Xinhua im freien Fall

  • Xinhua im freien Fall

    Wende? Sieht eher nach Endstation aus.. heute wurden nicht wie sonst 27'000 Stück sondern über 800'000 Stück gehandelt... und das gerade noch zu 0.25 Dollar... Schon bitter, wenn eine Firma innert einem Jahr über 91% verliert.... das dürfte dann wohl heute das Aus für die Firma gewesen sein. Leider kann ich keine News finden, aber ich fürchte schwer, dass die Aktie heute zum letzten Mal gehandelt wurde...

  • Xinhua im freien Fall

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    Xinhua China Ltd. Clarifies Its New Strategy; Reports Results For First Quarter Based Only on Online Operations

    BEIJING, Dec 06, 2006 /Xinhua-PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Xinhua China Ltd. (OTC

    Bulletin Board: XHUA) today clarified its new operating strategy following deconsolidation of its interest in Xinhua Publications Circulation & Distribution Center Co. Ltd. in Beijing, China. "We are concentrating our business strategy on the growing opportunity in China for online content distribution, co-publishing and digital rights management," reported Xianping Wang, president and chief executive officer.

    "We expect the connections and channels established within the publishing industry as a result of our interest in Xinhua C & D will help us execute this strategy. We still own 7.98 percent of Xinhua C & D so there is an ongoing relationship there. We anticipate establishing Xinhua China wholly owned subsidiaries as leaders in the digital media industry in China," Mr. Wang added.

    "Our goal is to build our business to include electronic sales, delivery and distribution of media content. We plan to partner with publishers outside of China to provide their content within the country. To become a digital media company we have established one subsidiary and will establish one more. The first is Joannes, intended to be our digital media company to distribute all digital content for Xinhua C & D and others. It anticipates operating its e-commerce portal as It plans to allow customers to purchase electronic and hard copies of books online," Mr. Wang noted.

    "Additionally, we are planning to establish a co-publishing company to secure agreements with Chinese domestic publishers and others outside of China for publishing hard copy and digital works," he stated.

    In announcing results for the first quarter ended September 30, 2006, Mr. Wang noted that because of the deconsolidation of its majority ownership in Xinhua C & D effective May 31, 2006, the first quarter encompasses operations of Joannes only. Therefore, year-to-year comparisons when the year ago quarter included the operations of Xinhua C & D are not comparable, he said.

    Net sales for this year's first quarter totaled $50,220 after discounts and returns versus $16,068,991 in the year ago quarter that included Xinhua C & D. The company had a net loss of $1,295,925 in the quarter this year compared with a net loss of $1,715,896 in the year ago quarter. The company said it is taking actions to cut costs and build the business, including reductions in headcounts and corporate overhead expenses, while developing the Joannes business.

    The company announced its pending sale of its Boheng ownership and said that is expected to reduce general and administrative expenses. On September 30, Xinhua China entered an agreement to dispose of its 95 percent equity interest in Boheng for approximately $1.9 million cash. The company received a deposit of $252,000 during the first quarter. The balance is to be paid in interest free installments payable over two years. The transaction is subject to the company receiving consent of the holders of its convertible debentures which has not yet been received, it reported.

    The company reported working capital on September 30 of $1.26 million versus $1.22 million at June 30, 2006. It said the reduction in its equity interest in Xinhua C & D discharged its commitment to contribute further capital of $16.7 million into that company. These moves are intended to alleviate the demands on cash flow in the future, it stated. The company currently has a shareholders' deficiency of $7.92 million.

    Cash used in operations, it said, amounted to $657,689 in the first quarter, which primarily paid its general and administrative expenses and those related to Boheng.

    About Xinhua China

    Xinhua China Ltd. is a US-traded holding company and a US domiciled company with publishing and distribution interests in China. Through its subsidiary, Beijing Joannes Information Technology Co., Ltd., it is entering into the online distribution businesses through existing and new strategic partnerships with both domestic and foreign publishers, authors, and distributors in China.

    Safe Harbor Statement

    This news release may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27a of the UNITED STATES SECURITIES ACT of 1933, as amended, and section 21e of the UNITED STATES SECURITIES and EXCHANGE ACT of 1934, as amended, with respect to achieving corporate objectives, developing additional project interests, Xinhua China's analysis of opportunities in the acquisition and development of various project interests and certain other matters. These statements are made under the "safe harbor" provisions of the United States private securities litigation reform act of 1995 and involve risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements contained herein.

