGDP) (Frankfurt:P6G, WKN:A0HGKQ), is pleased to report the results of an NI 43-101 technical report completed on their San Miguel Project near Temoris, Chihuahua, Mexico. The report was completed by Dana Durgin of Delve Consultants LLC., Sparks, Nevada, USA.

    The results of the report are based on only 39 of the 53 shallow drill holes completed to date and have only considered higher grade ore as an inferred resource that could potentially be mined by underground methods. The drill holes used to compile this report are widely spaced and primarily test only the upper 100 meters of the vein system. Paramount is confident that they can continue to increase their resource, both down dip and along strike, as well as between the targets tested initially.

    Chris Crupi, President and CFO stated: "I am very pleased with the progress our exploration team has made at San Miguel, Mexico. At the time of this report, our exploration expenditures were roughly US$2,500,000 and we identified 38,000,000 ounces of silver equivalent. This gives us a very low finding cost of less than US$0.07 per ounce of silver. I am very confident that we can continue to add substantial silver resources and eventually reserves, at a very low cost, which will dramatically increase shareholder value."

    San Miguel - Report Highlights

    Mineralization at San Miguel is controlled primarily by the 8-kilometer long, NNW trending Guazapares fault zone. Within this fault zone, which may be up to 300 meters wide, a series of en echelon, and to a lesser extent sub-parallel, quartz veins have developed. Each of these en echelon veins has a strike length of 250 to 400 meters, and an unknown down-dip extent. Drilling at San Miguel at the date of this report includes 47 drill holes irregularly distributed along 2.7 kilometers of this strike length. Six additional holes are in the La Blanca and Montecristo zones to the north, which are not considered here.

    Only 39 of these 47 holes were used in the resource calculation. Of the other eight holes, six are in the southern part of La Union, where there was no significant resource identified. The remaining two holes were considered too isolated to include in the calculations. Drilling has not yet been done on a regularly spaced grid. The abundance and spacing of drilling in any given area is insufficient at this time to produce a rigorous resource calculation.

    This resource estimate was done manually, using vertical cross sections drawn perpendicular to the strike of the principal vein in each zone. Mineralization is polymetallic with silver, gold, lead and zinc contributing to the dollar value. The boundaries were defined by using current metal prices (Au @ $600/oz, Ag @ $13/oz, Pb @ $0.65/pound, Zn @ $2.00/pound) to calculate a gold-equivalent dollar value. Boundaries were arbitrarily drawn at a $50 metal value cut-off, which was chosen as a simply defined, consistent method to define these boundaries.

    The San Miguel resource is only in the early stages of definition, with the bulk of the resource so far relating to the near surface drill results in the San Antonio and El Carman zones where assay results remain incomplete.

    The inferred resource is calculated to be 4.8 million metric tones, grading the US dollar equivalent of 246.6 grams of silver per tonne, or 38 million ounces of silver as shown in the table below:

    Table 17.6 San Miguel Inferred Resource Summary

    Area # holes Tonnes Ag eq Grade Ag eq Oz

    La Union 9 675,000 244.6 g/t 5,307,700

    San Jose 10 1,010,000 234.5 g/t 7,615,400

    San Luis

    Below 300 ft 7 155,400 513.6 g/t 2,566,200

    Above 300 ft 1 150,000 430.7 g/t 2,076,900

    San Antonio(a) 6 1,510,000 236.8 g/t 11,499,200

    El Carmen(a) 6 1,300,000 215.3 g/t 9,000,000

    Totals 39 4,800,400 246.6 g/t 38,065,400 Ag eq oz

    *angel* Drilling at San Antonio and El Carmen are ongoing and assay results are incomplete. These figures will be refined in February 2007 when all assay data are complete.

    Resource Potential - Report Highlights

    Approximately 1800 meters of trenching has been completed in 34 trenches. Most of these exposed excellent mineralization for sampling and geologic mapping. In addition, grid-based rock sampling over a large area in the San Jose zone indicated the presence of zone, of at least 150 by 250 meters that averaged 150 g/t silver. This suggests that Paramount may be able to develop a mineable near surface silver/gold body that may be amenable to heap leaching, in addition to polymetallic mineralization which may be mineable underground. This is not included in the resource noted above.

    Ongoing exploration is expected to add to the resources in areas not considered in this estimation. Few of the drill holes have reached more than 120 meters below the surface. Drilling below these depths is expected to add to mineral resources. In precious metal systems like this, such as at nearby Palmarejo, ore shoots are known to persist to depths of 300 meters or more down dip.

    In addition, the resources described in this report remain open along strike to the NNW and SSE, as well as down dip. The ongoing San Miguel drilling program has tested only 2.7 kilometers of the 8-kilometer strike length of the system with rather widely spaced holes. Also, the San Miguel vein system in a parallel fault zone two kilometers to the west has excellent silver/gold mineralization at the surface, but has not yet been drilled. Additional drilling is clearly warranted in these highly prospective areas.

    Background Comment

    Paramount initiated diamond core drilling in April 2006, using Layne de Mexico as the contractor. As of early December 2006, a total of 7233 meters of HQ (2.5 inch core) drilling had been completed in 53 drill holes. All drill, trench and surface samples were analyzed by ALS Chemex.

    Most of the intercepts in both trenching and drilling in the La Union South zone had significantly higher than normal zinc and lead values (in the 1-2% zinc range), including one 13.5 meter interval in hole LU-11 containing 2.38 % lead and 7.07% zinc. At today's metal prices, that material has a gross metal value of nearly $300 per ton, without including precious metals. The relative abundance of lead and zinc leads the author to believe that the erosion level in this portion of the Gauzapares district is deeper than the areas further north, such as San Antonio.

    The resources defined in this report, are correctly classified as Inferred Resources due to the level of check arraying, the spacing of drill holes, and the preliminary stage of the deposit modeling and estimation process. The classification of these resources as Inferred indicates that the resources have been estimated on the basis of geological evidence and reasonably assumed, not verified, geological and grade continuity. While it cannot be assumed that all of the Inferred Resources noted here will be upgraded to Indicated or Measured Resources, the author believes that improvements in the drill hole spacing, the deposit modeling and the estimation procedures will lead to conversion of at least a significant portion of these resources to higher classifications.

    The complete NI 43-101 report can be viewed or downloaded at Paramount's website ( or

    Qualified Person

    The report was written in compliance with disclosure and reporting requirements set forth in the Canadian Securities Administrators' National Instrument 43-101, Companion Policy 43-101CP, and Form 43-101F1. The resource estimate for the San Miguel deposits were prepared by Dana Durgin in December 2006 of Delve Consultants LLC. Mineral Exploration and Development, Sparks, Nevada, USA ; no mineral reserves were estimated. Mr. Durgin (the author) is a qualified person under Canadian Securities Aministrators' National Instrument 43-101 and a member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (CPG #10364), a Registered Professional Geologist in Wyoming (PG-2886), and a member of the Geological Society of Nevada. The author has independently investigated the data provided to him by Paramount Gold Mining Corp., to the extent deemed necessary in his professional judgment to be able to reasonably rely on this information.

    About San Miguel

    San Miguel is currently comprised of 16 concessions covering an estimated 6 kms strike of silver and gold mineralization. It is located in Chihuahua, Mexico and lies in the Guazapares mining district, part of the gold-silver belt of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Paramount signed an agreement in August 2005 with Amermin S.A. de CV, a subsidiary of Tara Gold Resources, to acquire a 70% interest in the San Miguel project.

    About Paramount Gold

    Paramount Gold is a precious metals exploration company listed on the OTCBB under the symbol PGDP and on the Frankfurt stock exchange under the symbol P6G (WKN: A0HGKQ). The Company's objectives are to a) aggressively explore and develop the San Miguel project, located in Chihuahua, Mexico within the Sierra Madre Occidental gold/silver belt; and b) fully develop the potential of the strategic alliance with Teck Cominco for gold exploration in South America. For more information, please visit the Company's web site at: (now available in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Mandarin).

    Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements contained herein which are not historical are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, certain delays beyond the company's control with respect to market acceptance of new technologies or products, delays in testing and evaluation of products, and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    SOURCE: Paramount Gold Mining Corp.

    Investor Relations Skyline Communications, 613-226-9881 Toll-free: 1-866-481-2233

    Copyright Business Wire 2007

  • diese Rakete startet nun !!!!!!!

    Sie haben einen riesigen Silberfund zu günstigen Konditionen abbaubar ! :D :D :D

    und sie werden am kommenden Wochenende an dieser Messe vertreten sein.

    Hello folks, this is a note I am sending out to numerous brokers and fund managers I

    know that sums up Paramount's progress and future at San Miguel

    Feel free to pass this on to your friends

    Paramount is in Vancouver Tuesday and London and Paris this week as well. At PDAC

    in Toronto at the Novotel, 45 The Esplanade Tel: 416.367.8900

    Suite number 221 Sunday March 4th to Tuesday 9am to 5 PM

    Paramount is finding a 43-101 defined silver resource at just US$0.07 cents per


    38 million ounces defined with only 6 months of drilling in 39 drill

    holes, at a cost thus far of US$2.5 million. This is an exceptional

    ore body and discovery that will easily hit 200 to 300 million ounces.

    I have been around long enough to know a spectacular discovery when I

    see it.

    Nobody will want to miss the biggest silver discovery in 2007, and

    neither would their clients, .

    Paramount Gold, PGDP (also listing on TSXV) has become known for having the strongest

    technical team in Latin America and that is why Barrick and Teck

    Cominco have teamed up with them in South America.

    In Mexico, their San Miguel silver discovery is been defined by Bill

    Reed and his experienced Mexican team. Bill was the former chief

    geologist for Hecla Mining and Echo Bay Mines, focusing in Mexico.

    Larry Segerstrom, recently Geology Manager for Freeport-McMoRan and

    before that with Newmont, Phelps Dodge and Noranda joined the company,

    as CCO

    President, CFO is Chris Crupi, former VP with PricewaterhouseCoopers,

    and John Carden director was former Director of U.S. Exploration for

    Echo Bay. Senior Advisors are Jean Depati, longest serving director of

    Glamis Gold and John Simons discovered/developed the La Caridad

    copper-molybdenum deposit, now the largest mining and smelting

    operation in Mexico, with 4,000 employees.

    Paramount has defined the 38 million ounces with only shallow drilling

    (100 meters deep) and on just 2.7 kms of the 8 kms of strike that has

    been identified. The old San Luis mine on their property and the

    nearby (10 Kms away) Palmarajo discovery (200M ozs) easily go down dip to at

    least 300 meters.

    It would be quite easily for Paramount to triple the 38M ozs to 114M

    ounces by drilling down dip. Drilling along strike for the remaining 5.3

    kms of strike could easily double and triple the 114M ounces. You see

    the picture.

    And this discovery all starts at surface and these numbers do not

    consider lower grade bulk tonnage targets. The resource is defined at

    4,800,400 tonnes with a grade 246.6 g/t silver.

    Paramount also has another 2 kms of strike on their nearby Empalme

    claim that has been defined by several trenches including 1.09 g/t Au

    and 330 g/t Ag across 12 meters, but no drilling yet

    The drill results have not only come up with high grades but across

    considerable widths, drill highlights:

    SA-01 25.8 meters at 194 g/t Ag

    SA-05 13.8 meters at 213 g/t Ag

    SJ-03 5.2 meters at 873 g/t Ag

    SJ-04 6.5 meters at 552 g/t Ag

    SJ-05 19.7 meters at 263 g/t Ag

    SJ-06 6.6 meters at 354 g/t Ag

    LU-01 16.4 meters at 225 g/t Ag, 0.73 g/t Au

    Lu-02 17.6 meters at 279 g/t Ag, 1.64 g/t Au

    LU-09 105.4 meters at 28 g/t Ag, 0.26 g/t Au, 0.52% Pb, 1.45% Zn

    LU-11 13.5 meters at 36 g/t Ag, 0.36 g/t Au, 2.40% Pb, 7.1% Zn

    SA-05 13.8 meters at 213 g/t Ag

    SA-10 8.25 meters at 683 g/t Ag

    SA-13 10.7 meters at 296 g/t Ag

    DH#11 29.0 meters at 51.1 g/t Gold

    SL-02 4.0 meters at 35.5 g/t Gold

    Right now some of the most prominent Precious Metals and Hedge funds

    are pouring millions of $$ into the company for an aggressive 25,000

    meters or more of drilling for 2007

    Paramount has only 33 million shares out for a market cap of just C$84


    Nearby Palmarajo - PJO has found a 3.1 million ounce gold equivalent

    resource or about 180 million ounces of silver and with 91 M shares

    out has a market cap of C$865 million.

    Should Paramount prove up 200M ounces in 2007/08 and dilute with

    another 8 million shares to 41 million, a similar $865M market cap as

    Palmerajo would equate to $21 a share for Paramount.

    The stock price is going to ignite in 2007 as this deposit gets

    drilled out.

    BTW, When I met and spoke with John Simons who is one of the property vendors, he

    also looked at Palmarajo and staked San Miguel over Palmarajo because he believed it

    was better and higher grade


    elmar wrote:

    hallo bin auch so ein Gold- Siber Anleger habe nachgeschaut was meinst du ??

    kaufenswert gruss

    Hallo Elmar,

    also ich schreibe nur über Sachen die ich selber habe :-))

    Nun haben wir Resultate nach dem verbindlichen Status der cad Börse, und die sind super :D

    Ich will natürlich an nichts schuld sein, aber in Kanadischen Foren ist man der Meinung, dass nun die Rakete startet .

    Noch ein interessanter Vergleich: (Praramount 10x tiefer bewertet !!)

    Nearby Palmarajo - PJO has found a 3.1 million ounce gold equivalent

    resource or about 180 million ounces of silver and with 91 M shares

    out has a market cap of C$865 million.

    Should Paramount prove up 200M ounces in 2007/08 and dilute with

    another 8 million shares to 41 million, a similar $865M market cap as

    Palmerajo would equate to $21 a share for Paramount

    The stock price is going to ignite in 2007 as this deposit gets

    drilled out.

  • Hoi Elmar

    stimmt alles genau,

    schad dass Du nicht heute gekauft hast,

    vielleicht gibts morgen kleine Delle.

    Ich kaufe dort wo's ein weniger günstiger ist, oder je nach Tageszeit.

    Der Titel wird derzeit in vielen Boards heiss gehandelt.

    gute Trade an Alle HS

  • etwas von FuW

    Paramount Gold Mining (WKN A0H GKQ, Reuters PGDP,

    Nachdem schon in Frankfurt Aktien im Volumen von 2,88 Millionen Euro gehandelt wurden und der Kurs mit 2,02 Euro (im Vergleich zum Vortag ein Plus von 18,8 Prozent), legte die Aktie auch in den USA eine glänzende Vorstellung aufs Parkett und ging bei einem Volumen von über 656 000 gehandelten Aktien mit 2,68 USD aus dem Handel.

    Was uns besonders freut: Die renommierte Schweizer Wirtschaftszeitung "Finanz und Wirtschaft" hat ebenfalls vergangene Woche zum Kauf von Paramount geraten. Hier einige Auszüge aus dem Artikel: "Paramount strebt nach Höherem", so die Schweizer, "Ziel ist die Übernahme durch ein bekanntes Minenunternehmen wie Kinross oder Goldcorp - schon vor der Aufnahme der Produktion. Dieses Jahr will Paramount auf den gesamten 8 Kilometern des San-Miguel-Streifens Bohrungen vornehmen. Beim Garibaldi- und Andrea-Projekt sollen Ziele für Bohrungen identifiziert werden. In Südamerika will Paramount bei drei Projekten erste Bohrungen durchführen".

    Ich bin mir sicher, dass "Finanz und Wirtschaft" nicht das einzige Wirtschaftsmedium ist, das Paramount empfiehlt. Schließlich, das hatte ich Ihnen schon am Freitag avisiert, stehen gleich mehrere Kaufstudien renommierter Brokerhäuser ins Haus. KAUFEN!

  • es laufen gute News ein

    16.03.2007 - 10:24 Uhr

    Nachdem man erst zuletzt mit Mine Development Associates (MDA) eine renommierte geologische Beratungsgesellschaft ins Boot genommen hat, die eine neue Ressourcen-Schätzung nach dem internationalen Standard NI 43-101 entwickelt, lüftete man jetzt den Schleier: Die Tochter Cia. Minera Paramount beginnt im peruanischen Santos-Goldprojekt mit den Bohrarbeiten. Sie lesen richtig: Es geht nicht um Silber - hier verfügt Paramount bereits über erhebliche Ressourcen mit signifikantem Upside-Potenzial - sondern um das gelbe Edelmetall. Jetzt wissen Sie auch, warum Paramount Gold diesen Namen völlig zurecht trägt.

    Das Projekt ist Teil der "Andean Gold Alliance". Dahinter verbirgt sich die Vereinbarung mit dem 18 Milliarden Dollar schweren Minen-Giganten Teck Cominco, mehrere Explorationsprojekte in Chile, Argentinien und Peru zu betreiben. Dass eine Gesellschaft dieses Kalibers - die mit erheblichen Finanzmitteln ausgestattet ist - mit Paramount arbeitet, kommt für Szenekenner einem Ritterschlag gleich!

    Das soeben angekündigte Bohrprogramm birgt gewaltigen Zündstoff: Es umfasst 1500 Meter, beginnt am 19. März und soll schon im Mai abgeschlossen sein. Dabei müssen Sie wissen: Das Santos-Projekt erstreckt sich über die gewaltige Fläche von 9300 Hektar und beinhaltet zwölf Konzessionen. Da Santos in unmittelbarer Nähe bereits aktiver Minen liegt, gehen Geologen davon aus, dass dort erhebliche Gold- und Silbervorräte lagern.

    Zahlen muss das Paramount-Management für den Coup nur drei Millionen USD, verteilt über die nächsten drei Jahre. Zudem erhält Teck Cominco pro Jahr 50 000 Paramount-Aktien. Ein Spottpreis, wenn Sie bedenken, dass Paramount dafür einen Joint Venture-Partner an der Seite hat, mit dem nichts schief gehen kann.

    Meine Meinung: Der neue Deal birgt erheblichen Mehrwert, der bisher noch mit keinem Cent in der Marktkapitalisierung von Paramount berücksichtigt wurde. Die enorme Unterbewertung wird damit noch deutlicher, wenn Sie bedenken, dass die Aktie schon vor der heutigen News auf Basis eines Peer Group-Vergleichs mindestens 4,70 USD kosten müsste.

  • und nochmals News !!!!

    Paramount Gold Announces Plan for its 50,000 Meter Drilling Program at its San Miguel Project, Mexico

    OTTAWA, Mar 19, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (PGDP)(Frankfurt:P6G)(WKN:A0HGKQ), is pleased to announce that it plans to drill a total of 50,000 meters in 2007 on the San Miguel project, using a combination of core and reverse circulation methods.

    Layne Christensen (Layne de Mexico, S.A de C.V) has committed the necessary drills to Paramount Gold to execute this program. Founded over 100 years ago, Layne Christensen Company's Mineral Exploration provides drilling services for geological assessment, in-situ mining and mineral exploration with over 150 drilling rigs worldwide.

    Paramount's objectives in the upcoming drill program at San Miguel are to upgrade and expand their present inferred resource by infill and down-dip drilling, to extend the known mineralized zones along strike, and to find new zones by drilling the untested portions of the primary mineralized structural zone.

    Paramount COO, Larry Segerstrom stated: "We are very fortunate to be working with Layne de Mexico to provide the necessary drill equipment and crews to achieve our drilling goals this year."

    About Paramount Gold

  • von Bullvestor

    Paramount Gold Mining (WKN: A0HGKQ, Symbol: P6G, Reuters: PGDP,

    Wie eingangs schon erwähnt, holt Paramount lediglich Luft und atmet für den nächsten Anstieg durch.

    In den heutigen News wird einmal mehr klar, dass das Management um Chris Crupi ein erstklassiges Unternehmen entwickelt. Paramount hat die im August 2005 geschlossene Option mit Tara Gold Resources umgesetzt und sich die 70% am San Miguel Projekt gesichert.

    Wenn Sie sich den Paramount-Newsflow der letzten zwölf Monate betrachten, wird sehr deutlich, dass das Unternehmen kontinuierlich am Wachstum und Fortschritt arbeitet. Wir sehen Paramount aus gutem Grund als erste Wahl, da hier alles zusammen passt: Management - technisches Personal - Partnerunternehmen - Liegenschaften - Ressourcenentwicklung - Ressourcenausblick - Kostensituation - Finanzbasis - PR-Unterstützung.

    Die Story des Unternehmens ist genial, und wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir die richtige Wahl getroffen haben, denn Paramount wird in den nächsten Tagen und Wochen noch ganz andere Hammernews auf den Tisch bringen.

    Mein Tipp: Nutzen Sie die kleine Konsolidierung zum günstigen Einkauf. Diese Kurse sollten bald Geschichte sein, denn es geht hier mit großen Schritten weiter!

  • Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (OTC:PGDP) (Frankfurt:P6G)

    Warum ist der Kurs in Frankfurt - 1.82% und in Berlin +7.44%? Liegt dies am tieferen Volumen in Berlin? Wo würdet ihr kaufen?

  • Hallo Maece

    der Kurs ist in Berlin einfach stehen geblieben

    PARAMOUNT GOLD (P6G) Aktualisieren

    Börsenplatz Währung Letzter Preis 12:48:07 Veränderung

    Berlin EUR 2.31 +0.16 (+7.4%)

    Geldkurs-Volumen Geldkurs - Briefkurs - Briefkurs-Volumen

    500 2.15 2.2 0

    Real time prices

    Immer besser in Frankfurt oder Zertis an der Euwax.

    Würde etwas warten, wenn Du noch keine hast. Vermute bald kommen Shorties und pushen nach unten, da kannst Du billiger rein. (Natürlich nur eine Vermutung, ich habe 1/3 gegeben Rest halten)

  • Paramount Gold entdeckt mineralisierte Zone von 2000 Meter!!

    Paramount Gold entdeckt mineralisierte Zone von 2000 Meter Streichlänge

    241 g/t Silber auf der neuen La Veronica Zone auf San Miguel,


    (ots) - Chihuahua/Mexico (OTS) -


    ots.CorporateNews Deutschland. Für den Inhalt der Mitteilung ist

    das Unternehmen verantwortlich.


    Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (Frankfurt WKN A0HGKQ, ISIN

    US69924P1021) freut sich, Ergebnisse von Grabenziehungen von seinem

    laufenden Explorationsprogramm im zentralen Teil seiner San Miguel

    Konzession nahe Temoris, Chihuahua in Mexiko bekannt zu geben. Diese

    vier Grabenziehungen wurden in der La Veronica Zone vorgenommen,

    welche direkt angrenzend und bis zu 2000 Meter nördlich der San

    Antonio/El Carmen Zone verläuft, wo Paramount Bohrergebnisse von bis

    zu 1162 g/t Silber entlang 4,40 Meter erzielte.

    Die Grabenziehungen 00 bis 03 umspannen etwa 225 Meter entlang der

    Streichlänge auf der La Veronica Zone. Grabenziehung ZLV-00 liegt

    etwa 1780 Meter nördlich der und entlang der Streichlänge von

    Bohrloch SA-08 in der San Antonio Zone, welches das nördlichste

    berichtete Bohrloch bis dato ist. SA-08 ergab 2,5 Meter zu 212 g/t

    Silber mit 0,78% kombiniertem Blei/Zink und 12,8 Meter zu 84 g/t

    Silber mit 1,16% kombiniertem Blei/Zink und 5,1 Meter zu 107 g/t

    Silber mit 1,25% kombiniertem Blei/Zink.

    Grabenziehung ZLV-01 liegt nur 10 Meter nördlich davon und

    erweitert ZLV-00, während die Grabenziehungen ZLV-ß2 und -03 entlang

    der Streichlänge nordwestlich schätzungsweise 110 Metern zwischen

    jeder Grabenziehung fortlaufen.

    Paramounts Explorationsmanager in Mexiko, Bill Reed, meinte: "Die

    Ergebnisse der Grabenziehungen auf La Veronica sind ähnlich wie die

    der früheren Grabenziehungen der Zonen in San Antonio, San Jose und

    La Union. Dies könnte möglicherweise die gesamte Streichlänge um 2000

    Meter Richtung Norden erweitern. Unsere Bohr- und

    Grabenziehungsergebnisse von La Union, San Jose, San Luis, San

    Antonio und La Veronica haben nun eine mineralisierte Zone über eine

    beträchtliche Länge von etwa 5,2 Kilometern identifiziert, die offen

    in alle Richtungen ist. Ein Teil unseres diesjährigen

    Explorationsprogramms wird Testbohrungen durch seichten Abraum in der

    1780 Meter Lücke zwischen San Antonio und La Veronica beinhalten."

    Die Höhepunkte der Grabenziehungen:

    ZLV-00 - 12,0 Meter mit durchschnittlich 134,0g/t Ag, inklusive 2,7

    Meter zu 241 g/t Ag und 0,14 g/t Au und 3,0 Meter zu 222 g/t Ag und

    0,10 g/t Au.

    ZLV-01 - 45,0 Meter mit durchschnittlich 121,0 g/t Ag, inklusive

    10,0 Meter zu 201 g/t Ag und 11,0 Meter zu 180 g/t Ag.

    ZLV-02 - 30,8 Meter mit durchschnittlich 82,0 g/t Ag, inklusive

    8,0 Meter zu 161 g/t.

    ZLV-03 - 19,5 Meter mit durchschnittlich 87,0 g/t Ag, inklusive

    8,0 Meter zu 128 g/t Silber.

    In der Zone La Union wurde die Grabenziehung ZLU-07 mit der

    Grabenziehung ZLU-07A erweitert, welche 13,5 Meter zu 69 g/t Ag

    ergab, was diese Grabenziehung (ZLU-07 + ZLU-07A) auf 36,1 Meter mit

    82 g/t Ag im Durchschnitt erweiterte.

    Die Grabenziehungen sind in einer Tiefe von 2-3 Metern gemacht

    worden, von Westen nach Osten quer über die Quarzadern und

    "Stockwork"-Quarzadern, welche im Guazapares Minendistrikt Silber-

    und Goldmineralisierung beherbergen. Die Grabenziehungen wurden durch

    dünne Abräume gemacht, um die Zielflächen besser zu definieren, und

    fanden 50 bis 75 Meter voneinander entfernt statt. Die Geologie der

    Grabenziehungen ist detailliert in einer Karte aufgezeichnet und

    Gesteinssplitterproben von nicht mehr als einem Meter Länge wurden

    von den Grabenwänden gesammelt.

    Die Bohrlöcher auf der San Antonio Zone sind beendet und die

    Bohrungen werden nach Norden entlang der mineralisierten Zone

    fortgesetzt, welche bei den Grabenziehungen definiert wurde.

    Wer viel Geld hat, kann spekulieren;

    wer wenig Geld hat, darf nicht spekulieren;

    wer kein Geld hat, muß spekulieren.

  • Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (OTC:PGDP) (Frankfurt:P6G)

    diesen sommer wird sichs zeigen was daraus wird. Ich sage einen Kurs von ca. 3.00 - 3.50 Euro für den späten Sommer voraus...

    Wenn man die vergangenen Kurse mit dem jeweiligen Bohrergebnisse vergleicht sind diese Kurse auf alle fälle zu erreichen !!

    kurs heute: 2.09 euro.. also jetzt investieren und später abkassieren :)

    Wer viel Geld hat, kann spekulieren;

    wer wenig Geld hat, darf nicht spekulieren;

    wer kein Geld hat, muß spekulieren.

  • der Startschuss ist gefallen --> AMEX

    Paramount Gold, Frankfurt WKN A0HGKQ, OTCBB: PGDP,

    Heute morgen habe ich Ihnen noch erzählt, dass Paramout schon bald an der AMEX sein wird und hier kommt schon die offizielle Bestätigung! :D

    OTTAWA, CANADA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jul 30, 2007 -- Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (OTC BB:PGDP.OB - News)(Frankfurt:P6G.F - News)(WKN: A0HGKQ)(PZG - News) is pleased to announce that the American Stock Exchange ("AMEX") has approved the listing of the Company's common stock for trading on the AMEX. Trading is anticipated to commence August 1, 2007 under the new symbol PZG.

    Kopie: Bullvestor

    Auf Deutsch: Ab dem 1. August wird Paramount an der zweitgrößten Börse Amerikas gehandelt.

  • Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (OTC:PGDP) (Frankfurt:P6G)

    bin auch noch dabei! gedult zahlt sich eben immer aus an der börse.. dieses papier wird mir noch ein schöner gewinn einfahren das habe ich im gespür irgendwie..

    Wer viel Geld hat, kann spekulieren;

    wer wenig Geld hat, darf nicht spekulieren;

    wer kein Geld hat, muß spekulieren.

  • die 1. guten Bohrresultate sind da !!!

    Press Release Source: Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.

    Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. Announces High Grade Gold and Silver Results from the First Holes in its San Miguel Vein in Mexico

    Thursday January 24, 1:00 pm ET

    CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 24, 2008 -- Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. (Toronto:PZG.TO - News)(AMEX:PZG - News)(Frankfurt:P6G.F - News)(WKN: A0HGKQ) is pleased to announce assay results from its first four drill holes in the San Miguel vein of its San Miguel project, in the Guazapares Mining District, Mexico. Drill holes SM-01 TO SM-04 were drilled 40-50 meters apart and were designed to intercept the previously undrilled San Miguel structure approximately 70 meters below the surface (see map). The San Miguel structure is exposed for at least 1 kilometer and appears to be open along strike to the northwest.


    The area in which these four holes were drilled (see map) was selected because of very good grades in 12 surface channel samples across the vein, which averaged 9 meters at 4.22 g/t Au Eq. This area also has several shallow old mine workings, which had high precious metal grades according to local miners. In addition, geologists quite familiar with the nearby Palmarejo deposit have said that the veins here have an appearance virtually identical to those at Palmarejo. The assay results tabulated below support that suggestion. These results are particularly exciting because the ratio of gold to silver is significantly higher than at other portions of the property.

    Highlights of these assay results are (see table at for further details and maps):



    True Gold

    Hole From To Interval Width Gold Silver Equiv.

    Number meters meters Meters Meters Grams/ton grams/ton grams/ton


    SM-01 42.00 72.00 30.00 19.29 0.32 113.00 2.20


    Including: 4.82 0.51 296.00 5.45


    72.00 86.00 14.00 9.00 2.99 149.00 5.48


    Including: 2.57 7.08 373.00 13.30



    SM-02 50.45 65.00 14.55 11.15 0.47 220.00 4.13


    Including: 0.31 2.93 3160.00 55.60



    SM-03 34.50 48.10 13.60 10.42 0.48 410.00 7.33


    Including: 0.77 1.86 2610.00 45.36


    48.10 48.55 0.45 0.34 Cavity


    48.55 60.50 11.95 9.15 0.37 105.00 2.12


    Including: 0.77 1.26 384.00 7.66



    SM-04 30.20 36.00 5.80 4.44 0.13 595.00 10.05


    52.70 56.80 4.10 3.14 0.96 545.00 10.03


    Including: 0.61 1.93 1445.00 26.01


    95.30 100.00 4.70 3.60 13.93 115.00 15.85


    Including: 0.69 47.90 138.00 50.20



    Larry Segerstrom, COO of Paramount Gold and Silver Corp., commented, "These results from the first four drill holes in the San Miguel Vein confirm the continuity of the gold and silver mineralization from the surface down to at least 70 meters of depth. These precious metals grades and thicknesses are consistent with and may represent the discovery of a high-grade ore shoot similar to those at nearby Palmarejo. The geological characteristics of the structure strongly suggest that these first four holes are in the upper levels of the vein system and that similar mineralization may persist to a depth of 200 meters or more."

    Quality Control

    Paramount takes detailed digital photos of the entire core before it is cut by saw to half core which is assayed at ALS Chemex's Vancouver laboratory. As part of quality assurance, quality control (QA/QC), Paramount has put into place a detailed program of periodically introducing certified standards, blanks and duplicates into the sample stream. Half-core samples are being retained on site for verification and reference purposes.

    The qualified person who has reviewed this news release is Dana C. Durgin, M. Sc. Economic Geology. He is a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG #10364) with the American Institute of Professional Geologists, and a Registered Professional Geologist in Wyoming (PG-2886).

    About Paramount

    Paramount Gold is listed on the AMEX and TSX under the symbol PZG and trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol P6G (WKN: A0HGKQ). Paramount Gold is a precious metals mining exploration company presently in the early stages of an extensive exploration program at their San Miguel project in the Guazapares Mining District, part of the Sierra Madre Occidental gold-silver belt of Mexico. Paramount has completed over 27,000 meters of core drilling, totaling 157 drill holes on the project, with results pending on 43 of these holes. In April 2007, Paramount began a 50,000 meter drill program, of which 20,000 meters have been completed to date. In 2007, Paramount completed $25 million in financing which is being utilized to develop their San Miguel and Andrea projects and other opportunities.

    "Safe-Harbor" Statement: This press release contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. All statements that are not statements of historical fact regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of the Company may not be realized. Investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the Company's ability to control, and that actual rresults may differ materially.

  • wieder neue Resultate

    Ich glaube der momentane Anstieg hat seine Ursache in folgender Aussage der letzten Meldung:

    Larry Segerstrom, COO of Paramount Gold and Silver Corp., commented, “These results from the first four drill holes in the San Miguel Vein confirm the continuity of the gold and silver mineralization from the surface down to at least 70 meters of depth. These precious metals grades and thicknesses are consistent with and may represent the discovery of a high-grade ore shoot similar to those at nearby Palmarejo. The geological characteristics of the structure strongly suggest that these first four holes are in the upper levels of the vein system and that similar mineralization may persist to a depth of 200 meters or more.”

    Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. hat kommentiert: ...Diese Edelmetallgehalte und Stärken sind konsistent und könnten eine Entdeckung eines hochgradigen Erzblocks ähnlich der von Palmarejo darstellen.... Die geologischen Charakteristika der Struktur legen nahe, daß ...ähnliche Mineralisierung bis in Tiefen von 200 oder mehr Meter reichen könnte.'


    Schonmal nicht schlecht im Monthly Report von Desjardin Securities

    als Company vorgestellt zu werden. Kann mir gut vorstellen,

    dass hier das höhere Vol herkommt. Allerdings steht auch drin,

    das das Resource Update für Q3 geplant ist. Finde ich aber

    nicht schlimm, da wir ja ohnehin vom Potential überzeugt sind.

    Die Companies die im gleichen Atemzug genannt werden, der direkten

    Nachbargebiete von Para, sind GoldCorp und Palmerjo die für

    1,1 Mrd :D :D :D verkauft wurden ..

  • Paramount Gold Mining Corp. (OTC:PGDP) (Frankfurt:P6G)

    diese aktie steigt im moment.. ich denke gutes signal bin seit 2007 dabei.. wer auch noch?

    Wer viel Geld hat, kann spekulieren;

    wer wenig Geld hat, darf nicht spekulieren;

    wer kein Geld hat, muß spekulieren.