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    Wende? Sieht eher nach Endstation aus.. heute wurden nicht wie sonst 27'000 Stück sondern über 800'000 Stück gehandelt... und das gerade noch zu 0.25 Dollar... Schon bitter, wenn eine Firma innert einem Jahr über 91% verliert.... das dürfte dann wohl heute das Aus für die Firma gewesen sein. Leider kann ich keine News finden, aber ich fürchte schwer, dass die Aktie heute zum letzten Mal gehandelt wurde...

  • Xinhua im freien Fall

    :D :D


    March 1, 2007,

    BEIJING – Xinhua China Ltd. (OTCBB: XHUA) (“the Company”), through its wholly owned Chinese subsidiary Beijing Joannes Information Technology Co., Ltd. has officially launched its e-commerce digital media portal branded coooole Site, geile Schriftart :D

    Management expects that initially over 50,000 digital titles will be offered through the geezip portal as e-books, with many titles also available as e-audio books. Traditional hard copy versions can also be purchased through geezip with fulfillment handled by Xinhua Circulation & Distribution.

    “As part of the transformation to a digital media company and to ensure Xinhua China has the appropriate licenses and expertise to keep the Company at the leading edge of Web-based technology, Xinhua China on February 16, 2007 entered into a letter of intent to acquire 51% of Beijing Vivend Co., Ltd.,” explained Xinhua China CEO Xinping Wang. Mr. Wang noted that the consideration expected to be paid to the sole shareholder of Vivend – originally contracted by Xinhua to build the geezip e-commerce portal - is U.S. $1.5 million in cash plus the issuance of 1.5 million shares of Xinhua China’s restricted common stock. “Terms are subject to due diligence and an audit valuation to Xinhua China’s satisfaction, which is to be completed within 45 days of entering into the letter of intent,” added Mr. Wang.

    On September 30, 2006 Xinhua China and Beijing Meixinda Science & Trade Development Ltd. entered into a Share Transfer Agreement, which was further amended on December 25, 2006. In the agreement Xinhua China agreed to dispose of its 95% equity interest in Beijing Boheng Investments Limited to Beijing Meixinda for cash consideration of RMB15,000,000 (approx. U.S. $1.875 million). This Share Transfer Agreement was subject to Xinhua China receiving the consent of Cornell Capital Partners, L.P. (“Cornell”) and Highgate House Funds, Ltd. (“Highgate”), the holders of the convertible debentures ($1.25 million to Highgate and $2 million to Cornell). Effective December 29, 2006 Xinhua China, through entering into a Forbearance and Settlement Agreement with Cornell and Highgate, received the required consent in order to have the Share Transfer Agreement effective. The Share Transfer Agreement was completed on December 31, 2006.

    Effective December 29, 2006, Xinhua China, Cornell, and Highgate entered into a Forbearance and Settlement Agreement, whereby Xinhua China agreed to pay the funds received from Beijing Meixinda from the sale of Boheng to repay the entire principal and interest due to Cornell and Highgate under the terms of the convertible debentures in exchange for certain concessions including, among other things, the consent of Cornell and Highgate to the sale of Boheng, and conversions of the convertible debentures in accordance with the terms in the Forbearance and Settlement Agreement.

    “The decision to sell Boheng facilitates the repayment of the company’s debenture and positions Xinhua to move ahead with less financial encumbrance. We are enthusiastic about this new digital content opportunity and are positioning the company to capitalize on the dramatic growth in digital content throughout the People’s Republic of China,” says Xinhua China CEO Mr. Xinping Wang. “Xinhua’s majority ownership of Vivend provides us access to superior technical expertise. We anticipate moving forward quickly as we expand and capitalize on our leadership in this field.”

    The company provides additional information about the Share Transfer Agreement and the Forbearance and Settlement Agreement in the Form 8-K filed on January 19, 2007 and the Form 10-Q filed on February 14, 2007.

  • Xinhua im freien Fall

    ....demnext wird ein Posten geladen, Amazon hat auch als Buchladen begonnen ;)

    With access to a national distribution license through Xinhua C&D, Xinhua will provide both self-publishing authors and foreign publishers a solution to access the enormous 1.34 billion person Chinese consumer market.

  • Xinhua im freien Fall

    heute war wieder extrem Bewegung bei Xinhua. Zeitweise 40% Plus. Wie gehts wohl weiter? Hat jemand eine Ahnung oder irgendwelche news? :roll: